Grocery Store Etiquette

So we’ve seen many driving tips, so here’s one for those of you who drive shopping carts around the grocery store. Yep, laugh out loud and roll your eyes, but there’s a serious problem in our grocery stores. And that problem is that people do not know how to operate a shopping cart. Here are a few tips. 1) Do not block the aisle with your cart. Other people may need to get past you and your cart. When they say excuse me, it’s because they want to get past you, not because they farted. 2) If you and I are coming head on with our carts, move to your right and I will do the same. I’m not going to play chicken with you. 3) Do not put your cart up near my heels when you are behind me. It hurts like fudge when a cart hits the back of my heels. It also hurts like fudge when you hit my heels and I react by throwing a can of tuna at you 4) Park your cart in the buggy corral, not right next to my car.
Enough said!


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  1. Rita Greer Rita Greer says:

    Don’t come zooming around corners!! I’ve been hit so many times by people flying out if idles or around corners, yield!!

  2. Ashley Meyer Ashley Meyer says:

    I see so much of this working in retail baha

  3. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    Jus sayin: I have been guilty of all of the above and I have also been guilty of following all of your etiquettes of shopping carts: but I will never forget words to live by:must live and let live. Best way to solve this problem is to lobby for stores to handle how shopping carts are to be handled. Maybe have rules that if broken in the store; i.e, if caught leaving carts unattended 50$ Fine;if caught leaving cart in middle of aisle while chatting 100$ fine—people will chill or offend or break rules. That is society. Jus sayin.

  4. People who stop and text in the middle of the aisle….is your life so important that you cant wait until after to text? Lol

  5. Karen Ann Karen Ann says:

    For anyone who wants to protect their heels, try to get into the habit of standing with one foot slightly behind the other knee bent and your toe pointing downwards, this way if something does roll up on your heels it will hit the bottom of your foot and stop it before hitting your heels,,,which is unreal painful! Alternate if the stance is for anything longer than a couple minutes. It works, honest ☺️

  6. Cassandra Ting so is mine but I have the decency to stop near the side and not in someone’s way to look.

  7. Fallon Paul Fallon Paul says:

    Also. Use the rules of the road . STAY ON YOUR SIDE

  8. I’ve seen the blocking the aisle thing, but do people really put their carts right behind people?

  9. Trev Black Trev Black says:

    Stay out if the 91 St Costco, on the south side, then. The largest concentration of rude, self centred, and oblivious people I have ever witnessed.

  10. Exactly you forgot to leave out and dont bum rush me and walk right behin me when im trying to pick out my food i haaattee that shit

  11. Lmao people always have something to bitch about…..

  12. My shopping list is on my phone.

  13. Use your words in the moment

  14. How about every person on this thread makes an effort to say please and thank you and do all the courteous things they hope for 🙂

  15. Alexis Musik I agree on the cart license! I also would like a membership system like Costco! Why?Because no one has mentioned this yet but it’s on the same topic, people who decide they don’t want things and just put them back wherever! I was one of those people too -?you betcha! But now, as a former department manager – I am much more cognizant of this. When you walk the aisles and start noticing all the stuff that is out of place and you end up spending a large chunk of time just putting things back, you know, WHERE PEOPLE GOT THEM FROM. JUST LIKE YOU’D DO AT HOME. And no it’s not part of the grocery guys’ responsibilities to clean up after children and adults who disrespect the set up & operation of the store! So the membership system will pay for all the labour hours spent putting things back in their original spots…and that’ll learn people to treat public spaces properly. This is another piece of the pie as to why grocery prices are going up – labour, wastage (when people put a refrigerated item in a pantry section/middle aisles, and makes it unsellable, or a frozen item in a refrigerated section and it thawed and becomes unsellable…. and shrinkage (theft). This small nugget of common sense is probably too much to ask though. I bet all the scoffers of here are the worst offenders of the above too. And you know why there are no happy faces at grocery stores? It’s because they get paid crap wages and aren’t compensated well enough to care.

  16. The worse ones are baby strollers…

  17. Anne Thalen Anne Thalen says:

    Agree! What ever happened to manners?!

  18. Carol Maser Carol Maser says:

    Love This,,, Well Said!!!!

  19. You forgot don’t let your kid drive the cart, EVER. Been run into by more then one kid who can barely see over the cart or by one of those little shits racing though the store with a kid sized one.

  20. Jo Perry Jo Perry says:

    Just a couple of things to add when you get to the checkout please have your reward card & method of payment ready. So frustrating when you have waited in line to have the person in front watch $300 of grocery’s go through then be surprised they have to pay then spend 10 mins fumbling around for payment & rewards lol

  21. Wow someone has nothing better to do with their lives

  22. Probably goes at the craziest busiest time of the week! Ask not what the grocery store can do for you, but what you can do for yourself!!

  23. Sometimes it’s because they farted…

  24. You sound like a riot at parties. Try not being so bitchy about little things and you may just live long enough to not make your poor nurses not want to poison your “pudding”

  25. Lol theres no etiquette in a grocery store. Its every person for themselves. People are not courteous of others. Peopleare disgusting meat bags that cough with their mouths uncovered and block aisles and stand in the way selecting items for an extended time frame. Either go when the doors open or when its about to close.

  26. I agree with this! And… I see it at Costco all the time. People blocking the way with 2 to 3 carts, catching uo the the “Jones’s”
    Move out of people’s way and let us do our job stocking our shelves

  27. Philip J Fry Philip J Fry says:

    If your cart is in my way then i will push it out of the aisle and out of everyones way. And if people just want to stand around then i will just push my cart right through them. I am not afraid to be a dick to inconsiderate assholes.

  28. Sam Fitzgerald you wrote this didn’t you

  29. Wish I could like this post twice lol

  30. What about people who stop in a aisle to talk to their friends and don’t move, even when you say “excuse me” until you have to raise your voice.

    • My mom, in a loud voice, “When you two are done your conversation, I’d like to get by”
      “Could have just said excuse me”
      “Could have common sense and be familiar with what a around you”

  31. Amanda Smith Amanda Smith says:

    I feel you lol road rage in Wal-Mart is legit lol.

  32. Kris Grewal Kris Grewal says:

    You can’t fix stupid, no matter what u try!!

  33. Stop walking away from your cart to…. I enjoy taking things or leaving things in abandoned carts

  34. Jess Lee Jess Lee says:

    I hear you on the not putting carts away! One windy day is all it takes for loose carts that someone carelessly left out to ding a car- happened to me! Cart came in like wrecking ball from behind and smashed into my driver side 🙁

  35. Shari Heiser Shari Heiser says:

    Manners are a lost art lol

  36. Brian George Brian George says:

    Like I’ve said for years….. you can tell how someone drives by the way they push a cart in the store

  37. That’s why I order hello fresh, now I don’t have to grocery shop, it was the thing that drove me mental

  38. My personal peeve is how stores are systematically narrowing aisles by placing crap – I mean merchandise, inside the aisle, reducing passing space and creating choke points at corners!

  39. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    I dont have these problems when i go grocery shopping.

  40. I once had a lady repeatedly ram my heels with her cart while waiting in line. The first time I turned around and looked at her. The second time I asked her nicely to be careful, that she hit me with her cart twice. I received a blank stare in response. The third time I grabbed her cart, gave it a jerk, which jerked her as she was holding onto it and told her if she rammed my heels with her cart one more time, I would ram the cart right up her ass. Problem solved.

    • Christa Reach Goudreau had this happen to me one summer, Super Store north, about 10 yrs ago. Cut my heel…I was told ‘to get out of her aisle’ by her husband…now ask me how I react?

    • Ha ha ha my husband did the same thing!

    • It’s sad, when so many ppl don’t get public behavior until ur rude to them! I had the same kind of experience yrs back when I was at a Video store..that’s how long ago it was lol Anyways… I was looking for a particular I was going down the ail looking for it & of course, wouldn’t u know movie was right infront of the only other person in the store at the time… So I said, excuse me & reached around her to grab the movie… as I was reaching for the bulky winter coat ever so slightly brushed her bulky winter coat… So this lady acts all offended & says, I didn’t have to hit her??? WTF??? I was stunned & it had been on of those days, filled with idiots… So I said to her, without missing a beat… Don’t hit u? I gently touched ur coat. However, if u wanna get hit, I’ll hit u & u’ll know the f’in difference! Took my movie & went to the cashier, who said.. I’m so glad u did what u did..she’s is one of the rudest customers ever!

    • Susan Forsell Lavay Mine was Superstore in Clareview. Lol. How did you react???

    • Christa Reach Goudreau great response!

  41. Jokes on you. I’m definitely crop dusting the whole store.

  42. Sandra Wells Sandra Wells says:

    Survival of the fittest! lol

  43. One more use the handles to push the cart don’t freaking drag the gosh dang cart.

  44. I feel you about the carts. Especially in Costco those dang aisles are so large I should be able to get by with no issue yet you jack knife your cart in the middle of a aisle. You then proceed to give me a dirty look when I move your cart from blocking off the HUGE AISLE. One more
    Walk down the aisle the same way you drive on the road. It makes everyone’s lives so much easier.

  45. Or try the online shopping ! Complain over stupid shit wow

  46. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Try a different grocery store.

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