H.E.A.R.T.S. Needs Help

For those of you that don’t know, HEARTS (Helping Everyone Access Resources Through Support) is this amazing thrift shop in town that allows people to shop for the entire family for only $5. They rely on donations of clothing, food and housewares and is run completely by volunteers. It’s available for people to access at regular hours and can be a real aid for people who are struggling financially. Unlike when you visit value village, goodwill, or other thrift stores where you can pay more than $5 for a single article of clothing, here $5 will get you an outfit for all members of the family as well as some food, and other necessities. For some people, this could actually mean the difference between whether they eat this week or not. The volunteers are friendly and helpful, but they’ve recently run into some issues. While the money they charge is used solely to House the goods and create a storefront for them, it’s proving not to be enough. In about a weeks time, they will have to vacate the building and no longer be available to help the many families that they do. They have their sights set on a building that would be situated along a bus route and would allow them to be accessed by even more families in need. If they are being accessed by more families, they will be able to bring in more funds to make sure that they are secure when it comes to maintaining a proper storefront. However, they do need to have the initial funds available to secure this location. Any donations would be greatly appreciated and urgently needed. Please be sure to look them up on Facebook or stop in and visit them during their last few days open at their current location of 16151 142 street, and spread the word so this amazing resource can keep its doors open.



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