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Hair color advice

I would love advice. I had done my hair with the same person for many years. I am on limited income and I felt she doesn’t judge that I only come every few months (when I save up for it). She has advised me of ideas that would look good on me (cuts, colors).

But in the last year I feel the service declined. Its like she knows I am loyal to her so I feel taken for granted so to speak. My last several appointments she either called to cancel (she said she wasn’t feeling well but later said she had a client that couldn’t do other time). If she was honest with me, thats one thing. But I planned my day off for this and it feels like other client is important but I am not. Then I asked about color suggestion as I wanted to do something fun colors to celebrate an occasion and she warned me when I came in that she can only do solid color because she is squeezing in a friend who needs hers done asap.

Now 2 months ago I did plan to do some nice solid base with bright highlights for christmas photos. I asked her for ideas on something new and she said she will make it awesome. The colors we discussed were bright reds. When it was done, it was dark auburn, closer to brown. I mentioned I like brighter and she said Wait till it dries, it will just shine bright!

So at home, it dried but it wasn’t any brighter. I am disappointed and I sent her a message to say this is not what we talked about (she sent me photos as ideas and I chose one or two). She never answered.

I feel like it would be disloyal to go elsewhere because we consider each other friends (sort of). But I tried to express that I am unhappy and no response. And I spend $175 which took me 4 months to save for. And now I have holiday events and I can’t afford to pay for a nice color. I also mentioned no layers just a trim…she did big layers.

I feel like I am not appreciated for my time and my money. Is it rude to switch? Of course now I am stuck for several months till I can afford to color again.

I know its now a big world problem just hair. But I have a lot of cancer treatments and after beating each health issue, I reward myself by looking nice. The treatments are not why my hair looks that color by the way. The treatments plus work plus being a parent is a lot. And I struggle with depression so I save up to give a treat to myself. I feel like I am not getting it. And she knows how much I look forward to it.



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