Hamper Program Disappointment

I, like many in Edmonton participate in the hamper program every year. No, I do not get one, but me and my family go grocery shopping and gift shopping for other families.

This year, we did three hampers instead of two, as the family sizes were slightly smaller.
One single mom with two kids
One single dad with two kids
One two parent family with two kids

We aren’t required to buy for the parents, but we do anyways.
We budgeted $250 per family, and got all of the fixings for a great Christmas dinner, snacks, dessert and gifts for everyone on the list. My kids helped pick out gifts and loved shopping for other kids. It was such a great experience and we were so thrilled, as always, to partake.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. After arriving at the Expo Center to gather the turkeys and co-ordinate the deliveries, we piled into our van excited to meet some new people.

House 1: Didn’t bother to answer their phone or text messages upon our arrival. We banged on the door for a little while, sat out front and waited for a call back, and eventually decided to move on to the second family and try again later.

House 2: Nobody answered our calls, so we just went to knock. We were greeted by a massive snarling dog on a chain and unkempt woman smoking cigarettes and blowing the smoke in our faces, as she cracked the door open and said “what do you want”. We told her we were here to deliver her Christmas Hamper, and she replied “Oh. Just leave it on the step”.
So, we did. As we were pulling away we saw her pull the boxes and bags inside and shut the door behind her.

House 3: Again, nobody was answering the phone numbers provided or returning our texts, so we just went to knock. When the door opened we immediately were punched in the face by the smell of cigarettes and could see empty beer cans and bottles everywhere. We were invited in, at least, which was nice so we carried the items inside. That’s when the kids ran in, they were the same ages as my boys. They ran straight past us, and my sons who had excitedly said hello and to the large bags containing the wrapped gifts and started shaking everything and made comments about “probably getting crap”. My youngest son was actually the only one brave enough (and rude enough, frankly) to tell them that they picked out gifts and they were really cool and that christmas isn’t about the presents, anyways. Bless him and his big mouth. After getting scowled at, we excused ourselves, wished them a Merry Christmas and left.

Back to House 1: Tried calling several more times, voicemail is now full. Returned to the house, and this time the front door was open leaving only the glass/screen door closed. They must be home now, so we went and knocked. After some yelling about “whos going to answer the f**king door” and “who the f**k is it” one of the kids came to the door. She clearly knew what we were there for, and smiled and said hello and opened the door and welcomed us inside. She was so polite – she called for his parents and brother to come as we started to unload from the van. We had carried all of the parcels inside before we saw the parents, who then informed us that “we were late” and that they were “expecting us earlier” and that we “inconvenienced them”. We were also informed that “us white people don’t give a sh”t” about anyone but ourselves and we “had better have put good stuff in the boxes”.
This time, I covered my sons mouth and walked out without wishing anyone a Merry Christmas.

Now, I know that telling you all this isn’t going to change anything. I know, that there are many families out there that were gracious, kind, thankful and polite on delivery day. I know that these people are the exception, not the rule.. However, I am still disgusted in what we witnessed this year.
ALL of the families were clearly, heavy smokers. At least one of the families had visible alcohol bottles on the premises. We were shut out, insulted, not thanked and even shamed for being white!

Next year, we will still participate. HOWEVER, be warned – If we show up to your door and you are anything like these ungrateful wastes of oxygen we will turn around and take our boxes with us.



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  1. Wow I am so sorry..i work in an outreach program on the streets of Kelowna and we just hand out little things and are thanked over and over and if someone doesn’t they are reminded pretty quick by someone else. Your hearts are in the right place don’t take it personally and wish these miserable people well
    They obviously do know any better. Peace to you and your children and Merry Christmas

  2. Shelby Lewis Shelby Lewis says:

    Oh yeah Robbie Mcdonnell having some unappreciated woman say “you white people” like she’s owed something tell this generous person such garbage. I’ll damn well judge where it’s needed and these three stories need that type of judging. I’ve been down on my luck but always appreciated charities like this during those times. I always thanked the delivery person. A simple thank you would be nice.

  3. Keely Harvey Keely Harvey says:

    Wow I’d be pissed and take the stuff back and bring the gifts to a homeless shelter instead sure they would of been a little more thankful ugh I hate ungrateful people and the ones that think white people have it all makes my blood boil

  4. How hard is it to say thank you for a service they signed up for. No one who delivers these gifts and hampers are doing it to judge, they’re doing it to help. There’s no need to be rude to volunteers who donate their time to help those who asked for these services.

  5. Rose Hearn Rose Hearn says:

    I understand where you are coming from.
    I’m encouraged with your heart and that some of the children that received may have a memory that will sprout a good thing going forward. God Bless You.

  6. Oh no. Someone was unkempt? In their own home? The horror. Did you expect these people to have the same response that you would? The same upbringing? The same life experiences? They aren’t you. Their life is much different than yours. You don’t know what they are dealing with-addictions, mental illness. You don’t know. Yet you are very judgemental. Yes they didn’t give you the response you excepted. But that isn’t what giving is about. Maybe in the future you should give anonymously. That way you don’t need to witness and then look down your nose at how others live and you can pat yourself on the back instead.

  7. I remember doing this one year and the family we helped was so ungrateful barely opened the door, grabbed the bags and shut the door behind them, no thank you.I dk if they’re ashamed or embarrassed of themselves, but no excuse for the rudeness behind a good deed someone else is doin for them

  8. Sharon Lee Sharon Lee says:

    Christmas hampers are a gift from people who are not necessarily blooming millionaires it isn’t earned or owed, you don’t have to be overly grateful but don’t be atrocious towards the donators Lord knows we all need a little bit of help sometimes

  9. MC Elliott MC Elliott says:

    These people have and always have been recipients of ‘aide’, and if that aide isn’t provided ‘on time’ like a welfare cheque (for example), then they feel like their licence to bitch or be assholes is justifiable. The aide they receive has become an ‘entitlement’ in their eyes, which is effectively ‘abusive’ to the rest of us. Our social systems have created this way of life, as well as lack of gratitude on their parts.

  10. Sounds like ungrateful people received these baskets! Next time just go to the next house!!!

  11. Julie Cooper Julie Cooper says:

    This is truly unfortunate. Our family wasn’t home either — first time in 6 years. We did make arrangements for the next day and no parent came to the door, except for the 13 year old who was looking after the siblings. What we do keep in mind each year is 1. Its for the KIDS. No matter what the reception we are given, it isn’t personal. 2. We hope that if there is a few moments of happiness given, then that is what we set out to accomplish. We choose to believe that even if the reception isn’t friendly that its based on things we are lucky we don’t have to deal with. 3. The living conditions are indicative of why there is need for a Christmas Hamper – whether life has delivered a sucker punch, a cycle that is being relived by each generation or whatever. 4. We try to remember we are not doing it for us, but for them and if they are rude, its not personal. It can be hard to be mature emotionally when you are in poverty, have substance abuse problems, or are just embarrassed or even possibly jealous.

    • Julie Cooper Julie Cooper says:

      But on the other side of the coin I would not be as easy going with this if I dealt with it everyday I could never be a teacher or social worker etc. Hats off to those who can continue day in and out and not lose it in frustration we need you

  12. We were in this situation long ago when we first arrived to Canada, a church and many people helped our family out. My family was so thankful for the all help we received from these kind people. I give thanks to all the people that help out anyone that needs a gift of kindness, even if they don’t appreciate it.

  13. I find it funny how families “in need” have money for smokes and booze but can’t afford a couple gifts for their kids at the very least….if you got money for that shit then grow up and put your children first. I hate reading things like this. People go out and try to do something nice for people in need but are met with rude, ungrateful people. These people spent money and their own time to buy and get these items to you and your family and you can’t even say thank you and keep the rudeness to yourself. It doesn’t matter that they might have a hard life or challenges. Politeness goes a long way. And I guarantee these people would be the first to complain if they didn’t get something.

  14. Tracy Silva Tracy Silva says:

    It’s the ungrateful people like this that shouldn’t get help!! There are sooooo many people who deserved hampers and didn’t get one!! What a piss off!

  15. Wow lol No, the poster should not be ashamed. They were expecting some sort of gratitude from these people. A smile, thank you, something. I’ve been through the struggle, I’m going through it this year…and I still say these people were ungrateful assholes. I’ve been in the middle of a domestic boxing match & still opened the door for Santa’s anonoymous, gave a smile and said thank you, merry Christmas to the man’s daughter. It’s not hard to be civil. And if my kids ever acted rotten like that, I’d pack up those gifts and tell the driver to give them to kids who deserve them.

  16. Wow ungrateful fucks. Good for your son saying something tho…that might be the only time those kids are told that. Please continue spreading joy to others, children being raised in homes like these need to see the good in the world ❤❤❤

  17. I’m sorry you did not have great experiences. A gift is a gift and that’s what it is . No expectations. If anything, your family is reminded not how to treat others. Merry Christmas and there are people who are appreciative.

  18. Jean Rathman Jean Rathman says:

    Maybe go to a Ronald McDonald house instead. The families there don’t have the time or money to prepare for Christmas.

  19. it goes both ways thoughm the people who brought presents thisbhesr didn’t say a word to me, gave me presents for the wrong gender, and the bag was opened. it is usually has a zip tie, and the presets were open and missing pieces. I felt bad, someone took advantage of my situation and let their kids play with the toys, and who knows maybe kept some for themselves. I felt bad, I repeatedly thanked them and wished them merry Christmas with no response.

  20. I wouldn’t have left anything and would have went to the shelter. … I get it people have hard lives but that doesn’t give people the right to treat others who are providing for their family rudely. When I was hard up and received these donations I would have never even though of disrespecting the people who took their own time and money to help me. Ungrateful people

  21. Im so sorry your family went through this. Bless your soul because you are doing a wonderful thing ♡♡♡♡♡ dont let couple bad apples ruin the goodness inside your familyy ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  22. Unfortunately, we have to remember that the children didn’t choose to live this way, the parents did. The kids deserve a decent meal and toys on Christmas, regardless if they are greatfull or not…their parents may not have the sense to to teach them modesty, respect, and thankfulness. Acts of kindness like these hampers, Santa’s Anonymous and others may actually resonate with them over the years and help them become better people despite of the environment they were raised in. …..atleast that’s the hope……I grew up very poor. I like beer and smoke cigarettes when I drink beer. But they are not priorities, they are a luxury I enjoy Fridays after work.

  23. God Bless You I love your Christmas spirit.. I love what you do..Merry Christmas to you and your children. If there were more people like you this world would be a better place

  24. Jo Green Jo Green says:

    To the poster: if you are Christian, I encourage you to remind yourself of the wisdom found here:

    Thank you on behalf of those families for your generosity.

  25. people are so fucking ungrateful !!! its people like this that can sucks a rock and dont deserve shit ! Good on you and your family to do this and i agree next year give to those that appreciate it and aren’t abusing and accusing and belittling at this time of year !!

  26. CJ Binkley CJ Binkley says:

    That’s disgusting. There are so many in need. Good for you and your family doing something selfless like making 3 families Christmas. It’s sad that people are so ignorant. Shame on those people. Sadly their kids have these people as role models so when they grow up most likely act the same. I’m sorry that this happened but thank you and Merry Christmas. You all deserved to be treated better. I was a baby when my mom who was a single mom of 3 kids used to have to get a hamper. Even years later she talked about the kind people who brought her kids gifts and food. So there are a lot of people who appreciate it too.

  27. Kris Grewal Kris Grewal says:

    Exactly why I stopped delivery years ago… Ungrateful, rude and a few places I smelled pot…

  28. I have heard similar stories from deliveries of santas anonymous. The people in need of this stuff are not always in need because they are down on thier luck. Sometimes its because they choose to live on public assistance and are entitled. Thus not grateful. I am sorry a loving act such as donation of your time and efforts go so unappreciated but it seems to be par for the course with some. Shouldnt be, but it is.

  29. How ungrateful….makes me so sad… I know a family that was missed this year n is going to miss out on gifts food..and would have been beyond thank ful

  30. OMG that is terrible. My heart sank when I read the posting. I was a single parent with 2 children and appreciated the help I received at Xmas. From the bottom of my heart Thank you for all the effort you and your family have made. I wish you a Merry Christmas to you and yours❤

  31. Leah Myrah Leah Myrah says:

    This made me cry. I hope you and your boys don’t give up on humanity.
    There are good people out there, people who would have cried at your generosity and time your sacrificed!

  32. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    Is it too much to say thank you .. I think not no matter what a person is going through …

  33. Nada…zip…zilch…no more Xmas hampers for you !!

  34. Carol Maser Carol Maser says:

    Yes, that is a better way to think but hard sometimes

  35. Carol Maser Carol Maser says:

    Wow, You’re right that there are many people who are grateful out there but these kind of people would be enough to turn even the kindest people off! I’m thinking maybe people like this either screened for those who do need it &/or not give them the hampers when witnessing this. Their smoking & drinking can keep them filled next time!!

  36. One year when we delivered our hampers …1st house we went to was bigger than ours and had nicer furniture etc…tried to not judge as maybe a tragedy or something happened within their family .or who knows come to find out they didn’t even celebrate Christmas and was suppose to be a single mom with 2 children then the dad came out of the bedroom…just felt like we were douped…we continued on to the next stop our spirits dwindling…and pulled up to an apartment ..this delivery was for a mom and dad with 3 smaller children…we got everything inside and up to the suite knocked on the door mom answers (2 days before Christmas) the kids come running full force out of their room so happy because….we had juice for them….they didn’t even bat an eye or say a word about the 2 boxes of gifts we had for them …just happy to have JUICE…that was it for us..everything we had done was so worth it…and that is why we continue to do what we can when we can…

  37. Jo Sandra Jo Sandra says:

    Judge much? Perhaps next year specify you want a non smoking alcohol free polite sophisticated family

  38. Jo Sandra Jo Sandra says:

    This link froze my phone and I can’t make a comment. It’s fake

  39. Erin Saville Erin Saville says:

    Absolutely disgusting. A real shame what humanity is turning into. Thanks for being awesome and donating. merry Christmas

  40. There is no excuse for rudeness. You should have gotten a thank you for doing something kind.

    However, you come off as very judgmental yourself. Everyone just going to ignore how she’s calling out the second woman for being unkempt? Or making snap judgments because GASP! Cigarettes and beer cans! What these people are doing are none of her business. I’ve had people at the door catch me when I was looking pretty rough before my shower, it’s part of a hectic life. Was it really necessary to comment on her appearance, at all?

    Did you ever stop and think about that maybe the woman told you to leave it on the step because she didn’t want you to see the inside of her house because she might have been embarrassed? Accepting charity is really hard for some people. If you continue to do this chances are you might run into some rude or curt people in future. At the end of the day, you did a good thing.

  41. And so it begins. People claiming to do good will and upset that no one was there to give them a hearty slap on the back for a job well done.
    Have anyone ever stopped to think that it’s embarrassing for the recipient?

    Get over yourself.


    Reading these comments is kinda revolting that there are so many mean spirited people, even at Christmas time.

  42. This just absolutely breaks my heart. A lot of people who are in need and ACTUALLY need it, don’t sign up, as they are embarrassed. I would’ve gave my right arm for one of these when I was a struggling single mom.
    Bless those who keep doing it; I hope one day they will have a door opened by a grateful family in need!!

  43. I no longer volunteer my time with S.A. I find a similar experience. I wish there was a bit of a better screening process. I still donate toys because it’s not the kids fault but still… we donate toys to S.A. and adopt a teen but volunteer time and services at the Bissell drop in homeless centre 🙂 thank you OP for doing the right thing in spite of! Merry Christmas!

  44. Jes Woodman Jes Woodman says:

    Bless you for your kindness..

  45. How awful. I wouldn’t have left a thing

  46. So you only did this so you could get praise?? K wrong reason for doing it is the first place. One . Ppl don’t answer cause they are imbarressed. Two ppl can be rude as well. Not everyone can accept charity humbly.. you need to realise that.. you also need to realise that the ppl in this program aren’t doing well in life as it is.. and they not be very well mannered as it is.. . Is it frustrating smelling cigs and alcohol when you think they should be spending in food and gifts for the kids..yes.. but then you need to learn a thing or two about addiction. You’re admission to not wanting to further help a person just cause they aren’t throwing thank yous and gushing towards your direction is disgusting.. shame on you.. and how dare you bang on ppls doors as it is.. leave it in their door next time..but no you won’t.. cause you were looking for them to get down on their knees in thanks instead.. I shake my head at you…

    • Btw ppl sorry for the spelling .. got so mad while I wrote this I forgot to check for spelling errors. Gah!!

    • Jean Freeman Jean Freeman says:

      Can sympathize with the people delivering the gifts. Were you one of the people he was talking about?

    • No. I’m fortunate I never need to be in this program. However I have donated. But if you are going to start bullying ppl that you think have or are in this program you need to seriously take a step.back and look in the mirror. Plus also read the other comments that are similar to mine. Mine and their argument is quite valid. If everyone only donated souly just for the “best and most gracious” response then you need to re learn what it means to act out of charity. I can see that perhaps maybe you acted out in kindness and regretted it.. many of us have..but did most of us did or do it seeking a favourable We did it out if love.. sometimes we don’t get it in return.. doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to give it regardless..

    • And who said it was a he.. or do you know who this person really is.. ? Sounds like you do.

    • I however will say this. If they were at all frustrated that they donated to a family who they deemed didn’t need the hamper or gifts in the first place that’s one thing…but that’s hard to proof unless they got a mansion or a corvette in the drive.. however out of.myexoerience in being a donator to the hamper program the ppl that do receive these hampers aren’t in the best living conditions or is the “rich ” part of town as it is.

    • Jean Freeman Jean Freeman says:

      Kathryn Kapow still think it was you

    • Lmao wow you still on this? Haha you are truly pathetic.

    • I don’t even live in Edmonton .. like way to go crazy cat Lady!!! Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!!!

  47. Mandie Mah Mandie Mah says:

    Op never said they expected a thank you. They just didn’t expect to be met with such rude behavior.

  48. That is so horrible, you people are what Christmas is supposed to be about. Thank you for all your hard work and generosity even if they didn’t say it.

  49. Thank you so much for still leaving stuff for the children. Children mimic their environment and they often ask for love in the most unloving ways. As an adult child from an extremely toxic and violent home, you have to develop a thick skin due to your environment and learn to never expect anything good ever. (If you want to understand the childrens behaviour for people who’ve never lived it.) When you expect anything is ever going to be good, life continues to disappoint. I suspect because of you, those children may have at least some moment of happiness this Christmas.

  50. We have done the hamper offering and won’t repeat it. This year we gave to WIN house and the contact I met with was so grateful and so thankful. I will do this again next year. Gifts, food and clothing. I didn’t get a receipt for taxes, but I don’t care. It was worth it to know that our small gesture meant so much to some who have left behind everything.

  51. I am always grateful for anything I receive. Thanks for your help from the bottom of my heart.

  52. This is why I cannot deliver hampers. I will donate, but I just can’t handle the ignorance of others

  53. Pagan Heart Pagan Heart says:

    Jesus some people are awful and it seems its even worse this year all over.. especially rude and ignorant drivers. Id of loved to get a hamper for my son and myself but we missed the cut off date etc. I will never understand how people can be so extremely rude when they are the ones asking for help in the first place. Disgusting. So sorry that you had this experience but not everyone is like that at all

  54. Rick O Rick O'Shay says:

    What a bunch of ingrates.

  55. I think those people should be banned!!!. From using the Christmas bureau. Such thankless behaviour is unacceptable.

  56. Jerry Lennon Jerry Lennon says:

    My daughter and I would like to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas! I think what you are doing is a great thing ❤️ I’m so sorry what you had to go through, again I hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas ❤️

  57. ☹️ I am so sorry you & especially your children experienced this – Bless you & your family – and thank you for doing that – especially for those kids in those homes you visited

  58. Pamela Royer Pamela Royer says:

    The fact that these screwed up people are having so many children scare the heck out of me. Poor kids. You may just be the memory that these kids remember. Maybe when they are thirty and don’t speak to their parents anymore they tell someone the story about you and your family and how you’re the reason they ever got a Christmas.

  59. Shay Renay Shay Renay says:

    That just makes my blood boil. I’m so sorry you and your family went through that. What you did was very kind and gracious and I’m glad you haven’t deterred from doing the hampers again next year. There is a lot of people who would be thrilled and grateful for your generosity. Like you said, if it happens again in the future pack up the boxes and leave.

  60. Shah Jee Shah Jee says:

    I had few bad experiences as well but yours was really bad…..anyways thank you for the generousity and giving back to society and cheers for the kids….you are teaching them right

  61. Nicole Keats Nicole Keats says:

    This made me feel super sad for you guys and for your children who you are trying to bring joy to, by teaching them how wonderful it feels to give.

    Your son sounds like a gem and through all of the awful feels you guys probably experienced he became even stronger and a better human. Keep up the great work & keep doing what you do.

  62. It’s so sad when you are trying to teach your children about generosity and giving only to have an experience like this. It’s so sad that many people feel so entitled and not at all appreciative. Can you not report your experience to the organization that puts this together?…..Sounds like these people are taking advantage of the organization’s and your generosity. Merry Christmas to you and your family. <3

  63. Awe sorry you and your family had to go through such behavior an those families should learn respect an manners.
    High five to your son for speaking out that’s awesome

  64. Ashley Cragg Ashley Cragg says:

    The hamper program gives you a sheet specifically saying that everyone handles needing help differently and you will get a variety of reactions. Not all of them pleasant. We have done one every year for the last 4 years. This year was the first year we got someone who seemed really grateful. She even cried. But it isn’t about that. It’s about the feeling of doing something good and giving back. And that feeling was just as good when we delivered to families who were quiet and said nothing or who were rude and rushed us.

  65. Wow! That’s horrible!! But please keep being the kind people you are …. Merry Christmas

    • Have heard similar stories here. That is why when my daughters school does the hampers I never do gift cards ( they can be sold online) and I never deliver the hamper. I also never leave receipts for the clothes I buy. It’s sad but that’s the reality of it. My daughter loves picking out the gifts so we do it.

  66. I am really sad this happened to you. So sad that they could not recognize that you are also teaching your children the beauty of giving. How sad that they did not care enough about their children or yours enough to be respectful and reciprocate with politeness and grace. I know that for some this is a terrible time of year but when you have children they should always come first. And recognize the fact that people are trying to bring a smile to their face. WOW so disappointing

  67. Marc Cornies Marc Cornies says:

    People suck. That is all.

  68. I went to the Bureaus walk-in this morning at 9:30, it was already a 3 hour long line up of lots of people along those same lines. I had to give up because I couldn’t wait in that long of a line outside. It really sucks that people like that aren’t remotely grateful when others need it. It’s the first time I’ve needed help, yet they get it instead just out of sheer luck of the draw.

    Thank you for keeping up something positive even though it wasn’t appreciated, there are lots out there that would give up.

  69. Terri Bee Terri Bee says:

    That’s horrible, seriously sad on so many levels.

  70. There is always going to be those that are ungrateful or behave entitled. They may have dependancy issues such as on alcohol, or have a mental illness. They may have been raised this way, in a cycle of generational poverty so they were never taught better. It sucks that they were so rude but remember why you chose to do this and the lessons it is teaching your kids.

    The act of selfless giving even in the face of rudeness is a huge lesson. Along with that compassion in the face of anger, hate, greed etc. These are the life lessons you are teaching your kids when you do something like this and face people like that. And for everyone that is so nasty there are plenty of others that are extremely grateful for such a gift, it just turned out you didn’t see those ones this year.

    Try not to let the rude ones ruin the joy you had in shopping etc. Focus on the good your family did rather than the nasty things those families said and did.

  71. Been there, same bullshit, never again

  72. Maybe thinking that you did it for the children who have no control would be an easier way of seeing it. Some day those kids will grow up and remember your kindness. Many do have substance abuse problems and money goes there instead of necessities but at least you have helped the children enjoy Chirstmas.

  73. Debbie Ryder Debbie Ryder says:

    I sponsored 2 families a few years ago and experienced similar. Never again

  74. So sorry this happened. Bless your Hearts and May You Not Loose the meaning of Christmas.
    I would ask that you report these homes as This should be noted for other Hampers these unthankful people receive.
    Merry Christmas

  75. Maya Dines Maya Dines says:

    Wow, i cannot believe this; such a disappointment and bad example for your children to witness. Some people should be excluded from the program and rightfully so

  76. Antonia Evy Antonia Evy says:

    I’m sorry for what you went through. But I admire the time and thought spent. Like you said there are some good ones out there and not so good people. Just know that there are people who are thankful for what you do. God bless your work.

  77. Corina Doyle Corina Doyle says:

    Someday they will look back and appreciate it. I coordinate food hampers for our school and community. I teach in a small community within commuting distance of Edmonton, we collect for 10 families, all are super appreciative and say how much the food makes a difference. The school staff buys the Christmas dinner and some perishable things, and the community brings in the non-perishables and toiletries. We don’t collect gifts. There are many who do appreciate it so don’t close off your heart because of a bad experience.

  78. Thank you for blessing those families regardless of their attitude. You are still making a difference in our community.

  79. I hope the people you helped read this and realize how much of @**holes they are!!! Bless your heart! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  80. I’m sorry you had this experience. Unfortunately some people are ungrateful and take advantage of programs. This is the first year I did this and we had 2 households. Both were very kind, thankful, and welcoming, offering to carry some of the baskets, etc.

    I don’t know if this would help or not but perhaps mention this to the program coordinator/contact and they can discuss the behaviours with the families that require the hampers.

  81. What a disgrace and undeserving bunch of lots..

  82. Blair Becker Blair Becker says:

    That was hard to read! Being grateful is not part of our society and not surprised what I read. I do know there are more kind and grateful then they entitled people. Keep the faith and continue to make the world a better place! Hooyah!!!!

  83. you should have turned around each and every time not leaving anything
    so disgusted and very sorry you had to witness such disgusting behaviour

  84. You’ve done a very nice thing. Don’t let a few hum-bugs spoil it.

  85. I had the same type of experiece ….took forever to get a hold of them etc .

  86. You are amazing my friend and have a huge heart. You also have a ton of patience because if I witnessed any of that, I would’ve walked away and gave it to someone deserving. Good for you and your family for doing this! Merry Christmas s

  87. That 750 You just spent and Bitched about would have been better spent at Boyle street or the Sally Ann. There are people starving in Dumpsters everywhere!

  88. Fallon Paul Fallon Paul says:

    That really sucks , those people should have atleast shown their kids a good example and said thankyou instead of acting like trash

  89. Get over Yourselves. Thanks for trying to help out,but seriously…..

  90. My jaw totally dropped reading this. I’m sorry you were treated this way.

  91. Oh my goodness, that is absolutely disgusting.. and what are they teaching their kids?? I think I would have turned right around and said well screw you then.. I’m sure others would appreciate it! Even if those two little words of gratitude aren’t in their vocabulary, the fact that they were rude after spending $250 would have had me taking my boxes back!!! A smile or kind word can mean a lot!! And to bitch about it being late!! PLEASE!! Answer your dam phone then!!!

  92. Tina Duncan Tina Duncan says:

    Ungrateful losers, I would of taken the stuff away and said a big F U!

  93. Cindy Moore Cindy Moore says:

    Switch charities! Volunteer your time elsewhere during the season, visit an elders centre…visit people such as the homeless…go where you know the people will appreciate your generosity! BTW teens are always the neglected group…there’s never enough cash donated towards their needs! JUst suggesting other ways to donate!

  94. Sara Curd Sara Curd says:

    Thats so awesome what ur doing its so sad when people act like that i really hope if u continue that next year u will end up with familys that are greatful cause u dont have to do what ur doing

  95. Huh? Everytime I have volunteered I don’t help the house that’s asking and whenever I have helped a family out I never got their address? I am a little confused after that sorry. (Really not trying to be rude genuinely confused)

  96. Sandra Wells Sandra Wells says:

    I am so sorry to hear of how disrespectful and ungrateful these families were to you!! It’s pretty unacceptable to me! The only thing, their smoking habit is really none of our business! Bless you for all that your family does to help those in need! ❤️

  97. Absolutely horrendous. This is why so many don’t like asking for help. So much stigma.
    Bless you guys for helping out.

    • Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

      I don’t think there is anything wrong in asking for help and you should not be ashamed or belittle yourself if you need the help .. when you receive the help …only thing the receiver has to say is thank you ….. nothing more . And not like where the f**k have you been .. or must be crap for presents ..or is this all there is .. keep these comments to yourself till after the people go that are doing the delivering as without them there would be no baskets being delivered time there may be no drivers and the people wanting the baskets may end up having to pick them up themselves maybe this is what it should be . So the Bureau can see how they act or if they would be appreciative to have received anything at all … no matter how bad things are .. does not take effort just to say THANK YOU .. as the driver has taken the time to go shopping used their gas to get to your place …and then be spoken rudely is uncalled for … NO.MATTER what is going on in your life including having a drinks the night before

    • I agree. They should’ve thought before hand about it hey.

  98. Hmm I understand your dissapointment but perhaps you where expecting to much. I can understand parents being grumpy but the kids should not have been disrespectful like that… it’s unfortunate that they are addicted to booze and cigarettes.

  99. I’m not surprised to many handout now days. Just like all the steal to lazy to go get a job!

  100. I am so sorry that you and your family had to put up with these ungrateful rude people. I think they should have a document to sign stating they must not treat the delivery people rudely or be disrespectful or the boxes and bags would be removed from the premise. This puts a sour taste in people’s mouths when it comes to those who really need the help.

  101. I had the same experience with Santa Anonymous a few years back. Rude, ungrateful recipients, bratty kids who complained about the gifts “probably junk”, and one couple harassed me because I drive an “expensive” fancy vehicle (it was a 2 year old nothing fancy) when I was done, I drove home crying and promised myself NEVER AGAIN! I now donate to the Bissel Centre and my local food bank.

    • That is to bad.. I have heard of similar things from sa. That is why I do not do drop offs. they could examine how they evaluate people

    • I hear you Sharon, I have gone the same route as yourself. I donate to Bissel and the Mustard Seed, and keep it at that.
      I had to pass on being insulted and sworn at for Christmas.
      Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    • Judy Plant Judy Plant says:

      I do Food Bank, Hope Mission, SPCA. ….and I paid for someone’s purchase at Walmart when I heard the cashier tell the customer their card was declined.

    • Same.. Stopped delivering Santas Annonymous after seeing some of their houses were bigger than mine… I know sometimes circumstances arise but really ?? I had to wonder how much they screen..also the rudeness that came with the deliveries as well… I still donate because I believe their is people who are still truly greatful ..

  102. We used both the Christmas hamper and SA programs before and had to again this year, and have to say a big thank you for doing this for families.

  103. Erika Lahti Erika Lahti says:

    I feel awful that you and your family were treated this way. So disgusting.
    I wish you could report them so they don’t get a hamper next year.
    I love that your son said something. I probably would have as well- I don’t do well with people who are appreciative.

  104. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    What is it with people thinking generosity (especially around this time of year) must only be provided if the recipient is on their knees with gratitude? Do good because it feels good, not because you think you deserve their thanks.

    • I see both sides but I agree with you. Who do they think needs these most? Healthy, capable, fully effective adults? No. Not usually. They listed off so many children they now know with have full tummies on Christmas. That’s what I hold onto when I get a bad giving experience. Children are never to blame and deserve everything (and more) that they get from these organizations. They have to live with these parents every day.

    • Randi Doucet Randi Doucet says:

      I don’t think it’s that they didn’t thank them but they were all extremely fucking rude. My jaw dropped reading that post. You don’t speak or treat people like that.

    • Amy Evenson Amy Evenson says:

      Because “thank you” are two, very easy words to say, and go a long way. You don’t need to drop to your knees in gratitude, but appreciate that someone used their time and money to help make someone else’s Christmas a bit better. If every recipient is thankless, pretty soon no one is going to be willing to help those that truly need and appreciate the gifts.

    • Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

      1.) 99% of the time these people don’t sign themselves up to receive a hamper. Someone else has signed them up because they believe they need it. 2.) I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them are also struggling with mental health issues, so thanking someone bringing them a hamper isn’t the first thing on their priority list.

      If you do good expecting a reward or even a thank you, you’re doing it for the wrong reason.

    • Thank you for doing something good is never done for the wrong reason. Quit making excuses for bad behavior.

    • Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

      Cheryl Switzer It’s the principle. Returning a lost wallet because you expect a reward is doing good for the wrong reason, also. Distributing hampers and getting pissy when you’re not thanked to your liking is you confusing a transaction with charity.

    • If you didn’t sign yourself up for a hamper and don’t need it, don’t accept it. Let it go to someone who does. It’s not that hard to say thank you.

    • I think if the poster would have been thanked at all, this would have never been posted.
      I have found wallets, and returned them, not expecting a reward. But at least I got a thank you. I say thank you to people who hold open doors for me. It’s 2 little words and good manners still go a long way. It’s unfortunate that these kids have such poor role models.

    • Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

      Aida Isakovic Did you read what I said? Most people are too embarrassed to admit they need help, so their pastor or doctor or neighbor or whomever will sign them up. They usually need it whether they want to admit it or not, and whether they say, “thank you” or not. Count yourself lucky that you’re comfortable and capable of saying it; doesn’t mean everyone who needs the help can, be it because of their ego or possibly mental health issues.

    • Amy Evenson Amy Evenson says:

      Sam Douglas, “a thank you to your liking” would have to mean there was a thank you uttered. That does not seem to be case here.
      The very LEAST a person can do is say thank you to someone who used their own time and money on someone else. It doesn’t even have to be sincere.

    • Debbie Ward Debbie Ward says:

      They need not be so terribly rude and vile.

    • Sam Douglas why are you making excuses for this kind of behaviour?

    • Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

      Amy Evenson If you do good expecting something in return, even a thank you, that’s not charity, that’s a transaction. Do good because it feels good, even if the people you do it for can’t or won’t show gratitude for whatever reason.

    • Kenda Breen Kenda Breen says:

      Sam Douglas sorry not buying it there is NO excuse for that behaviour

    • Sam Douglas I see where you are trying to go with this.. however rude is rude no matter how you try to justify it. being embarrassed is not an excuse. I know families who cried because they didn’t expect it and someone signed them up. clearly these people don’t give a fuck.. probably use to the hand outs and think that these people who deliver these packages are looking down on them. we use to deliver packages and I was tired of my children being belittled by trying to do good. I also received a hamper when I was a young parent barley making it by and I still had the common sense to say thank you .

    • Sam Douglas Thank you is not a reward, it`s a kindness. Even if your embarrased…it`s a rule of conduct, and it doesn`t reach across social or economic boundaries.

    • Tracy Ache Tracy Ache says:

      Oh boy try not to fall off your all mighty high horse. She probably spent hours picking out gifts and wrapping them not to mention the money. Knowing your efforts are appreciated go a long way. I’m sure she was doing it for the right reason. What kind of person can’t muster a simple thank you sheesh.

    • Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

      Cheryl Switzer It is in the sense of it being an ego stroking/their half of a perceived transaction. A rule of conduct? What contract did these people receiving hampers sign that says they must obey these rules you speak of?

      Tracy Ache Your point is? Lots of people can’t, or choose not to for whatever reason. A truly charitable person does not judge the recipient of their charity, least of all on the means of which they’re thanked, or if they’re thanked at all.

    • Kim Schindel Kim Schindel says:

      Its not about rules…its abput being polite and kind. I was raised to say please and thank you ALWAYS. The recipients of these hampers should have common sense manners….period. I would have been ticked off too.

    • EXCUSE ME but would a simple thank you very much KILL ANYONE how about shut your mouth if so

    • Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

      Kim Schindel Any expectation of reciprocation, even an expression of gratitude, makes it a transaction and not charity.

      Pauline Mackenzie judge not lest ye be judged.

    • Just not on the same page when it`s comes to gratitude Sam, but Thank you for the banter and have a great Christmas and Holiday Season.

    • Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

      Cheryl Switzer Obviously. Gratitude should not be a prerequisite to charity, but we were raised differently. To you, also.

    • Janet Butler Janet Butler says:

      This poster will still donate next year, but many would not, and that’s a shame.
      Too bad you didn’t get back one tiny bit of the kindness you were giving. That would have definitely left me feeling shitty.
      My friends and I do seniors hampers every year. Maybe try that next year. There are a lot of seniors that would sure appreciate it. Merry Christmas.

  105. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    Wow. I’m usually a secret Santa, and I have never experienced this…but I choose the family out of need, not request. This year we aren’t having a proper Christmas at all, much less helping out.
    Perhaps change your method. Choose a family from schools, church, after school programs, work, friends and surprise them with the knowledge your helping out.
    I feel bad I can’t provide this year, for anyone.
    Meh. There’s always next year.

  106. Jules Maria Jules Maria says:

    Why doesn’t this surprise me. Good on you for being a good person, I personally would have given them a mouth full.

  107. Omg im sorry for such rude behaviour i just cant believe the kids said crap presents jeez

  108. Could you approach a women’s shelter for next yr I’m sure you won’t be met with a poor experience..and as a single mom who’s used these services..its wonderful of you to purchase anything even small for the parents

  109. Amy Evenson Amy Evenson says:

    On behalf of someone who received a hamper last year, thank you for your kindness. It should never go unappreciated like that.

  110. Shame on them. Beyond sad to read after your family was being so gracious.

  111. You did a nice thing. Don’t stop being nice because people seem unappreciative.

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