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Happy Birthday lil Buddy!

Happy Birthday! I miss you and love you. I understand you are still too young to read this but I’m putting it out in the universe, maybe you will get the truth one day, which you deserve and will make you understand that you are loved.
Knowing your mother you may be spending your bday with father 3,4,5 or more but you need to understand two very important things:

1) your biological dad loved and loves you very much still. You were taken from him, he did not leave you or give up on you; your mother took you from him and used you to inflict pain, suffering, hardship, and actually destroyed his life to the point I am not sure if you will ever see him again or if he will recover. He still loves you very much and misses you also. Your mother didn’t do you any favours or give you fair chance at life by doing so.

2) I took you and your mother under my wing, I got you decent home where you didn’t have to sleep on a concrete floor in an unfinished basement. I loved your mother very much. I still love you! I also didn’t leave you or give up on you either!!! You and your siblings were taken from me also, and again to inflict pain, suffering and hardship. You were taken from your healthy, stimulating, engaging, loving home and even pulled out of school to move you into a hillbilly hellhouse full of drugs, booze, parties and transients. Your mother has tried much harder to destroy my life than your biological father’s life and she has failed at that just like she failed at being a good partner and parent. The only thing she has succeeding in is traumatizing you children, disturbing your lives, exposing you to the bottom feeders of society, and taking child abuse, neglect and parental alienation to a whole new level. I have no ‘right’s to you but I will come rescue you and your siblings one day soon.

Your mother is not a normal person, she is pathological and predictable the when not impulsive. Blake, you need a father, a good one (not some fat hillbilly or a tinder date); I provided for you when your mom and dad could not and would not – one day I hope to be dad again, coach you (your mom pulls you out of sports because she is too lazy to commit to taking you), mentor you (give you guidance, knowledge, skills), teach you (whatever you want even 10 languages), be your best friend and love and care for you – which you all deserve and long for.

You deserve the truth, respect, love and to be treated with dignity and as a child (instead of being neglected, entertaining yourself, used as weaponry, a bargaining chip, govt transfers and subsidies).

Happy 7th birthday lil Buddy! You are more loved than you will ever know and more than anyone, including your mom, will ever tell you. Love your real Dad.

P.S. I know your mom is a difficult person, an abusive person and an egocentric without morals, and I am no longer around but listen to her once in a while – she will get upset, stressed, take it out on you kids (if no man is around to berate and belittle) and maybe even hot sauce you again.



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  1. Justin says:

    So Tamara claimed a bf in highschool wouldn’t leave her alone after she got dumped, she moved to Calgary to get drunk.
    So Tamara claimed her stepdad raped her and sexually assualted her, he was found not guilty, Tamara went and got drunk.
    So now not just one but 2 dads, completely different people, both abused her and children, haven’t seen kids and Tamara is still getting drunk.

    Tamara has some very serious problems, what is she a sociopath or a whale of a manhating closet lesbian?

  2. RealTruth says:

    I thought I would actually include some facts; just for the sake diversity, nobody wants to read lies, defamation and raging hatred of someone. Here’s the real truth.
    I have been falsely accused of very serious allegations and it has been very damaging including psychologically; despite this I believe such heinous conduct (false accusations, and very damaging ones, and numerous ones) is not overly common and manifests from a specific pathology and/or motive. I will not discuss pathology or motive here; i will only present some facts and a pattern of behaviour – the public can weigh in whether I am an actual monster or not. Please note no evidence has been provided (including doctor reports), and will not be provided, for any allegation against myself.
    Let’s start with the most serious, and false, allegations and work back to the other versions in plot.

    Legal Document (Discovery on April 7, 2020):
    “…..verbally and mentally abusive towards Bxxxx. MANNELL was physically assaulted by XXXXXXXX several times in the past. MANNELL was treated at the hospital but did not contact the Police.” Note: no evidence or description provided, no medical records available.

    Why have Police been involved and when T.Mnnll does contact the Police?
    2016: T&C argue for first time, and regarding treatment of B. C alleges that B’s bio parents were neglecting him, an argument ensued, C left the argument and house. T surreptitiously takes the children the following day to a house of squalor; EPS & RCMP are contacted by father. Father finds T and children, then arrives with Vitamin and stroller. T contacts Police and files fictitious EPO. EPO quashed. T&C get back together
    2018: C advises T about breaking up. T&C argue for second time and again regarding parental responsibility. C leaves for work, T surreptitiously takes children and again to a house of squalor (later evicted with civil judgement for damages). T contacts police in May after she takes children and property
    2018: T contacts police in May after C gets children back to their home. T contacts Police in July regarding firearms and harming and children (no firearms possessed!)
    2019: T contacts Police after asked to leave C’s home for rummaging. T contacts Police after an email from C to resolve this matter. T contacts Police after Grandmother texts her.
    2020: T contacts Police after an email from C regarding rescinding parental rights and indefinitely ending any co-parenting relationship due to T’s unwillingness to discuss any matter about the kids, parental alienation and constant ridicule/threats.
    *So basically T has received two communications (two emails) from C between 2019 and 2020. In 2018 T was back at C’s after the break up. In 2019 T was at C’s new residence most of January and February.
    **So TM contacts the Police when grandma texts or father emails, or for mischievous reasons, but not when assaulted….

    Tamara’s 2018-2020 Changes of plot in story, as per court documents and statements (text):
    -broke up
    -fled for her safety
    -she was emotionally abused, incl. B
    -she got kicked out (and with the kids lol)
    -kids mentally abused
    -being belligerent (despite not speaking to her since Feb8, 2019)
    -going to take kids
    -brainwashing kids
    -she was physically assaulted, B was verbally and mentally abused
    *Note: no evidence, much less any description, has been provided for any (changeable) allegation

    T’s Explanation for her behaviour:

    C: Why are you doing this to me?
    T: YOU, broke up with me!

    C: Why would you do all of this?
    T: You broke my heart. I guess I still love you

    I have not abused any child in any way. I have not abused any women in any way. I have not abused TM in any way. No allegations about me are valid; except the ugly part, that’s a fact.
    I will stop there until deemed necessary to continue.

  3. TheTruth says:

    lmao, these are all lies… she is actually a really good mom who goes above and beyond for her children. She left you because you were abusive. We all saw how you treated her and continue to treat her. You and your psychotic mother LITERALLY stock her… and when she lets you take the children you don’t act as a parent at all and you talk shit to them about their mom so that when they come home, they act out… CRS and the police both don’t want any of those children near YOU because YOU are the problem, not her. You continue to write false shit about her all over the internet, you stock her and make false allegations, mentally abuse her kids… and you actually think she is the issue? LMAO. Anyone reading this, I promise you she is NOTHING like Chris is saying. Chris is a narcissist and everyone should stay away from him. He has been caught even going as far as replying to his own comments under other names to make her sound bad. He is legitimately not all there in the head. Also, you treated Blake like shit. His REAL dad is still in his life.

    • AnonLOL says:

      All truth and the truth hurts doesn’t it?
      Tamara got dumped and I had to counsel a friend who hated himself for getting involved with her. Nobody cares about Tamara, nobody would waste any time of their lives on Tamara. That’s probably the problem. And more defamation, go do meth, take some deep breaths, find something productive to do with your life other than drugs and online meltdowns which don’t make any sense.

    • AnonLOL says:

      Important points:
      1. Good moms would question if a good mom
      2. She got dumped for many reasons
      3. I guess she didn’t move much so was taken care of not treated poorly
      4. I guess he gladly has not spoke to her in over a year and psychotic is the opposite of the mom
      5. I guess someone is delusional if think being stalked and being talked about to kids
      6. From what I’ve seen he’s super dad and probably why kids upset when back with mom
      7. I guess to quote “CRS” mom even said he’s a great dad and police do not get involved in matters regarding children unless criminal.
      8. He has not posted false stuff all over the internet about her, can the same be said about the other side?
      9. Again, nobody cares about her life or is stalking her.
      10. False allegations are like stating mentally abusing children
      11. Chris is as much as a narcissist as his mom is a psychotic. Tamara however is an egocentric, low functioning, relationally aggressive psychopath (yes there are brain abnormalities).
      12. Did Blake’s mom or dad teach him how to ride a bike, throw a frisbi or play soccer with him, build with him or teach him languages much less even take him to a park?
      13. I thought Tamara put Blake’s real dad in a mental hospital and then jail, after abducting Blake. That woman has no regard for others, even her own children.

    • RealTruth says:

      Get a lawyer, a good one. Can I recommend some anti-psychotics or anti-depressants for you in the meantime?

    • RealTruth says:

      Kids would hide from an abuser but…..
      Kids wouldn’t come running towards an abuser and scream in joy “daddy! daddy! daddy!”; they also say how they miss me and love me, enjoy every moment with me (since day one), they say no when I tell them when they have to go back to moms (sometimes hide a leaving time) and have complete meltdowns at drop off. The daycare has also told me that they have had to tell the kids that dad was outside so they would leave with their mom; there was another incident when the kids even hid when mom came to pick them up and cried for their dad. Tamara has not fulfilled her duties as a parent and is absolutely abusing and distressing the children by using them as weapons, breaking/changing routine and even completely alienating the kids from their super dad.

      P.S. I treated T far better than her own deadbeat family ever did and i treated B far better than both of his bio parents combined.

  4. Anonymous says:

    chris langille who is the original poster of this message is not the biological father of blake but actually an abusive person with a restraining order against this family. he actually got tazed and hauled to prison because of his personality. he is a loser who was abusive to this mother and now is just an angry abusive child. and no this isn’t any female that used to be in their lives. you start involving me and mine and you wont be able to type anything ever again. now your picking on a child? this is lies and mental abuse to a child. you have serious serious problems. get help or it will find you.

    • AnonLOL says:

      I know Chris. Who’s lying, and can’t spell or read either? I believe the post says he’s not the bio dad and he confided in me of concerns for that child. Now regarding the rest of the defamation.
      Go do more meth, none of that makes sense. Tamara got dumped for being a lousy parent and partner. There is no restraint order against the family either. Go do more meth.

  5. ChildAbuseisCriminal says:

    “Tamara Mannell” is a danger to children and will completely destroy those children. The gov’t of alberta’s obligation to protect does not extend to children. Tamara Mannell should be in jail.

  6. P.J. says:

    I think this boy is in my neighbourhood and goes to school with my kids. Cute boy but he seems a little out of sorts and has alot of stress for such young kid. That big momma is going to destroy those kids. Call social services.

    • Iposted says:

      Child and family services. LOL. I would get better results calling Telus for Shaw support!
      In 2016 they refused to investigate then finally did after I got the kids back in my life.
      In 2018 they refused to investigate abduction again and taking the kids to an over crowded, drug infested, alcoholic house of squalor (they “don’t investigate the home”) and give me crap for not calling the police about a witness finding my son (2yrs old) wandering around Millwoods in diapers alone (the police didn’t do anything either, just called me a liar).
      In 2019 I had an appointment after directly contacting a zio-con minister named Rebecca Schultz; so Ken Kutcher, a fat little, dumb, gimp, interviewed me, refused to investigate anything (he did investigate from the date he received the file to two weeks later but refused to investigate anything prior to the contact), said he could access medical records (long list of injuries, illnesses and almost death by pneumonia) but didn’t and only investigated the home lol. So the fat little gimp Ken Kutcher closed the file without any investigation and Tamara Mannell (who even masturbates next to her son and makes out with her sister Vanessa Mannell/White) punished the children for a CFS investigation and not being wished a happy birthday on December 10. Tamara Mannell also stated to Ken Kutcher I am an “amazing father” but on Dec12, 2019 I was again threatened I would never see the kids again, and I have not see them since I dropped them off on Dec6, 2019, much less know if they are okay.
      Here we are in 2020 and the Edmonton Pigs (probably still upset I have their own demoted, reprimanded and dismissed) refused to check in on the children and instead harassed me and the children’s grandmother (who has also not seen the kids since early Dec 2019).
      The children who I had 50% of the time in 2019 were always upset at drop off (I do non stop quality time with them: parks, biking, climbing, wrestling, playing, painting, colouring, reading, writing, indoor playgrounds, zoo, festivals, birthday parties, trampolines, etc etc etc etc) and Tamara Mannell, let’s call her “doctor”, called that ” brainwashing the kids” and said I am a danger to them.

      Alberta really is the dumbest place on the planet – you should all travel and live some where else to see for yourselves what a quality of life is. Enjoy this place albertans! It’s a national joke for many reasons and I know I will have a good laugh about it from afar; especially when you all sit there scratching your heads, wondering why alberta has no fathers or coaches and why alberta managed to fall another century behind the rest of the world. You are all already sitting there scratching your heads wondering what happened to the economy – didn’t see that coming for decades either?

      3 innocent children ruined by white trash and a white trash province. Always a high level of sophistication in alberta! Git er dumb alberta, git er dumb. Good luck in the decades to come btw!

      • P.J. says:

        That’s f-ed up. So f-ed up.
        Good luck to you in a better place.

      • Iposted says:

        Pj, yup know what is more messed? In 2016 the Edmonton pig services refused to even take a complaint about child abduction so I went out and found the kids myself. After I found where they were I showed up with vitamin d (mannell only abducted kids, stole property and brought her vibrator but had nothing for the kids) and a stroller. The Edmonton pig service threatened to arrest me if I didn’t leave the neighbourhood. I look forward to an encounter with the Edmonton Pigs again and have plenty to expose in the days to come. Fckin degenerates in alberta.

  7. Easyonlinesloor says:

    Sounds like Tamara Mannell. Oh what a cow!

    • Easyonlinesloor says:

      Sorry bud but how were you attracted to that and get involved with that?! And you actually loved that?!?!

      Try to use better judgement, that thing is a nasty pig.

      • Iposted says:

        I’m not going to mention any names. I am very ashamed of myself but you are correct about comments. 🙁
        To be honest, “nasty pig” is a better description of what she is as a person rather than how she looks. If I was to call her disgusting that would be a comment on her as a person.

      • Iposted says:

        Easyonlinesloor, I retract any nice semi nice statement about mannell, she is a nasty nasty nasty nasty nasty pig who was raised in a pig sty.
        Albertan culture, so fine.

  8. IzDontsLikesAlbertansGiddyUp says:

    Not to offend you but I think your situation explains why I do not consider Alberta to be part of the “developed world”.

    • Iposted says:

      Alberta is not part of the developed world, that is truth and exactly why I wouldn’t waste more life in this cesspool.
      Until I am gone I find great amusement in the typical albertan who considers this place to be something other than a mound of sht.

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