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Has anyone had issues with Skinisin Cattery?

Hello, I recently purchased a kitten from Skinisin Cattery. Sadly, he passed away within three weeks of the purchase date. In the process, the owner of Skinisin ordered a procedure directly from my vet of which she now refuses to pay for. $1900 for the kitten …$900 in vet bills …

Let me know if you have had troubles with this business as I am putting together a formal complaint.




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  1. A says:

    I purchased a sphynx a few years ago, sadly situations left me unable to care for the guy. The process was very awkward. It felt like all she wanted was the money. She would email a list of the cats available, say “Pick one or pass”. When I asked if she had any intentions of having a specific colour, and would coldly say “you have to pass and wait and see”. When I was seeing the kitten for the first time, i asked if my partner could also see it, and she said no quite rudely.

  2. Aiden Sehn says:

    I contacted this breeder with questions regarding health concerns for the cats and was just given a copy paste ‘check our website’ response; the site doesn’t answer my concerns whatsoever which kinda gives me a bad feeling about this cattery. I’m glad I checked here first because the things I’m reading here are horrifying.

  3. Lorie Milbank says:

    Anyone wanting to know all you need to know about this disgusting breeder just go to Bad Catteries Around the world and watch her throwing a dead baby around. She is not drunk…this is exactly who she is.

  4. Dawn says:

    My mom and I are trying to build our own cattery in the same area as Skinisin. We have had nothing but issues with Colleen of Skinisin harassing us and trying to sabotage us on FB. We are so sick of her bullying. I’ve noticed that she has also been banned from many FB Sphynx groups for malicious mischief. So sad.

    • J says:

      Our kitten also passed away after 2 years of serious health defects, and she now is ignoring us. Our kitten died of a heart condition that was covered under her health guarantee.

    • Shona Morgan says:

      I bought my second kitten from her in February. He’s tested positive for Calicivirus, Herpesvirus, FHV-1, Bordetella bronchiseptica, Mycoplasma felis. Has conjunctivitis, has been on antibiotics since two days after I got him. Additional test done yesterday as he is still very sick. She doesn’t vaccinate or have any vet checks done (only spay/neuter) before you take the kitten. I have all her texts confirming this and spoke to her vet. She refused to authorize a Convenia Shot when she took him to her vet in January to get neutered. I spoke to her vet and got his records who confirmed all of this. She’s not responding to my texts anymore and I told her I would be making as many complaints as I could.

    • Aiden Sehn says:

      If you ever happen to ever get your cattery off the ground I’d be very interested in it; seeing as I’ve been put off Skinisin I’m looking for a different place to get a hairless/ hypo-allergenic cat.

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