Have you gotten a BLANK Tim Hortons Roll Up the Rim cup this year? Read Me

Just a heads up to Timmies drinkers out there: If you get a BLANK RIM on any of your roll ups, it is a misprint, and Tim Hortons has announced that they are supposed to read “Please Play Again”, however they’re allowing all blank rims to be traded in for a free refill & new roll up cup. 🙂

* This affects those in Atlantic Canada & Alberta, Canada only.

You can learn more here if you wish:



25 Responses

  1. wish I knew this yesterday lmfao

  2. Katy Yorke Katy Yorke says:

    Ann Hynes Kari Hynes Nick Hynes Donna Yorke

  3. Kim Van Dyk Kim Van Dyk says:

    Hahah nooo ! Oh well next time

  4. Destiny Ross Destiny Ross says:

    Jessey Berlinghoff

  5. BUT… Mcdonalds is $1 coffee’s any size and tastes so fuckin much better

  6. James Musat James Musat says:

    Uh, a free refill and roll up cup. I’m not the smrtest guy but couldn’t they just put the coffee in the “roll up” cup instead of the “refill”

    • You get a free coffee and another chance to win something..

    • Jeff Ross Jeff Ross says:

      Sanitary and health regulations I’m sure James Musat

    • And another piece of garbage for the landfill. People gotta start using coffee mugs. I read that these paper cups are not biodegradable. But I guess that’s just not my problem. It’s gonna be the next generations problem. Oh well..

    • James Musat James Musat says:

      Are you really that duh that you can’t see what I’m getting at? They will fill your empty cup ( the refill ) and give you a cup to roll the rim…. what I’m am sayin is why don’t they just put the coffee in the cup they are giving you to roll. Wow… LOL. I have to ask. Does it hurt?

    • Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

      James Musat Everyone gets what you are saying.. it’s just a dumb joke. The rest of us realized that they meant instead of just replacing the cup to give you a new roll up the rim you get it filled with coffee for free as well. There wasn’t really a better way for them to word it than how they did.


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