Have you seen this cat?

My cat Molly went missing on Wednesday night (April 27) from the Terrace Heights area near 69 street and 101 a avenue.

She is around 5 years old but looks younger because she is small. She is spayed, no collar, and is very friendly and playful. Every time she would get out she would always meow at my window to get back in a couple hours later, but this time she didn’t. She also loves to sit in trees and on top of houses/ garages.

I am very worried about her. Please, if you see her anywhere even if you aren’t certain PLEASE call me at 780-938-3247. You never know how far they will travel so call me anytime. I just want to her to safely return home.




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  1. Ma Simm Ma Simm says:

    Sorry your cat’s missing.

    I have a preference for dogs over cats as pets. My dog has to stay in my yard in my control. Cats come onto my property and mark. They crap in my flower beds and dig them up. I’ve seen them kill little song birds like robins. If a neighbors cat comes onto my property, they get hosed down with water.

    I have several family members that are cat lovers. They keep their cats inside. If the cats are in their yard, they are outside with them. The cats stay in their yards. These cats live happy, long, spoiled lives.

    I don’t understand why cat and dog owners don’t have to follow the same bylaws on their animals roaming loose.

    • Jean Freeman Jean Freeman says:

      Not asking for a lecture.

    • Lisa Hacker Lisa Hacker says:

      They are suppose to follow same by laws. When I was much younger I had outdoor/indoor cats and didnt see it as no big deal. Once I became an adult I realized how much danger I was putting the cat in and how bad it was for everyone to let it be outside on its. Just know that not all cat owners are irresponsible. My cat is spayed, kept inside except when I walk him once or twice a day on a leash, microchipped, always up to date on shots and is licensed with city of Edmonton. Unfortunately u cant make ppl follow the law, rules or what is best for a pet 🙁

    • You walk your cat on a leash ???

    • Well that was super unhelpful. Thanks for your all your unhelpful pretentious advice.

  2. Telly Meek Telly Meek says:

    there are few pages to post lost pets on fb. i would post there as well….dont forget to check as well. hope you find your kitty.

  3. Karen Ingram Karen Ingram says:

    oh gosh I hope your find her real soon……been there too many times. xoxoxo

  4. Some ideas for you, pm me if u want more info on sites etc. Put her used litter box outside, a piece of your worn clothing,
    put up posters flyers, check neighbors, probably not too far ,
    might come out from hiding in the quiet evening, take a flashlite, her eyes will shine at you.
    Walk and shake the treat bag.

    Post on Kijiji, Petlynx, phone vets in your area if turned in. Also 24/7 emergency vets.
    Post on all the pet sites.

    Humane Society

    Check here,ACC.. updated every 20 min.

    More Here:


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