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My friend is a freelance writer and she recently did a project for Y&Y Photography/Cyclops Photo out of Legal. It was work that had an agreed price to it and she completed it on time. Ned Yeung was meant to pay her by the end of October but has provided excuse after excuse as to why he can’t pay her and eventually blocked her on Facebook when she pressed the matter.

My friend is currently abroad and so can’t just pop into their studio in Legal. This is a heads up that she’s not the only person Ned Yeung has messed around – there’s at least two others that we know about including getting someone to take over a lease on an acreage that had serious plumbing issues without divulging the problems. HE IS A TOTAL SCAMMER and a narcissist who plays the victim at every turn. He is not a professional businessman.




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  1. Cote Taleah Cote Taleah says:

    Alexandra Mandrusiak

  2. Has one kid with one on the way too…always struggling to pay rent………..can’t even make small payments to the person this is about. How are these kids being cared for…..

  3. Marie says:

    So truly sorry to hear of your friends plight. Too trusting, right? Life lesson in trust.
    Did she have anything in writing (she’s a writer herself) – She’s probably a nice person, needed the work and moved to do it on trust and heart.

    Whether she had anything in writing or not, sounds like Mr. Scam/Clops has nothing. However she should seek legal advice on whether to sue him or not nonetheless. Maybe she’d be better off in just accepting her losses. (?) … and moving forward ‘all the wiser.’

    And the lease piece… Arrrghh! How did the victim(s) allow themselves to get hoodwinked into that?

    Lessons here people!!!

    Good share OP.

  4. Was there a written contract signed? Civil court.

    • Erin Saville Erin Saville says:

      there was no official contract but everything was agreed to in a series of emails and facebook messages. I’ve already liaised with a lawyer who says i have up to two years to sue in small claims, so they can expect a nasty surprise sometime up to autumn 2019… lol


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