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Heads up this woman is no good

Just wanted the city to know that there a person out there that poses her entire existence as A lie. She a useless drug addict who cares about nothing but herself that actually prides herself on being quote on quote solid when shes n9thijbg but a cop calling rat goof when it comes to her own friends n family.

She thinks its amusing to pass around fake disclosure paperwork on other people that shes jealous has a better life than her. She puts on a terrible fake act of being mentally disadvantaged taged when she just likes to act like a 5 year old to get things to her own ad vantage.

She over 50 and preys on guys and girls that could easily be her kids age . Thinks shes sooo cool and a red alert favorite hang around but if they only knew what she really does when cops come a knockin no one would want to chill .

Shes handed out STDs for years and doesnt care. Shes gone so far as to encourage people to go as far as to attack innocent people on the pretence that they did her some kind of wrong when shes the one who was a paid informant in the other person’s drug case. Does solid go and hand over clothes that were worn in a robbery to the cops when they come knocking no questions a asked no sir e Bob I dobt think so so when around the George spade apparent avoid the humming junked out cow from the 3rd floor unless u like the remand



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  1. Anonymous says:

    wft did i just waste my time reading?

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