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Healing hearts for sobriety

About healing hearts for sobriety and the administrator.I literally owe my life to her and her program.I can’t stress that enough This is to Edmonton and the auntie that shouted out to Edmonton I feel for you and your nephew sorry that healing hearts did not work out for you.But I do need to tell Edmonton and shout it out” thank God for healing hearts for sobriety and her program” I owe my life to her.

Let me go back about 5yrs ago I had double ammonia homeless and no money .Healing hearts literly took me off the streets when Edmonton and society wanted nothing to do with me cause I was homeless and addicted to drugs(thank you healing heats) she gave me a home when I knew nobody else would and if healing hearts was not there I know in my heart I would be dead.

The administer is a one women show she runs this program all by he self. and is a non profit. Org and also a single mother she has dedicated her life to help people like me that society has shund .She. Literly take.people off the streets and give them a home . Please take into consideration. I know in my heart a lot more people would of been dead if there was no healing hearts .She is not perfect and sure there’s a lot of thing that needs to be worked on with this program but for myself and a lot of other people. I thank God for her dedication and she never gives up on let me tell you healing hearts is literly heaven sent in my books.

I phoned up healing hearts because again I found myself. Needing her help and with out hesitation. She gave me a place to live .she has no obligation to me but of course with her and her heart She helped me out. Thank you administrator. So keep that in mind because with out her a lot of people would no be here and the including me so I want to shout it out”Thank God for healing hearts for sobriety and the administrator



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