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Healing Hearts is not sober living!

This place is horrible and the director frauding the government on a massive level.

When I first arrived to this so called “program”, I was living in a scummy two bedroom apartment, with no dishes or proper furniture, sharing a small bedroom with another man, and each and every person in that apartment read paying her $850.00 a month. So she is collecting approximately $5000 for each unit that would maybe rent for $900 not to mention there were bed bugs that she wouldn’t take care of properly, and the mice infestation. I was then moved into another suite in a different building that was supposed to be furnished but had nothing but a dirty couch and a dirty single box spring no mattress or blankets or sheets… And again more mice and more bedbugs. Then because of a noise complaint, she tells me that even though I paid my full 850 for rent I have 3 hours to pack up all my belongings and get out with no eviction notice and no return payment of rent that she Recieved or return of damage deposit, nothing. Nobody in the sober living program is sober and there is no program my ex girlfriend and I were both supposed to be in treatment mid January as we both completed the treatment center application and went in to do the physical examination last year in november and then trusted the director to follow thru with what she was supposed to do and get us in and help us, but still to this date we havent heard anything from her and are both still not in treatment. There is no program here its just a scam and its made my addiction issues worse as there were drugs easily available in the building and when I first came to Edmonton I didn’t know anybody and had no way to find the drugs even if I wanted to..

If you are actually trying to get clean I wouldn’t recommend Healing Hearts. It’s just a scam for the director to afford things like Range Rover and crystal chandeliers, designer clothing and expensive purses.



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  1. TraceyAnderson says:

    I’m Tracey Anderson of Riverside Towers. Come give me a deposit and your info. It’s a nicely infested place with lots of drugs and crime also. The lobby is pissy but that wasnt me, I pee myself or on couches. Let smoke some drugs and have some drinks. Need a bj? I can put porno on so you don’t have to look at me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am a practicum student and I have been with Reena and Healing Hearts for a few months now. Comments like this break my heart. I have watched as Reena has helped countless individuals through this organization. I have seen her give them numerous chances to come back and try again- despite the damage they left behind!!!! I have witnessed her allow multiple people stay rent free for months on end- simply because they had no where else to go. I watch as she spends her own money on food and furniture just to have her belongings stolen and damaged by people she is trying to help. It is disheartening to read comments like this from people who have taken advantage of and abused Renna Mani and Healing Hearts. Reena Mani and Healing Hearts is here to help people and it happens to be one of the last and only places for some of these individuals to go, I just pray that they see this and give Reena the respect that she very much deserves.

  3. FlyOnTheWall says:

    As a fly on the wall watching I am going to say something. The whole thing stinks!
    Government transfers to private individuals operating under a charity to help substance abusers and criminals. That stinks.
    Substance abusers and criminals free loading off everyone and still want more. That stinks also.
    I’m an advocate for people who are clean and sober and/or have even been victimized and arbitrarily detained or incarcerated. Any socialist bucks for those people, especially considering their tax dollars go into useless programs like this, which all around stink?
    All ya’s stink! Go get your own money and do something productive with your lives, leeches.

  4. Ashamedinurbehaviours says:

    All I can say is I’m very grateful for Healings hearts opening up and allowing me to come into program I didn’t have any money for over 3months and she allowed me to not stress and that alone speaks wonders…I’m actually very disgusted at this outting stuff because vindictive spiteful dishonest people can try and hurt other people pride its decimation of character and shit like this is so wrong, when the source is being kicked out due to constant damages domestic lash out and just disrespect. ALL AND ALL LET HATERS HATE what a bad person she is she not only supported ur spouse after almost 7days of u carrying on with ur intimidating tactics property damage making it almost impossible for ur gf to even get food u spit in her face numerous times smashing things right out of her arms. Your mad cause she supported me cause she knows ur truths and ur dark past…this post is so she would see this and not help me leave this abusive relationship…one thing I told her its ur mo u try and hurt ppl including me thru ur putty party vindictive spiteful hurtful game. Enough is enough go get ur head checked before she revokes ur assurity and maybe one day realize grow up be a man stop hurting women. Thank you healing heats for ur support in everyway. I’m away from abuse safe cause of a caring good hearted busy well dressed kind lady/friendxxoo

  5. Rod mac Lellan says:

    In response to THE POSTED healing hearts Mumbo Jumbo …Honestly I only read a few lines of what has been written and it’s not my type of read .
    I read things that are not a waste of time things not written by people whom are throwing aimless punches in the dark hoping to hit something just to say they did With it not having any effect whatsoever to help there petty cause of trying to maliciously tarnish the names of those who have on countless ocassions helped .Fed .Showered .Clothed . Supported .Sheltered .”for months without payment I might add”. This is the Thanks that a woman .whom I call a real life “Earth Angel” gets for doing all of the above for countless numbers of people Btw Without reciprocation or receiving any financial reimbursement for almost half the individuals that are lucky enough to get to her organization for another chance in life ” If they so choose to recognize that and take that shot on there own to feet and live there life learning from past mistakes .
    However sadly there are some that get into Healing Hearts and Its the first bed they are in outside of jail and or The one they would sleep in that Mommy and Daddy would of bought them and probably still made daily for them and fluffed the pillows for them right up until the time they would of been cought up in the wonderful life of addiction they would of been living .Ballin like a baller Livin like a 10 cent millionaire .Until there Bullshit is stopped .like Right now .
    Some valid and crucial aspects and truths of the months the poster is referring to are .
    How many places can an individual fresh from jail with nothing to there name go to and be let to stay and live with power .Hot water .Heat cooking utensils soap shampoo. Telephone Cable TV .Etc and not even asked to pay a damage deposit before your given the keys to your new home .Simply there asked to please pay when they receive there assistance if they are fortunate enough to do so .
    I feel the poster forgot to mention the number of months allowed to housed whilst waiting for assistance to arrive .All the time not going without missing a meal .Having warm showers . Etc . A full fridge with food in it . I particularly remember a moving truck Pulling in one Saturday with enough furniture and more to fill a two bedroom apartment. All contents received at the time without any complaints whatsoever .
    Setting up a Bed Date if so court ordered to get to treatment .Is the one thing that all clients are required to do “Contact the treatment facility of there choice and set a bed date for there indoctrination . For the months that some individuals are living and staying at the place they are referring to as such a terrible place .The simple task of phoning to get a bed date one would think would be on the highest of priority levels .Not taking months to complete such a simple task ..
    The damage caused by individuals in those apartments That was given to them at there lowest points in life One would think anyone in that type of predicament would be so grateful so appreciative to have such an opportunity to right some wrongs and a solid base to start over from .sadly some do not see it as such and damage .Break . AND disrespect the property so graciously given to them as the start of there new life .
    It is not hard to see we dony have to look to far .To see those individuals who dont recognize and see the forementioned blessings handed to them and to take a deep deep look inside to there own soul and take it as the time to start making changes for the better in the precious life we are all so lucky to be living .
    An organization cannot Keep following supporting and putting resources which are already stretched to the breaking point It cannot continue helping those who have not showed any inclination of helping themselves by making the proper life choices we are all faced with on a daily basis .Repairing damages incurred to property is an added expense that no organization ever should continually repair finding finances magically somewhere to get it done most times takin away from another more crucial part of the organization’s much needed more fundamental parts .These issues continually being battled on a daily in one little office on 118 ave. In Edmonton . The Good that’s put out into the world from that little office will suffice in the end everytime .There are those Ungrateful. Thankless .Abusive .Selfcentered individuals with there sense of entitlement . That will be so vengeful and speak these words spoken to vindictivly strike out to tarnish the names of these Beautiful People who are used to this type of behavior and risk of being attacked as now again . However The Good is what is not much spoke of these days and the work being done here is worth it for those involved .Really you just have to walk in and see Its done for the Love of helping others and perhaps a little to much Loving to be a nurturer for others .Sadly not everyone can u make happy all the time and they react in ways such as this and as in the past those who have struck out in this way and later realizing terrible act they committed against such A loving individual and Mother figure to so many .Who turns around with open arms to offer them help again ……Well just think about that for a minute .

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