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My name is Teresa Rocque I am an RN at the Stollery Hospital. I have been for 27 years . I have ran a Campaign to Empower our Community members for 5 years.

The need for help by less fortunate families, those living in poverty , and those hit by the economic downfall or new comers is huge. I could no longer help these families from my home so we opened a Free thrift store to help these families acquire items needed to meet their basic needs. I have sent multiple emails to the honorable Mike Lake in regards to the Free thrift store and our desperate need for another donated location . His assistant suggested we reach out to the media and other groups trying to help families and local charities , to do a follow up story from the one done on December 16 by Global and CTV at the grand opening of the HEARTS (Helping Everyone Access Resources Through Support) Free Thrift Store . Located at 16151-142 st .

We wanted to let the public know that we have had since December 8 up to and including Jan 2 over 400 families walk through our doors . That is over 1300 people shop at the Free thrift store . We were closed Dec 14,15, 23,24,25,26, Jan 1 . So those numbers are in just under 3 weeks . We have given out about 500 winter jackets and countless amounts of clothing , housewares and Baby items . We must have these premises vacated by Jan 14 so we desperately need help getting the word out . We are running out of time . The word needs to get out . Someone or company must be able to donate us a space ? I don’t believe any child should ever have to go without their basic needs.

Can you help us please , perhaps drop into the store to see what it is all about ?? Text me at 780-964-0476. Thank you Teresa Rocque Founder . I also have multiple emails as well as testimonials from people that donate to our group, people that have accessed resources from our group, as well as the multiple volunteers that work for the group and believe in this much needed resource for the community.



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  1. Peter says:

    #1 you are not a nurse anymore.
    #2 asking for donations to help those in need then charging money for said items to fund your business adventure that funds you and your family and not those you claim to assist. This is not a non-profit this is a business that she is cashing in.
    #3 You have failed at every adventure you seek so leave good deeds to those who can do what they say they will.
    #4 where is all the unaccounted cash you have made thus far that you claim goes to helping those in need?
    #5 Stop the lies and be honest Your dirty deeds are being exploited


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