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Today, Tuesday, July 4th at around 4:30 pm, I almost hit a pedestrian. I was turning left on 124 Street and 104 avenue and was yielding to vehicles going straight westbound on 124. It took ONE second for me to press hard on the breaks, ONE second to notice the tiny lady crossing the street.

I don’t even have an excuse, it was 4.30 pm on the first day back to work from a long weekend and I was tired and just wanted to be home. I apologized to her with my pathetic hand gestures and wished I would’ve rolled down my window and actually shouted sorry because I truly was and still am.

I drove 15 minutes to my house and within that 15 minutes, I was talking to myself saying sorry and even offering a short prayer to God, even though I’m not at all religious, so that he could forgive me. I just don’t want any bad karma to happen to me in the whole grand scheme of karmas.

So I here I am, typing up this shoutout not only to apologize to that tiny 5 feet tall lady wearing a blue shirt who was 50-ish years old and weighed around 95 pounds, but also to give a gentle reminder to everyone.

Please please please pay attention to the road. Take it from an almost-30 year old female, aka someone who has all the guilt in the world. What happened today could’ve been far worst. You probably would’ve been reading about me on the news instead of reading this post with me still maintaining my anonymity.


How often have a majority of us looked down to check a text message or maybe dial a number? I have to admit I’m guilty of doing this myself. But after today, im gong to be a lot smarter. Most likely going to leave phone on the back seat from now on. Either way, this shook me in such an amazing way. It just sucks that this had to happen to give me a wake up call but I’m still thanking my guardian angel or my lucky stars that someone higher up was looking out for me. It only took ONE second and if I wasn’t paying attention, I can’t even fathom what my life would be like right now.

So just a friendly reminder to everyone, ONE split second can change someone’s life. Make good choices 🙂



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  1. Glad to see you owning up to your mistake and not blaming the pedestrian like so many other people who do these days. People only seem to post when they have something negative to say or want to rant. Although your post isn’t necessarily positive it is an important share to remind us all, especially in the sweltering heat where our brains seem to function less, to pay close attention when driving.

  2. Thank you for realizing your mistake and owning up to it. My phone stays in my purse until I have my car turned off!

  3. Yesterday I also almost hit someone.

    My lane had a green turning light. So we were going. Idiot on his bike started crossing the line. When I went by he screamed at me “thanks a lot you fucking cunt”

    Idiot almost got ran over because he chose not to see that the hand was up and it was not safe to cross.

  4. It is very brave and decent of you to admit you were wrong and to apologize and learn from your mistake. Everyone could take a page from your book.

  5. Kudos to admit the poor judgement. I guess that’s why we have a distracted driving law and you always see reminders not to text and drive. An excellent reminder of how we all need to focus on driving when we’re behind the wheel. Like you say, things can change in a split second

  6. Barb Haekel Barb Haekel says:

    I totally get this. It’s such an awful feeling. I don’t text or make calls while driving but have almost hit a few people over the years because my window side bar column things are REALLY wide. I have to lean towards my steering wheel to look around it and double check for pedestrians while making left turns. I don’t know why GM thought that was a good idea. It is one thing I’ll be checking for when I buy a new car. I think it’s great that you have taken your experience and actually learnt something from it…most don’t.

  7. I cross 124 street every day, and I literally take my life into my hands every time. The best I can ask is that when you do make a mistake, you realize it. I also expect that when pedestrians step out, they are paying attention. I watch for every vehicle coming as I cross the street. The fact that it bothers you enough to post this make me happy! Thank you for being cognizant of your mistake! And I hope pedestrians will start to be more aware of the basics…make eye contact with the driver. That is the only way you know they have actually seen you.

  8. couple summers ago i was stopped at a crossing by bonnie doon mall and i saw this black truck flying up the road and i hit my horn it startled her right in front of my driver side she stopped a second to glare at me as the truck flew by at that very moment.. i felt horrible as them horns can seriously hurt the ears.. but soon as that truck flew by she yelled thank you and peeked around to see if more traffic was coming. i thought that girl was gonna lose her damn life that day my heart was in my throat

  9. Awwwww it’s ok… everything is ok! Don’t beat yourself up…. it’s happened to us all! At least once! And if not it will….. hugs

  10. Beautifully worded. I am a professional driver, and we ALL make mistakes or lapses in judgment. Brave of you to own up to it! ❤️


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