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There is this guy in my life. We have been together for a while now but the struggles of it is getting hard. He suffers a mental disorder and I have been so supportive of him from day one but, it seems like I’m losing the battle. No matter what I say or do, I feel like l am walking on egg shells. We don’t have sex no more and he is shutting himself off from me. I have provided him the space he needs, and such. He says it’s not me, but how can someone not feel like I’m a factor. Relationships are formed on emotional and physical connections. I need that. I wish things would go back to the way they were. I miss that sweet, funny side of him. I know in my heart that it’s time to end it. Not just because he has a severe anxiety disorder but because I just can’t emotionally handle it no more. Approaching him right now wouldn’t be ideal. For I worry about what it might do to him. I love this guy with all of my heart, that is why I’m struggling with it. I’m afraid to let him go. I know it’s not healthy to be like this but, I also know that I can’t keep leading him on. Nor, stay in the state of mind I have been. I was in a abusive marriage, took me years but I fixed myself. Afraid this just might set me back..Please any advice would be welcomed. If your thinking I’m right then say so. If you feel that I’m being a self person, I want to know. I need advice!!!



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  1. Mercedes says:

    Wow! That was me exactly, every word u said, 2 years ago! If u dont leave it will get worse i promise u:(
    My ex was manic depressive/Paranoid as well as high anxiety & probably has a personality disorder:(
    When we got together i knew about some of it but I believe everyone deserves a chance and I thought I would be strong enough to handle it and didnt want to break my promise to be be supportive. So I stayed for 7 years! All for him to break me down so badly:(
    What a waste of 7 years of my life, when I shouldve been starting a family and making a future for myself…..
    Please leave if u dont want to have regrets in the future!


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