On November 29, 2017 around 4:30 Pm, I was on the LRT on way home from work. In front of me was this old man dressed up with an old white coat and grey pants. He got off at Stadium station like me.

I couldn’t stop thinking how hard must be for this people!! I stopped him an gave him $10 (all I had cash). I will never forget those beautiful blue eyes, white hair and the joy on his face.

We all should stop our busy lives for one minute and put a smile on those people in need. I hope I will see him again and take him out for a hot meal. Made me cry and I wish we could do more for them. 😯



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  1. he was old so you gave him some money??

    • Marie says:

      And let me guess Tania Coleman — your reply is indicative that you may possibly be one of those who posts Anonymously on this site or elsewhere for “hand-outs?” HMMMM??? — I thought so.

      You see Tania… there are the people out there (too many of them unfortunately)… those out there who don’t ask/never ask or beg no matter how dire their ‘true’ situation may be. They are the unfortunate ones who struggle from day to day though are too proud within themselves to ask for anything from any body.

      You Tania, and all the other trolls and leeches alike, can stand to Learn something of Value in your lives here.

      Go away Tania … just go away

  2. Marie says:

    “God Bless you” OP … for doing that.
    I plan to post something similar and soon/within the next week … much along the same lines as this, your post. It’s like you read my mind.

    Quoting you: “I will never forget those beautiful blue eyes, white hair and the joy on his face.”

    AND that OP… that was his gift back to you. 😉 😉 🙂

  3. Don’t crap all over someone’s good deed. We need more angels like this person in our world. Bless your heart

  4. It was the right thing to do. And if more people would take the time to be good. The world be better

  5. Lois Sunley Lois Sunley says:

    what a lovely gesture I try to help when I can too


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