So my dad NEEDS car insurance but he’s messed up with payments a lot and no one he calls will insure him without him paying for the whole year, he does not have the finances to pre pay for a whole year.

Has anyone been in this predicament? Is there anyway he can get his car insured without having to pay so much up front?

Thank you!

Second part to this post:

I sent a post in about my dad needing insurance and I forgot to say it’s auto insurance he needs.


My parents want to rent a car for the month to visit family during Christmas but it would be much better to insure his old car and just drive it. So I’m hoping there’s a way to insure it for the month and not pay the whole year.

Like I said earlier my dad has a bad payment history and has been told no from everywhere he’s called, does anyone know of a place that would do just a month. Thank you



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  1. State farm….used to offer 6 month payment bundles but they may have stopped this procedure. It’s been a while since i accessed this feature.

  2. No insurance place does just a month..

  3. Insurance doctor! I messed up when I was younger and he got me insured. Worth a shot.

  4. Call a rental car place. Getting insurance through them while renting a car will also be costly. He’ll need to leave them a DL # and a credit card imprint/number.

  5. Can always put it in your name! Intact does a 3 peat, pay 3x a yr.

  6. Kevin Barry Kevin Barry says:

    Did you know 15 minutes could save you 15% or more at Geico.

  7. Jenny Pham Jenny Pham says:

    Contact the Facility Association. They provide insurance to drivers considered to be high risk.

  8. Tanita Faye Tanita Faye says:

    Maybe he can get a loan at low interest rate to cover the insurance and just pay that loan monthly? Just an idea. Unfortunately if you don’t pay one company in that industry usually the other ones don’t want you either. I’d recommend either loaning from a company or family/friends to pay the year if possible. But he’s gotta make sure he pays that loan back or its pointless to even try.

  9. Tanita Faye Tanita Faye says:

    Or try a broker 🙂

  10. Amanda Emde Amanda Emde says:

    Best ones to try are state farm and AMA they deal with people who have a bad record

  11. Industry is changing. Monthly payments are offered only if the credit record is good. Far too many people out there driving without insurance.

  12. April Lee April Lee says:

    Some brokers still have agency billing which they will do in house financing. Not many do anymore check with one of them

  13. Do it all online, don’t even need to speak to anyone

  14. Brandy Wells Brandy Wells says:

    Tell him to try paying it

  15. Ama was awesome to deal With!!

  16. Adela Leaman Adela Leaman says:

    AMA helped my friend


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