HELP! Online Colleges for MOA

There’s so many online courses to choose from. What is a good college to take the Medical Office Assistant course that is actually recognized by employers?

And which colleges to stay away from? Thanks!



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  1. Grant Mac or norquest

  2. My husband went to acadamy of learning for unit clerk. That is the best school for it. He has worked at u of a for over 11 yrs now and gets students from there to train all the time. And they always get a job there after the practicum.

  3. Medical reception college is awesome. I took it and got a job right away.

  4. I went to academy of learning 15 years ago. I have been working at the same hospital since. I wouldn’t say they are the best. But if you want to get it done quickly yes then go through them… They are probably one of the most expensive.

  5. Dani says:

    Bredin college is awesome, the staff there is amazing and they are a recognized school. Definitely NOT Robertson.

  6. Check into Athabasca university many online courses and fully accredited.

  7. Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

    Online? None. Don’t bother. Go to a reputable school, there are no online MOA courses that are recognized.

  8. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    Check with the medical association or a couple of hospital HR departments. They can likely tell you what the medical institutions look for.


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