Help what can I do

What can I do about this crazy guy in my condo building? My husband and I live on the main floor and this neighbor who lives on the 3rd floor starts yelling every time he comes into the enterance. He stomps up the stairs and makes as much noise as he can. He’s assaulted me, attacked my emotional support dog, blocked me from entering and exiting my unit and continues to make threats. I’ve called the police several times and they have a file open, but they say they can’t do anything unless I get a restraining order.


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  1. The guy sounds like a troll
    Sadly a restraining order may be needed but if he is that kind of guy it will most likely set him off even more despite the order and may make his focus on you worse (considering the cops are involved and he still bothers you)
    Couple things. Is there a condo/apartment board that can kick him out. Is he a renter, can you find out who owns the apartment. If he rents from a private person you can find out the legal plan of the suite and pull a land title at the registry office and find out out who owns the apartment he is in. It will have the last know address of the registered owner.
    Last alternative is move. Which is probably your best bet but keep in mind that you will unfortunately run into these kinds of people everywhere it’s just a matter of how much you can take. Just remember people suck from time to time. Find ways to work with what you can and change things you can’t.

    Meaning he stomps and yells when he comes in the building be thankful your not on the hallway with him and use those as indicators for his comings and goings. Mark them down and look for patterns and adjust your schedule if possible so are less likely to run into him.
    Good luck

  2. Soooooo get a restraining order!

  3. If you’re so innocent then why did he assault you and why is he making your life a living hell?? I feel like this story is missing the other side.

  4. He should be evicted that is harrassment

  5. Report to building owner make sure your camera is on on your phone everytime u leave your appartment in case he is out there and video tape him

  6. Kimmy Gee Kimmy Gee says:

    ….so get a restraining order???

  7. Dean Hill Dean Hill says:

    Two sides to every story.

  8. Soooo maybe get a restraining order? I mean why the hell wouldn’t you?

  9. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    Video and charge him.

  10. Get a restraining order duh lol

  11. 1000 bucks I’ll come over & confront him .

  12. Irene Bakker Irene Bakker says:

    He will be forced to move from the property then or keep away and keep the peace

  13. Irene Bakker Irene Bakker says:

    Get a restraining order

  14. …that was the sarcasm. Never mind lol

  15. You have a condo board. You report every incident to them and allow them to see the police report on this man.

  16. Ummm get a restraining order ?

  17. Just go get a restraining order. Also deal with your landlord.

  18. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    Kevin Barry the OP even sd she was told to get one

  19. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    Then get a restraining order! After that, serve yr condo board with the order. If this guy gets charged with a crime, the condo bylaws might allow for this guy to be evicted.

  20. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    I’m sorry but since when is assault not cause for the Police to arrest and charge him?? Plus have you bothered to contact the Property Manager? If he is a renter not owner he can be evicted by the Condo Corporation. They are limited in what they can do but they will do everything possible to help you. Plus I’m sure your not the only one he is bothering. The Condo corporation could also issue fines if it’s allowed and keep issuing them until he gets the message. Make sure you are documenting every little thing for the Police and for the Property manager.

    • Dana McVey. I agree, the Alleged assault is a police matter and not condo association. If he is a renter it an eviction is required by owner, perhaps with board assistance, or prompting via fines issued to the unit. I think if it is an owner or up today on mortgage payments it will be much harder and require legal action.

    • Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

      Joan Lee Boutilier The condo board can evict a renter with just cause.

  21. On a side note, emotional support dogs aren’t recognized in Alberta

  22. Getting a restraining order sounds like a good place to start …. why you have not done this already is so baffling. I do not mean any ill to the victim but good grief…. common sense.

  23. Question on my mind why would he be targeting you. ? Seems sort of random. There are two sides to this story. We only have a piece of yours.
    It’s doesn’t make it right he has done what he has done.
    There is information missing. If you have a file on him with the accusation of being assaulted and the police haven’t arrested, i feel there is something missing. Get a restraining order if that’s what the police are saying. Contact your condo board to make a formal complaint about the neighbour, especially if you feel for your safety. And get yourself a lawyer, protect yourself.

  24. Then get a restraining order

  25. If the guy is an owner, there is nothing that the Condo Board can do (for all of the people saying go to the Condo Board). Get a restraining order and take it from there.

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      The condo board can kick him out, read the condo association laws. They are provincial laws.

    • If he owns his home, they can kick him out? I’m not even sure how that would work.
      **NOTE: I am not arguing with you – I will look into this, as I should know this as an owner in a Condo and somebody who is also on the Condo Board! Any disbelief in my original statement is simply because I’m gobsmacked by this information!

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      I have a copy of the condo laws…each building also has bylaws, but in the provincial laws it states that they can revoke your right to own. I printed them out and read them

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      This is the website for the condo act, it has all provincial laws,

    • Carlene Beek Carlene Beek says:

      Maja Black not an easy process and the board certainly would have to go to court and have very detailed information amd proof, we have a board and there is no way they would entertain if it was a personal dispute, at the end of the day it is better to start with a restraining order as it is fast and can be done quickly. definatly a must to report to board along with the police file # in case it escalates. Sad that they are going through this and not having the law on their side

    • Stacey Benson I know ppl who have gotten kicked out of the condo they own because the kids were to loud . It happens .

  26. Hey commenters: have any of you ever tried getting a restraining order? It’s not as easy as applying for it at your local police station. You have to lawyer up, get papers served to the individual, establish your case with a significant amount of meticulous notes, go to court to plead your case, etc. Even once you have a restraining order, you have to enforce it yourself and report the individual to police if you think they’ve broached the order. It costs several thousands of dollars in lawyer fees, court fees, document fees, etc. Food for thought.

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      I didn’t have to do that…no lawyer,I went to the brownlee building, the police served the emergency order and court date.he didn’t show up in court(other people there had the other person show up, they just submitted the complaints and got the order)…for mine I got it right away…it cost nothing

    • Maja Black I assume yours was someone who you were in a relationship with? That is called an emergency protection order, and that ONLY applies in family violence situations where you were living with the person who harassed you.

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      No, it was my son. And you can get an emergency order against a neighbour

    • Jenn Jerebic Jenn Jerebic says:

      Josephine Mah so you have to do a little bit of work to get the out come you want…. why is that such a big deal ?? Ya obviously they aren’t going to hand out restraining orders cause snowflakes would have one for everyone. If it’s real do the work and do what needs to be done. Don’t look for an easy way out cause they could just move

    • Maja Black As the link states, Emergency protection orders are only when violence or threatening behaviour occurs between family members. You’re not able to get one if the person doesn’t live in your household. I am sorry you had to go through that with your son.

    • Jenn Jerebic No where did I state that it was a big deal to have to do any work in order to get the desired outcome. I’m pointing out that it takes a lot of effort as well as resources in order to obtain a restraining order.

    • Josephine Mah not true especially if you’ve been assaulted by the individual.

    • Josephine Mah then that really sucks. I had an ex break into my house through my window and wake me from my sleep and we ended up in an altercation. I never had to call the cops on this individual before. I fell down the stairs and was screaming, my neighbours called the cops and they showed up once he had left and from that moment on they pushed me to press charges, pushed me to get a restraining order and In fact the one office called me a few times personally to check in on me.

    • Josephine Mah that’s weird. I’m sorry they made it so hard for you. Truly though, a piece of paper won’t stop a psychotic person in fact in times, it makes it worse. Our system is flawed!

    • I got a restraining order also really easy to serve the paper shouldn’t be an issue if they are constantly right near the front door it didn’t cost anything except the parking when I went to the court house building DT

    • Josephine Mah not true at all

  27. Go to the condo people and tell them they need to deal with this person or you will get the police involved or a lawyer.

  28. Get a restraining order and be done

  29. yup cops won’t do a thing and that’s a simple fact.

  30. I feel like a restraining order is a piece of paper to wave in the idiots face. Half the time I think restraining orders come off as a joke and antagonize the person you’re trying to get rid of?

  31. Haha wow then I don’t know maybe try possibly getting a restraining order and stop whining about people walking up the stairs or move onto a Island where there aren’t stairs?

  32. Sooo get a restraining order ?

  33. so, what is wrong with getting a restraining order? IF the problem is so big, that is the answer……..put an ounce of effort into things for yourself. Don’t expect the police to protect your boundaries that you wont even get a paper to help enforce.

    • Allie Heppner maybe she’s hopping her emotional support dog will do something

    • Michael German There are 2 of them and neither one can be bothered to take the time to go and get a restraining order? They will continue whinging and calling the police rather than put a lick of effort in.
      Sadly, the situation will only escalate further if the police don’t show up, but these folks are too damned flakey. The support dog is probably some poof of emotional fluff that piddles on the floor when the situation escalates.
      I read a lot of mental health issues in the post…..they all need some mental health intervention.

  34. If he assaulted you, why hasn’t he been charged? Go make a complaint and get a restraining order. Sorry this is happening to you. Home should be a sanctuary where you feel safe and at ease. Log occurrences, make a formal complaint with the condo board/landlord as well.

  35. Lyn Hessels Lyn Hessels says:

    So what are you waiting for? Get a restraint order.

  36. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    So get a restraining order!?!?

    I mean how difficult is that to do

    Once that’s done you have him removed from the premises and court appearances

    Which could help if he’s mentally damaged in some way

  37. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Document everything. If the building manager wont do anything, try the landlord tenant board. If that fails, go get that restraining order

  38. get a restraining order?

  39. That would actually constitute a 24 hr eviction so get him the FUCK out and charge him with assault

  40. Aaron Frank Aaron Frank says:

    Go to the condo board or management company. Usually assaults are grounds for emergency eviction.

  41. Terah Abel Terah Abel says:

    Sounds like you answered your own question

  42. …. well get a restraining order…..

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