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So I lost my wallet Sunday night in Walmart parking lot. My rent and bus pass and me and my kids IDs were in there thankfully our IDs were returned but sadly my rent and bus pass were taken. My concern is the only way my worker will pay my rent is if I have an eviction notice.. does that mean I’ll really get evicted?

I have kids and it’s almost Christmas! I’m freaking out, everyone says it’ll be fine but it’s not helping me sleep at night.



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  1. I pay cash and get receipts. It’s very common.
    But, my landlord also accepts money orders and cheques.

  2. I pay cash and get receipts ..

  3. Kim Fulmer Kim Fulmer says:

    Why the fuck should Alberta works pay for your rent because YOU carried all you rent money around in cash and then YOU lost your wallet?

    • Shit happens Kim
      Why does this make you so mad?
      Get a grip

    • Kim Fulmer Kim Fulmer says:

      Shamus Chamus I’m not mad. It’s annoying seeing these posts constantly. And knowing how many people take advantage of Alberta works so when someone who NEEDS it they can’t get it. I know some seniors who are struggling to live and are in their 80’s so can’t get jobs and they can’t get Alberta works. But people just say oh crap I lost my rent money Alberta works should help me out.

    • This person sounds like a single parent with limited means (deals in cash, uses public transport are both flags here) who loses their rent money three weeks before Christmas.
      I cant think of a better candidate to receive some assistance from their fellow taxpayer.

    • You say that you ‘know’ how many people take advantage of the system.
      Let’s see some statistics.

    • Sorry.
      I too get annoyed by constantly seeing the same stuff on facebook over and over.
      Too much misdirected anger in this world.

    • Kim Fulmer Kim Fulmer says:

      Clearly if they have a worker they are already on it. So they probably lost the money that was already given to them once. If it was a person in a shitty situation needing one time help then hey they should receive it. But sounds to me like another person who uses the system. Another group I am on I literally seen 5 posts almost the same as this in a matter of a week.

    • Also, by ‘worker’ I think the OP was trying to say ’employer’.

    • Kim Fulmer Kim Fulmer says:

      Nope. When people are on Alberta works they are assigned a worker! And their worker decides what they will pay for them and how much of it. Maybe it wouldn’t annoy me so much if I didn’t see seniors struggling to live when they only have a short time left on earth. It’s not right!

    • Ok well you are the one who brought up Alberta Works.
      Not the OP.
      Are you sure you’re not connecting dots that aren’t there to justify your misdirected anger at less fortunate people?

    • And should we really condemn the children because their parent made a mistake?

    • As a person who is so involved with kids from all walks of life I expected a little more empathy from you.

    • Kim Fulmer Kim Fulmer says:

      No because this almost exact same post was posted damn near the same time in a moms group I am in with more details. Which leads me to believe it’s the same person. I have no anger towards less fortunate people. I always help less
      Fortunate people whenever I can! I always give money, I’ve bought kids mitts and hats when they need it. I also send Noah extra lunch every single day to share with a kid who is lucky if he gets an apple. I’ve done it for years. But I will just agree to disagree with you. We are both entitled to our opinions and this is mine.

    • Kim Fulmer Kim Fulmer says:

      Don’t ever say I don’t have empathy for people! 3 times this week I gave kids food at school from my lunch! Because I know I have a full fridge at home!

    • So how is this any different?

    • Kim Fulmer Kim Fulmer says:

      A few years ago when Scott got laid off and we had NO income coming in to our home I bought a single mom and her kids who I didn’t even know $200 worth of groceries! I’m also in a group where people donate items to people in need from all walks of life. And I’m always giving away diapers, wipes, baby items and food!

    • Kim Fulmer Kim Fulmer says:

      Because as I said to you before I constantly see the same kind of posts. Now does that mean I wouldn’t help them if I met them? No! But people also need to learn to be more responsible and can’t rely on the government to help them out all the time!

  4. You might qualify for one time emergency help of up too 1000 if you haven’t already got it in the past 3 years, but no they will not replace your check

  5. talk to your landlord, get them to provide you with an eviction notice. explain what happened. you won’t get evicted and you will get the money to pay them from worker.

  6. We pay cash but get receipts. But my husband pulls it out and goes right to the landlords house right down the road, no hanging onto it for days. It’s in their hands minutes after taking it out.

  7. You can get an eviction notice and fight it. Landlords don’t have the power they think they do. If you rent is paid, although late, there is no grounds for eviction. Also, NEVER pay cash for your rent!!! Always get a money order so there is a paper trail!

  8. We are discussing the difference between ACCEPTING cash and DEMANDING it. I was under the impression that an alternative payment method HAD to be offered, for those individuals who feel carrying large amounts of cash can jeopardize personal safety.

  9. My landlord accepts cash that’s how I pay

  10. I assume your on government assistance since you said “Worker” get them to pay directly to you landlord they can do that. Then you won’t need t carry around cash.

  11. Lisa Rufiange Why is only accepting cash not legal?

  12. It’s legal, as long as you get a receipt from your landlord.

  13. Some landlords only accept cash because cash can’t be traced.

  14. Mark Young Mark Young says:

    Start a go fund me LOL ughhhhhh who the fuck carries money like that around

  15. All good as long as you get a detailed receipt.

  16. Janet Guido Janet Guido says:

    The Income support program does not replace lost or stolen funds.. and with that being said.. there are certain documents required in order to process this type of situation with your worker. You will need to submit an eviction because the program hopes that you will be able to make alternate arragements with the landlord to make payments to pay back the rent that is outstanding. That is why an eviction is usually issued 14 days after it was due. These things happen.. but its far too easy for everyone to say they lost their money.

  17. Talk to Alberta works. They might be able to help you out

  18. I found a wallet in front of Boston Pizza on Manning containing $700 along with a brand new cell phone and all her ID. My husband and I took it into the theatre and before we could hand it in the owner found us. She said that was her rent money too. People, don’t carry large amounts of cash in your wallet. She was glad honest people found it!

  19. I do. They requested specifically that I pay in cash. They’re great landlords meaning they don’t bother me and make sure the property is maintained and ignore my racists neighbors that try and get me kicked out. In return I pay in cash.

  20. I agree but I’ve known people who’ve lost cash/rent and it just really sucks all around =(

  21. DJ Martin DJ Martin says:

    The 14 day notice isnt a LEGAL notice. After the 14 days the landlord can apply for a queens bench eviction notice.. which a JUDGE will never grant.

    • Adam Orion Adam Orion says:

      No doubt. So many tenants don’t know their rights. They see “eviction notice” and panic. It takes months before they can legally forcibly evict you.

    • DJ Martin DJ Martin says:

      Ya and a judge that would look at a rich landlord and give in favor of a family. In my years with the Landlord Tenants ACT the landlord almost NEVER wins.

    • So then a person never has to pay rent again? I call BS.

    • DJ Martin DJ Martin says:

      No, they have to pay their rent. There is a payment plan that is put into place to help the tenants get caught up. No free ride, just time and compassion.

    • DJ Martin Oh ok, that I wold understand.

    • Just moved out of a place where this was happening. The people beside me were selling drugs and hadnt paid rent in over 6 months. I asked the landlord over and over again why they werent being evicted and they said it is a process. Takes forever. So we moved i have 2 kids wasnt safe anyways with all the traffic. But it is true sadly in the winter time especially is when most landlord cant evict if u have children .

    • Sarah Munroe Sarah Munroe says:

      I believe the tenant has a right to return an eviction notice with an objection letter at which point it goes to the rent and tenant board WAY before court of QB is invooved

    • Summer Dawn Summer Dawn says:

      DJ could you pm me? I could use the knowledge that you seem to have!

    • Kevin Sitek Kevin Sitek says:

      As a landlord, yes it’s true…But as in the credit world, a forceful eviction will essentially seal your fate with future landlords

    • DJ Martin actually that’s not true!! I was in a situation and held back $400.00 of my rent for 10 months of slum landlords not fixing shit got and eviction fought it all the way had evidence of the bs pictures, emails of them agreeing to reduce the rent etc and I still got evicted and had 30 days to be out and I have kids and one was a baby so yes judges will evict you most judges will actually side with a landlord when rent is due or owed!

    • Sarah Munroe they can either go to one or the other not both landlord and tenant board is a longer wait court of queens bench is a lot faster and court is usually in 2-3 weeks maybe even sooner. The op does have to file an objection but they have to have grounds to file an objection if you don’t have grounds to file an objection you cannot file an objection

    • Kevin Sitek not only that once they have a court conviction it goes on your credit bureau and they can and will garnish your bank account.

    • DJ Martin the only way it goes to court is if the action is started in court if it’s started at the landlord and tenant board it will not go to court they are 2 separate actions. Once it’s filed in the court it cannot be brought back to the landlord and tenant board.

  22. Lori Balmer Lori Balmer says:

    If you get a eviction notice and it is for the 15th of December ,but you pay it before that date then you can stay and they can’t throw you out ,but if you don’t pay then yes you will get thrown out ,I’m sorry this happened to you ,how sad that someone without morals could do this

  23. If you don’t pay rent your landlord will give you a 14 day notice to pay or be evicted. This is what your worker needs

  24. My last landlord only accepted cash. 🙁

  25. The eviction is a process. Have you talked to your landlord and discussed maybe making arrangements? Not really sure what you mean by “my worker” – do you mean social worker? Another resource you might want to look into is the Landlord-Tenant Board who can give you some advice on the timeframe of an eviction.

    I am really sorry this happened to you. I hope that people that see this think about looking at alternate ways of making payments rather than just cash, such as e-transfer. It may not be a solution for everyone but it would solve some problems for some.

  26. Hard lesson learned. Never leave a full months rent in your wallet. You can talk to your landlord and explain the situation, he may give you a date at which you can pay your rent or he may not. I’m sorry you lost your money though.

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