Here’s a Young Man with a Kind and Good Heart. Gives me Hope for the Future!

I want to give young Mark a VERY SPECIAL “Shoutout” for raising $155 by selling beverages at his family’s garage sale to donate to his friend Jeremy, in an effort to help provide Jeremy with a much needed autism support dog!! Here’s a boy with a kind heart, giving spirit and helping attitude that gives all of us involved with helping Jeremy get a support dog, a boost in morale as well as a lot of hope for the future!! It seems like an insurmountable task, as we need to raise about $25-$30,000. It’s either that or wait years to get one the “usual” way. At 9 yrs of age, Jeremy needs a support dog now.

We are holding a parking lot garage sale and bottle drive to help Jeremy’s cause on September 24th. Please contact Rose at 780-868-7599 for ways you can help like Mark did. As Mark says “Every little bit helps”. Maybe ask your kids to be involved as a way of teaching them about helping others too. Imagine having a child afraid of wind, clouds and bugs and not a wanting to go outside due to being afraid. Imagine having a child incapable of self-soothing, who constantly has meltdowns over the simple things life throws at any 9 year old boy. Thank you Mark for being a shining example of what we all hope our kids will be- kind, caring, loving, compassionate, giving, selfless, generous and willing to help make the world a better place for others. Well done!!!



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  1. AJ Jordan AJ Jordan says:

    All kids are born pure and innocent until a bad parent turn them into something else…

  2. How about a go fund me page? I’m sure if the info were posted here most would share in order to get the word out. Just a suggestion. Like Mark said, “every little bit helps”. Well done Mark. 🙂


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