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hijacking i need a hug (I need guidance)

Hijacking previous i need a hug post. I am transgender, have no family willing to help. Disowned, i am unable to truly be myself. I was taken advantage of by a previous social worker, which lead to my entire life falling apart. I plan on moving soon so that I can begin hrt.

I need a parental figure of sorts. I get stalked and harrassed by creepy old white men. I’m basically stuck up here. I could use a hug. But more importantly. I need, like…. A temporary parent who can help me. Even just to talk and listen. No one i know is really able to help me, they’re all my age. I’m dealing with issues they can’t really help me with.

I know I could just hijack the previous post, but my situation is a bit messier. I legit need …help? Also, like I said. I get stalked by creepy old white men. So like. Idk. I am distrustful of men in general. No one I know ho is my age is really able to help me. Help? Lol.



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  1. Omg sending hugs and motherly kisses on the forehead you are wonderful you are special and the best way I find is to find happiness in myself and it might take time it’s the way I found to not let my demons beat me and to show I am better then them I hope you too can find that peace

  2. Mary Logan Mary Logan says:

    Feel free to contact me. I am a great listener and love to help people. Mom of 4, I have children in the LGBTQ community and have some resource information I acquired from a friend with a transgender son. Looks like there’s lots of support here for you from all these people! I love that for you! ❤️

  3. Mary Logan Mary Logan says:

    Wendy Enberg is definitely all these things!

  4. Char Bee Char Bee says:

    you guys are fucking awesome.

  5. Message me anytime, I’m always happy to listen, and I give great mom hug <3

  6. Sabrina Bree Sabrina Bree says:

    In case you are not comfortable contacting anyone through this post, I highly recommend contacting aspecc. They are wonderful and kind. They can help you with resources and guidance. I know its not a mom/dad hug. I will gladly give you one of those too.

  7. Message me anytime OP, or anyone else needing an ear to listen. I have a trans son and could not imagine him having to navigate things on his own or not having a parent to support him. Anyone who needs an ear regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race etc message me.

  8. I’m not really a “parent” age yet, but I’m always here to help and support. Feel free to message.

  9. Bigs hugs to you love, keep that amazing chin up <3

  10. Sherri-Lynn Carswell Sometimes anxiety and self-doubt can make people laugh at themselves to ease their own tension. I get what you’re saying, the lol feels inappropriate out of context, but socially awkward reactions to uncomfortable situations are *part* of anxiety. I wouldn’t be too quick to judge them. This post had to be really hard to write.

  11. Tracy Lynn Tracy Lynn says:

    I am a really good listener ❤❤❤

  12. Morgan Burke Morgan Burke says:

    Msg for advice, things arent easy.

  13. Wendy Enberg Wendy Enberg says:

    Jordan Kruger totally! We’d rock that role!

  14. Wendy Enberg we could be the cool aunties ❤

  15. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Yeah but that 40% though.

  16. I’m a straight man with a partner living with disabilities. I’m more then willing to be an ear for you to chirp into. PM me but sorry I’m an older white guy so no hug.

  17. My son is transgender and living in Ontario, we miss him a lot, if you need hugs I’d be happy to share some <3

  18. Please feel free to message me. My son came out at 13. Him and have marched in the pride parade and I have accepted all into my home and my heart. Everyone deserves love. Thank you for thinking me of me Randi Dickson.

  19. Sending up love and light for you! ❤❤❤

  20. Stop by Harley-Davidson of Edmonton anytime for a hug or a chat.

  21. Tracy Cole Tracy Cole says:

    You are welcome to pm if you need someone to talk.

  22. Hun if you need someone to give hugs, a shoulder and an understanding ear please message me. No one should ever have to go it alone no matter what your situation is. Seriously please message me❤️

  23. Not all older men are creepy .I can relate to you when I was young I looked to teachers shop clerks etc etc for parental figures it was a very lonely childhood my empathy is with you I can just tell you it will get better as you grow older but if you want a safe man talk to id be happy to go for coffee and be a listener and I can give you a point of view from someone who has been through a similar journey god bless you

  24. Marigold Counselling & Consulting

  25. I’m here for you ❤️ message me, I’m a momma and hugs are my fave things

  26. Shawna Codd Shawna Codd says:

    You rock Edmontonians

  27. I am not old enough to be your mom but hugs! I can be an ear and can relate in some ways- also have friends in the LGBT community (sorry I got the other parts but you too); an ally. Welcome to talk anytime- I will see what I can dig up for resources.

  28. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    The support of the people in this city makes me really proud to be an edmontonian

  29. Debbie Venne I think you jumped the gun there. It seems like the poster wrote Help then the lol, it’s to lighten the very serious situation up a bit. And personally I think your out of line shaming a person reaching out for help

  30. LGBTQ mom here, my teen came out at ten. I’m here if you want ❤️

  31. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like. I studied gender and sexuality in college psychology more over I am just generally open and understanding. I too have had family isolation issues that I worked through and I have many tools that I can share.

    I’m sorry you are going through a hard time but it won’t always be this way.

  32. These posts are breaking my heart! I couldn’t imaging not being surrounded by a supportive family. Feel free to message me. I’ll be your surrogate Mama. I offer all the love, hugs and advice you can handle. I may add in an occasional reminder to eat your veggies, just to keep things real ❤️❤️

  33. Are you kidding? No where in the post is this person patronizing or insulting the original poster. They were actually being very thoughtful making their own post. An lol is simply how we make light of situations. This person is asking for help which is damn hard to do and you wanna jump down their throat and make them feel bad for doing it?! Give your head a shake.

  34. How sad. Send this old mom/granny a message.

  35. WOW!! This person is going through enough and it takes alot of courage to write something like this.. and be be judged even more over a lol is absolutely an asshole move on ur part

  36. I’m what my 10yr old and her friends call “the cool young mom” lol.. I have a best friend and cousin who are gay and I was the only one that never judged them I also have 2 teenagers who I have always been there for and helped through alot of issues ( they are not my kids though).. with that being said I dont think you should go through anything on ur own everyone needs someone on their side so whether you pick me or someone else to message please message someone.. your going through alot and definitely need someone by ur side.. all the best ❤

  37. Fawn Moga Fawn Moga says:

    I’m not sure where you’re located, but St. Albert has a group that welcomes all people, and they have meetings and community events. It may help to connect with the mentors and also talk with people going through the same things!

  38. Debbie Venne no your comment is uncalled for.. carry on

  39. Giselle General 100% agree.. it’s their way of lightening a heavy situation

  40. The lol, was probably because they were nervous….

  41. Debbie Venne Debbie Venne says:

    If the person legitimately needs help, I have no problem with that. Putting lol at the end of the post indicates otherwise. Sherri-Lynn you’re comment is uncalled for.

  42. I actually wonder if by writing ‘lol’ in the post, it’s an awkward attempt by the write to make their post less heavy. most people reaching out for help are not necessarily the most eloquent with their words, or flawlessly vulnerable, you know? Just a thought.

  43. Msg me I’ll be there like a sister for you hun. Chin up. You got this. Stay positive

  44. Tannis Fong Tannis Fong says:

    Sending you love and motherly hugs. I wish I could be there for you.

  45. pm me, I can be there for you.

  46. How sad. Send this old mom/granny a message.

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