Hit and run 🏃

Hit & run 6:16 am Wed. Oct. 18/17.

I was on 107 Ave, in the inside lane entering from west and same exiting east on 107 Ave.

Other person in the outside lane going north on 142 St. tried to beat me out of the traffic circle on 107 ave. & 142 street, in Edmonton, when I realized they were not going to slow down I hit the brake otherwise they would have taken out the right side of my car.

They grazed my right front fender.

They kept on going, did not slow down nor stop.


I was in shock and tried to follow the person but being dark by the time I got out of the traffic
— Toni Palmer

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  1. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    I hate that intersection! Too many bad drivers speed up to merge even though they should use caution (and the city should put a yield sign on all exits of that intersection but for whatever reason they won’t). I can’t count how many times I had some truck trash barely pass in front of me, speeding heavily, instead of waiting for a pause in traffic so they could merge. In the winter all you see are SUV’s in the ditch, sometimes on the rail itself, from forcing a merge while speeding!!

  2. Wilson Lee Wilson Lee says:

    Hope you catch the idiot. Seems a few don’t know the rules of a traffic circle and inside lane have the right of way

  3. Evelyn Skura Evelyn Skura says:

    Sorry to hear this Toni, sure hope someone got the license number with a cell phone.

  4. See posting below – witness is looking for you – they know other driver.

  5. sure hope someone saw this and can help you. Hit and Run is low and I found when it happened to me there was a lot of anger that was not there with an “accident” good luck. was it a car ..truck ?? SUV and did you get an idea of what color it might be?

    • Toni Palmer Toni Palmer says:

      It was a mid size car, grey. What made me upset was, I was in the left lane which has the “right of way” my signal was on to exit and bam this person guns it!

  6. This was posted earlier today on Shout Out… but not by me. Just sharing!

  7. HEY!! Someone wrote a post in Shoutout Edmonton about this accident…they want you to contact them…


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