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Hoarders and panic buyers

Attention everyone!

As most may know child tax is this Friday. There are alot of families that will need to be getting their necessities this coming weekend.

I ask the folks who have had the money to do their shopping already and especially all the hoarders and panic buyers to please stay home this weekend and let us get what we need for our families. Alot of people have nothing until they get that money for their kids. That’s what we’ll be doing, getting supplies for our kids and homes. Just as you have done. Parents who will be shopping this weekend please don’t overbuy as others have done. I hope their is still a sense of humanity.

Thank you Edmonton.



4 Responses

  1. Jade says:

    And then I noticed after Child Tax and social assistance payments, the rest of us regular folk, trying to do a typical shopping trip with NORMAL purchasing habits, can’t get a damn thing aside from pork chops and a 1L of milk at the store on payday cuz there’s nothin left!!!

    At the end of this, you’ll be able to tell who the hoarders are because they’ll weigh 800 pounds and the rest of us will have lost weight!

  2. CherylJohner says:

    I just want to have sex with numerous younger guys in front of my boyfriend and family. I just want to have sex with my niece Vanessa also. Mmm. Thanks for listening. Vote Cheryl Johner again!

  3. HoardersStink says:

    Hoarders stink, they really truly 1000% do. They probably are hiding some snacks and food in a fold as well. Ewww.
    If it gets to the point of food voichers, can we at least be fair and go by body mass index for the line ups? I mean obese people have a good 4-6 weeks on just water before they begin starving.

  4. FatPeopleHoardFood says:

    I’m sure there will be plenty of produce, yogurt and fish on the shelves. This is alberta, only the rest of the store will be cleaned out.

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