Holiday Blues here…

Is anyone feeling down this time of year? Normallly i am excited for Christmas but this year I feel so down. I have 2 kids so for them, I try to be happy and do things but I hide how sad I feel.

I did lose my parents 2 years ago, I had an accident that left me physically handicapped 3 years ago so finances are tight. I work, but 100% of my pay goes towards bills. My husband had a stroke so he can’t work. We agreed to do no gifts or “need” items like hygiene. I am fine with that, it is not about stuff for me, but being blessed with those I have in my life.

So I just don’t know how to get out of this funk. I did talk to a walk in psychologist who said economy is tough and everyone feels that way. I have no other family. My friends are not in this country this year due to work changes. So I guess I just feel really down and I want to change that.

I don’t know how. I am pushing myself to make a small dinner on Christmas eve because we always have a dinner, but it seems everyone in our home feels like they want to skip it.



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  1. I lost my grandmother at the end of August. I was super close to her. To me this year just does not feel like the holidays. I honestly don’t know how to get out of this funk either.

  2. I think doing the dinner would be a good idea. Enjoy a meal with you immediate family. Christmas is a difficult time for many, you are not alone in that.

  3. Maybe attend a community christmas meal or volunteer at one to regain that connection with people. Isolation and foregoing holiday events may allow the funk to grow bigger.

  4. Lois Sunley Lois Sunley says:

    sorry you are feeling this way I have been myself for months now I keep telling myself it is just another day because I am also alone and thinking maybe if I cooked a small bird with all the trimmings it would help but also having mobility and disability challenges is this a good idea. I hope you carry on with your known traditions that you can do and I feel it will help the mood and really it is just a day we blow things up too much …. thanks for expressing what many of us feel

  5. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    Try vitamin b12 and d3 it might help a bit shorter days and less sun really affect moods so witj added stressors its not easy

  6. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    Totally get it. I’m forever sick and it nearly killed me. This year has been brutal. Money? Christmas? FML.

  7. We have a Xmas party at Foginator vape shop next Friday at 5pm if you want to stop by mingle and have a slice of pizza. 6724 – 99 St.

  8. To the OP and anyone who is feeling the same way, pm me and we can meet for coffee and talk if you need a listening ear <3

  9. I’m not feeling it this year either. I’m trying to make the most of it for my little ones too.

    Chin up Mama, it’ll be ok ❤

  10. Same boat. Lost my brother 2 weeks before Christmas last yr. Hubby out of work since october. 4th amputation 6 weeks ago. We try to do free things go see displays at the greenhouses, legislature grounds has a light up ceremony and performances in the rotunda throughout december. For advent we do a gratitude jar for things we are thankful for…reading them on Christmas day gives us all hope heading into a new yr. If your kids are old enough to read take them to the library they often have programs for children that are free to participate in. I know how challenging it can be to be joyful when everything is not as it should be. Hoping your Christmas becomes one of your most memorable yet!

  11. You are blessed!! You have 2 kids and your hubby survived a stroke. Do something for others, volunteer an hr at Santa’s Anonymous. You will feel grateful for what you have and feel the joy. All the best to you, Happy Holidays, Merry Xmas.

  12. I had the blues pretty badly when the weather changed. Just took it a day at a time and looked after me. Do your best and hang in there.

  13. Marie says:

    I hear and understand, OP … I can only offer you this consolation though (for what it may be worth) … and that is for you to consider yourself fortunate in many ways.
    How about losing eight (8) … yes … that’s eight loved ones in one year (actually in a 9-month period) – with your most cherished one of all amongst those loses.

    What I can offer in passing along to you is: Dig deep, dig deep within yourself (not easy by any means, not easy at all) … and pull from the strength you DO have within … Count your blessings for having had the loved ones you’ve lost in your life for as long as you did have them (remember them always, for the memory of them is their gift to you) … and express with all your heart the love for those you still do have in your life – in this (your own personal) journey in and on this life plane.

    Realize, that no one can truly fix your pain, but the spirit inside you. We are all and only human. Everything we’re meant to and do experience in our life … teaches … and helps us grow. Hard lessons. No one is exempt.

    Your words: “ it is not about stuff for me, but being blessed with those I have in my life.”
    — You’ve answered your own story maybe without even realizing.
    Your words: “ I did talk to a walk in psychologist who said economy is tough and everyone feels that way.”
    — That’s a perfect example of what I mentioned … No one can fix. Furthermore, you don’t need a psychologist of any kind – unless you’re fortunate enough to get Dr. Phil (the only one IMHO who actually has links to the appropriate resources and financial support to help the people he does).

    Special holidays; Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter … but I think especially at Christmastime (because it’s such a long preparatory holiday) … is usually the most depressing time of the year for many-many people… the many of us feeling down for whatever our reason(s).
    This time of the year is the one time in any year when apparently most suicides occur.
    ***** We move forward with life sans any remote thought of that!!

    Don’t forget – it’s the spirit of Christmas behind the celebration that instills the memories of what we ‘in the end’ revert back to and value the most.
    Material gifts of certain sorts are merely the commercialization that ruin, or shall I say bastardize the true intent and meaning of Christmas. The material piece is ‘all business.’

    The best gifts anyone could give to another, or receive from others – are gifts from the heart.
    I already know you have heart … therefore, you have lots to give your family.

    Merry Christmas OP – Wishing much Joy and Happiness to come your way ~

  14. I feel the same. You’re not alone.

  15. Just make a small dinner, Christmas movie and relax. It is only one day and sometimes all the hype leading up to Christmas can be overwhelming especially if you are not in the Xmas spirit

  16. Alexis Musik Alexis Musik says:

    It’s just another day. Be thankful your husband is here xxxx

  17. My mom passed away dec 7 31 yrs ago….. Christmas hasn’t been a happy time for
    me since. Hugs

  18. Kenny Joe Kenny Joe says:

    Nah, you got this.
    Now what you could do to make it your own? Have that dinner on the 23rd, or the 29th. Make anything you want!

  19. Chris Dumais Chris Dumais says:

    Grab a 6er of black ice and you’ll feel right as rain when you’re done slammin the dirty juice.


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