Holiday Pampering Gone Bad

My semi annual gift to myself has always been an amazing facial at Evelyn Charles. Imagine my syrprise when My facial this Christmas went so wrong. I was left with terrible bruising and almost rug burns on my nose, the kicker ….this was 2days before New Years and 5 days before I left on vacation. It was so painful& sensitive to the touch and of course looked horrible. I was so upset so off I go back to the salon to see what can be done and to show them what was wrong with the service I received.

Firstly, I was told that my skin is sensitive and these things happen, they tried to down play how bad it looked and here’s what really made me so mad …..

Their solution:
“Here’s $20, go to Wal-Mart and buy this cream to help out the bruising on your face”
I was so mortified that this was their customer service solution to my concern. I refused their money since I wasn’t there for that. I was assured I would be called when I returned from my vacation. Fat Chance…. No Call….Horrible

Customer Service & All This from a Supposed Reputable Spa in Edmonton. Been a Customer at evelyn Charles for Over 12Years. Never Going Back



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  1. Dianne Slade Dianne Slade says:

    They aren’t anything special but expensive.

  2. Alexis Musik Alexis Musik says:

    Lol this sounds like a

  3. I don’t waste my time with big name companies; my experience is never satisfactory. Had a pedicure done and never fkn again!!

  4. I also had a bad experience there. Treated me like some monster that wasn’t classy enough to be I there. Horrible snobby ass bitches work there and think they better than everyone.

  5. Same place that ripped me in 2 places while waxing and then told me “that happens”. Really? Cause I got waxed in the same places for the last 8 years with no problems…

  6. I won’t go back, had a massage booked and they were 5 min late starting, she was sick and sniffling and stopping to wipe her nose throughout and then she stopped 7 min short!!! For a mama that NEEDS this alone, relaxing time… never again!!! Spasation for me 🙂

  7. I’m sorry this happened to you and this isn’t meant to be rude but what did you expect them to do for you? Have you tried to reach corporate office and not deal with the store itself? Corporate may have better solutions for you. I hope you’re feeling better.

  8. always thought they were way over priced in the first place and i dont think they are all as good as they say

  9. Terrible company, overpriced and full of themselves. Bad customer service!

  10. Been there once when I moved here from Vancouver and never again over priced shitty service and bad attitude from everyone

  11. Lotte K says:

    A decade ago I went there for a hair cut. Never again. My stylist looked absolutely miserable the entire time she did my cut, never spoke, and when I tried to say anything she was dismissive and curt. She barely did anything to my hair. Cost $70. When I went to pay at the front to pay they tagged on a $25 tip without asking.When I complained about the audacity of throwing on a 35% the receptionist looked shocked. Expensive nonsense.


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