Homophobes, just stop…

Homophobes in Edmonton please stop with your comments and glares. I love my boyfriend and I would love to be able to hold his hand while walking down the street, at a booth at the restaurant, at a movie etc. I CAN do this yes. But not without glares and comments from homophobic people in the city.

Honestly I do feel afraid and overall very anxious and uneasy when I hole my boyfriends hand in public. Due to the way we’ve been treated I’ve stopped doing it. Just to enjoy my evening without having a conflict. I know not everyone has an issue with it. But I can guarantee you there are an alarming amount of people who take issue with this.

Imagine as a straight couple you would be fearful to show affection or hold your partners hand in public? For the straight people in society if you witness homophobia or know people who would make comments towards gay people. Please just tell them to stop. Gay is not a choice. I just want to experience the same ‘privileges’ of being out with my partner whom I love in public, just as you do.

I can already imagine the hate this post will receive, and that will show you the hate that we receive in our daily lives….



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  1. Marie says:

    Straight person writing;

    First off, you need to understand something because it’s never going to change.
    There will always and forever be more homophobic people than not.

    It isn’t easy for many heterosexuals to wrap their head around gay unions, especially if those unions are dramatically obvious and attention seeking. Public displays of two males/females holding hands, kissing in public, fondling/gushing all over one another in some way are for lack of a softer description, “repugnant” and response seeking. Sorry if you didn’t want to hear that.

    Don’t know how you and your partner present in public, and you do sound young … though I can offer some input … that if you’re showy, slushy and sleezy in public places – well there’s your answer to the glares and comments that seem to offend you. You ask for it. Don’t ask for it. Grow up and learn some self-respect.

    I have no issue with gay people, I know people of both sexes and their partners. They’re mature, discreet … don’t put themselves on display in anyway, they’re just nice down to earth people whom I enjoy as people.

    What’s the need to put yourself on public display advertising you sexuality anyway? …
    What’s that all about? Can you educate me on that one?

    If you’re content with who you are, happy in your relationship – accept yourself – grow up, grab some class and live your life sans the screamer – and you may become pleasantly surprised and much happier going forward.

  2. Marie says:

    Ahhh MrWonderful… You’re so observant…

    Have you ever noticed (you must have noticed 🙂 when mr. spoon-fed gets involved in LGBT parades he’s wearing a wide open gapping smile? :0 Selfies in tow. You made me laugh!

    I am still waiting for the poster to step up to the plate with reply re; the need (his need/their need) in making public spectacles of themselves? I’d genuinely like to know…

    Poster must be feeling very anxious and uneasy about giving an answer.


  3. MrWonderful says:

    Homophobic suggests one has a phobia of faggots and faggotry; I think it is more likely people think you’re sick and twisted, and just don’t like your kind – which is their entitlement.
    I really couldn’t care less about homos; you’re a dying breed, spreading your disease around, popping pills and unable to procreate. Seems like you have a major problem with normal, healthy people, heterosexuals that is; even fear and have a phobia of them, seeing you posted anonymously online. Fuck off queer, and take your multicultie orgy with you.

    What’s the only time you wink at a homo (including a powerful, spoon fed, liberal elite homo like Justin trudeau)?
    From the sight of a non-registered long barrel.


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