Horrible Example of a Lawyer

I was in the line at the Edmonton Law Courts on Thursday. It was at the counter of the Family’s Division Of Court Of Queen’s Bench.

I witnessed the most disrespectful lawyer I have ever seen. She berated the clerk because something was wrong with her documents. She continued to yell at him then she said something about his girlfriend and left. Then retunned moments later and interrupted a young girl and threw documents at him. Kudos to the clerk, he held it together and didn’t react at all except asking her to give privacy. She was a horrible example of the law profession. I wish I would have gotten her name so I could report her to the lawyer’s guild (or whatever it’s called).

Wish I would have got the guys name – he deserved a medal for how he dealt with it.



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  1. No berating someone is never acceptable.

    People have jobs to do and they need to do them with a high rate of efficiency.

    I don’t know what the cicumstances surrounding this exchange were and neither do you. Theres also alot at stake in court cases. Cases can be delayed or even thrown out if documentation is not filed correctly and in a timely manner.

    I double and triple check my work before its submitted. I see careless mistakes almost daily being made by people with supposed professional designations. In many cases its simply sloppiness.

    Yes people make mistakes, including myself. But a simple review, before, could avoid alot of problems and wasting other peoples time and money. It becomes worse when these mistakes are repeated.

    Imagine the consequences in docmentation being incomplete or filed incorrectly in a court case. A case could be delayed or even lost. Imagine the consequences of mistakes in a medical setting. This could cause harm to someones health or even result in death. Mistakes in financial transactions causing alot of grief.

  2. The things I do for money, I’ll never understand

  3. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    You should still report the incident. The Edmonton law courts has terrible reputation – judges who scream at everyone (they need to be replaced) and a lot of lawyers and crown prosecutors who act like petulant children too. There seems to be no governing overseer to keep these people in check (kinda like how Edm city council is run too :P).

  4. It’s the Law Society lawyers belong to. Report it if you can. Some lawyers are complete garbage, corrupt to the core. Watch this episode of 5th Estate: Eye opener, unfortunately Law Society can’t catch them all.


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