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Hotels for day use?

Anyone know any hotels in Edmonton that let you rent for a little day fun?



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  1. I hope whoever you are, you are not a cheating husband/wife!!

  2. Cindy Dato Cindy Dato says:

    Airbnb, so much cheaper than a hotel!

  3. Yes all hotels will rent by the hour or half day. There are a lot of workers that use this option, that do not live in the city but just work here. Catch up on zzz’s before driving home or whichever. I used to work in hotel, front desk, and this was very common.

  4. Eirra Mac Eirra Mac says:

    Some hotels have Day rates so you can ask for that. If they don’t, you will be charged for 1 night stay then.

  5. Dont wear a condom on those hookers either

  6. Just book somewhere that isn’t going to make you itch. You don’t have to utilize it overnight. Ask for an early check in.

  7. Yeah. All of them do. You can rent any hotel room for a day, but you’ll have to pay for the night.

  8. Tina Adam Tina Adam says:

    If your booking for the day middle of the week is best MANY hotels will accommodate a couples day. Especially if you also use the spa services. Just call and ask to see if the rate is any different. They want money, and weekdays are less busy.

  9. Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

    Anywhere that rents by the hour likely isn’t very clean… or bug free.

    Pick higher up and stay the night.

  10. Jessica Cook Jessica Cook says:

    So quick to judge. Maybe someone offered to watch their kids for the day and he wants to steal her away for a bit. Maybe this is HER trying to set up a fun surprise.
    Why do we have to assume that something terrible is happening.
    I am a happily married woman and have considered doing something like this myself. Not sure why we always have to assume the worst.

  11. Lol maybe crash? The old grand use to charge by the hour haha .

  12. Ohhhh.

    Try Château nova Kingsway.

    Wherever, I hope you have fun and be safe.

  13. Reading into your post but guessing your wife might be interested ☹️

  14. Any hotel will charge you. Check in is usually 3 but a lot of places let you check in early.
    Never booked a hotel room Before? Lol

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