How Can People Do This?

Aside from the horrific spelling and grammar, how can someone even consider just tossing this poor cat outdoors like a piece of trash?

Thank you making a public statement like this. It has been forwarded to Animal Protection Services and I hope you are never allowed to have a pet because you do not deserve to for even considering tossing a kitty out in the dead of winter.



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  1. Megan Bielby Megan Bielby says:

    I’m happy they decided to post him instead of putting him out. Hopefully his next home will be more responsible.

  2. Surprisingly with enough shelters a cat can live outside in the winter. Lots of farm cats do. Having said that it sounds like they are trying to find the cat a new home.

  3. I Think OP misinterpreted the post. Looks like they are trying to find the cat a home.where he can be inside (the luxury they spoke of) rather than put him back out as an outside cat.

    So simmer down there tiger. I don’t think this is what you’re trying to make it. Lol

  4. Lol, criticize spelling and grammar but fail reading comprehension, go figure…

  5. They didnt toss him out they are posting looking for a home since the people who took him changed their mind. Perhaps the OP needs to read before reacting?

  6. a ton of pets live outside in this weather… it’s not inhumane if the animal is used to it and has been out there their whole lives…

  7. Tyler Seguin Tyler Seguin says:

    It’s a cat, fuck em

  8. I’m just confused about the litter training part. Cats don’t need to be trained…

  9. Considering the price, I’m gonna guess this is a joke… a mean joke, but a joke.

  10. Ty Habitant Ty Habitant says:

    I think someone needs to do more research on cats. They can survive and thrive outside in winter. I know so many ppl who’s cat prefers to live outside. If it’s a kitten then that’s a different story. But cats can handle it.


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