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How Justin Trudeau is stealing his place in office

It would be nice if Justin Trudeau would complete a full term without calling a early election to get a majority win.
Take a good look at what ORGANIZED CRIME looks like. So all of you that want to bitch about crime you don’t have that right to bitch about it anymore.

Justin Trudeau is turning our country into a mini me China and your helping him by not taking into account the countless times that he has done something criminal and yet he is not held accountable what so ever.

I addressed him personally in a town hall meeting February 1st 2018 and he pledged to me that he would work to get my issue taken care of. Well it’s almost the end of 2021 and still hasn’t come to be good on his pledge to help.

Political science is running this covid campaign and not evidence based science. Our path forward is now he has signed Canada up as a test subjects in a massive amount of big pharma and the NGO’S that serve their interest of playing Frankenstein with our lives and bodies.
I’m just saying………



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  1. Papers please says:

    I know I should post this more-so on facebook, but facebook is
    This is for the folks that don’t agree with these so called “vaxx-ports” being shoved down our gullets.
    Now, even though I am fully vaccinated against kung-flu; I refuse to participate in this childish silliness (personally, I just avoid any place that may ask, we don’t need any of their services anyway) and created a fun list of completely legal activities you and your family can do if you choose to use these worthless services!
    If asked you can and should:
    A) Ask to see their card.
    B) (in certain cases) Ask to see their work visa.
    C) Both A and B
    D) Simply advise them that you will be doing take out as you don’t want to participate in such childish games.
    E) Write on social media warnings about these places so others will just avoid them.
    F) Give well-deserved 1 star google reviews.

    And what you SHOULD NOT do:
    Call them “fucking this and that’s”, bring up Trump, Q, or the SS, vandalize the restrooms or threaten violence.

    Thanks for reading and please feel free to spread this around to your like-minded friends.


  2. FreemasonsAreFreaksOfSociety says:

    Justin Trudeau likes little girls, is a flamboyant sexual deviant like his mom and dad, is friends with convicted pedophiles and child porn freaks, and even help pedo-bros get to the Order of Masonic-Pedo Canada.

    Some freemasons joined the convo here and also a link to many more names within the post.

    • ThatsMe!!!! says:

      The names provided in the link and the link within the link are the work of my ongoing investigation. We have now reached the point of sharing most sensitive info abroad. The Canadian public will only be privy to another 1000+ names also. The bad guys are the Department of Justice.

      Here is a copied and pasted email communication to the EPS Major Crimes, EPS Professional Standards, the shoe shiner Kelechi Madu, crisis workers, the crown prosecutors office, selected government officials and media.

      “I encourage Geoffrey Ho to be present tomorrow because I will be addressing his secret society and associations along with his unlawful and arbitrary order from family court. I will also be requesting he be charged as an accessory to child abduction. It would be prudent for Geoffrey Ho al shamal illustrious pedo #1262 to attempt to defend his corruption. And has a Edmonton police Chief and agents (the entire pig farm) ever had an EPO filed against, or will this also be a first?
      Fun endnote: In speaking with a peace officer yesterday, he commented how he wanted to become EPS but then realized the type of people he would have to work with so becoming just a peace officer was good enough for him. This fella is obviously educated, experienced and also lacks the much needed fragile ego to be EPS.
      Oh, is the EPS keeping track on criminals I am accidentally looking the other way for and criminal EPS I have collected files on? I lost count, I even had an address, two phone numbers and three cars of an Islamic! drug dealer which would have made islamaphobe EPS hard with pleasure. If are keeping count, add another long term drug dealer I recently discovered and refuse to cooperate with the edmonton pigs or rcmp.
      Another sample of masonic pedos and human trafficking [photos of human trafficking and Prince Randy Andy were provided]…..
      How come freaky pedo Geoffrey Ho doesn’t flash his little wiener like worshipful bro, of the same pedo-Shrine, Jeff Peddle (illustrious pedo making FtMc safer, gang number #1856)? Is Geoffrey Ho’s hongman penis even smaller than a meat head who faithfully used steriods? “

  3. Justice Douglas Mah says:

    I like prepubescence and minors like Justin Trudeau.
    You people are a vile mass who demonstrated against Mah releasing of pedophile into public. Find new city, Edmonton 4 white collar criminals, freemasons and hongmen. Just go away.

  4. Tony Chin says:

    Hawwo, I hongmen four I mean too! I awso fwom Edmonton’s finest and most educated, the EPS. As high school doctorate I writed book at grade 4 literary level. It a book but awso hate pwopaganda about China because China bad and hongmen good. It a best seller and I should get Pulitzer Prize four Mah literary masterpiece. Four your personal hygiene products like toilet paper and Kleenex, you can get your fwee copy of the Freedom Swimmers when stock up on kleenex four white tears.

  5. Tommy Tam says:

    Hawwo, you all know me as Theresa Tam. I am hongmen freemason! My hawt bewong in Hong Kong and UK, Canada just mah pwaygwound.
    You right China bad! China so bad! Honk Kong good. Stop Asian hate. But you wrong, the criminal organization is liberals and conservatives with hongmen not bad, bad, bad, very bad Chinese. I can pwove it. Can you wist Twudeau’s cwimes? What pwomise did Trudeau break wif yu?
    Don’t fowget to stock up on kleenex fow yu white tears.