How oil and gas people lost my support

Oil and gas people your recent ignorant posts have caused me to lose respect for you all. Get off your high horse.
What causes this? During the recent cold snap many oil and gas people share a cruel meme saying “if you don’t support oil and gas turn off your furnace”. How bloody cruel and insulting is that? Such entitlement.
People don’t have a choice. You want them to freeze to death. You make me sick.
You are only supporting the oil and gas industry because it makes you money. You deny reality because of your selfish greedy.
To wish another human to freeze to death so you can protect your job. Vile.
Just admit the industry has flaws but it’s where you work. I would respect people more if they were honest about concerns in their industry than these smug looks that we get.
Sorry oil and gas but your attitude needs a fix. People need heat in their homes and telling them to freeze to death is sickening.



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  1. Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

    Exactly. Solar power, wind power, geothermal power, hydroelectric power, synthetic oil (non-petroleum based), ethanol, electric, hybrid cars, glass, rubber, metal, ceramic, bioavailable plastics like hemp plastic, corn plastic, and soy plastic, wool, cotton, linen, hemp.
    You know that these are all options, yeah?

    • Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

      Not to mention that if we started industries in all these areas, we would have an actual economy with permanent jobs, not based solely on a dying industry controlled by the ultra-rich Arabians. (OPEC) and reliant only on building houses.
      We need diverse industries to stay relevant in the first world. We have a horrible economy because we focused on one industry and our natural resources. We are losing ground with our allies.

  2. Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

    Can’t Charge your Tesla without oil, I’m just going to guess that those tires aren’t a necessity either since you are such a smart (oil free) cookie…

  3. nicely articulated Kate Ward.

  4. Anonymous….of course. Pffff coward.

  5. Ha. Came for the comments. You guys really delivered exactly what I hoped and expected.

  6. How insulting is it to us, those families of Oilfeild workers. We are living paycheck to paycheck with no extras because there is no work. Choosing whether to pay your bills or buy groceries. Most won’t hire anybody that has a work history of oilfield, because they know once jobs become available again they will most likely go back working there. And yes I was told this right from a manager. But again….please tell me how you’re feelings are hurt! Grow up Felicia!

  7. Hahaha haha hahahahahahah wow you’re a dumb fuck! Lol oil and gas is at an all time low and paying higher in taxes etc. People who think they are “BETTER” than oil and gas are fucked in the head. What the hell do you think runs our economy as Canadians. Fcuking holier than though avadaco toast eating snowflakes need to wake the eff up! Everyone in our country relies on this, veterans, homeless, hard working Canadian citizens! We deserve better!

  8. The original poster does make a good point

  9. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    Comfort yourself with their bankruptcies.

  10. Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

    And the ones saying oil and gas are not needed are retards! That is the point of the memes. To point out to the retards who say that we dont need it the fact it is A NECESSITY TO SURVIVE! It has nothing to with be smug or cruel. It is A COLD HARD TRUTH that snowflakes have trouble comprehending and accepting.

  11. You mean the memes that been posted off and on the last couple years which started in the summer months. Get with the times. There memes circulate around. Just because we now finally have winter doesn’t they just posted them.
    Without oil and gas you would not have the heat there for you a finger tips. But trying to make it on your own.

  12. It’s just to shock you into thinking about how it would effect you if you didn’t have it. like a car for example.The industry will be around as long as we need it or it runs out regardless of how you feel.

  13. Bren Kambo Bren Kambo says:

    The bottom line here is IN ORDER TO SURVIVE the OIL and GAS INDUSTRY ⛽️ IS NEEDED or you wouldn’t have the NECESSITIES some of which you mentioned in your post and many others that you currently use to survive and where none of this subject falls into the category of ENTITLEMENT………without the oil and gas industry and the long hours workers put in and they don’t sit on their asses all day either ……it’s tough work……’d be back in primitive times again without gas, running vehicles ……
    please think hugely about what you’ve just said

  14. So a stupid meme that who the hell knows posted, has triggered you? Wow.

    If thats all it takes to lose your respect, then you’re the o
    Pathetic one.

    Whether you like it or not, oil and natural gas are vital in this winter climate. The revenue created for Albertans is also vital to the Province. We are now $71 billion in debt because of that lack of revenue.

    This meme and its message is geared towards anti pipeline anti O&G. Is that you? If not, then why are you so unglued.

    This meme and its message are geared towards the hypocrites who CONSUME oil and gas and products derived from the petrochemical industry daily – but are against the industry that produces it. Is that you? If its not, again, why are you so unglued?

    Could care less if you respect oil and gas. Burn wood. Throw out your phone ( A petrochemical product) so you can’t bitch on FB. If a stupid meme sets you off – cancel facebook.

    Next time you go to use a government service be prepared for user fees. The revenue from O &G is simply not there anymore to pay for programs. Open your wallet and pay!

  15. Bill Houston Bill Houston says:

    This shows nothing but complete ignorance. I suspect these anonymous folks do not have a job since they seem to think supporting the industry in which one works is loathsome. Had to send a submission pointing out the reason they want to remain anonymous. Must be embarrassing to think that way for them and their families.

  16. Not really, people don’t protest in foreign countries for pretty obvious reasons.

  17. Lauri Restad Lauri Restad says:

    Omg seriously i cant even comment on how RETARDED you sound

  18. David Robertson don’t you find it hypocritical that our eco warriors are fighting CANADIAN oil production and protest like crazy but why aren’t they in Saudi Arabia protesting there? They produce far more oil and care little about the environment and about human rights. You want to be taken seriously then start going to all the other countries and start protesting there. I believe in finding ways to take care of the environment but if you are going to protest start with the worst offenders.

  19. Polly Anna Polly Anna says:

    LOL,Greedy? 😛 It’s a payroll that’s normally associated with a job. Hhaha Calm down and be happy.

  20. The Op is missing the point, which a few have pointed out quite nicely. You can live without oil and gas but you would have to make some drastic changes. Changes I am sure the OP doesn’t and wouldn’t do because he/she loves the convenience of what Gas and Oil brings to our homes/lives. Like yes, indoor heating where you do not have to start a fire daily to stay warm, in fact other then turning a dial or press a button you don’t have to worry to much on heating your home yourself. Trust me, starting a wood burning fire place every morning to warm up a house is a pain in the bottom, there is a lot of work keeping it going too.

    If you do not support the oil and gas industry then you DO have options, they are just not options you want to deal with daily but our ancestors did it and I am sure if you are totally against the industry then you as well, can do it. Instead of mouthing off how you don’t support the industry try proving it by turning off your heat, power, stop driving, turn off your cell phone, computers and any other electronic device that are in part made from the industry you don’t support.

    Don’t use the excuse that it is to ingrained in our society. It was done once upon a time (and in some areas/countries still done) It can be done again. Saying people don’t care weather you freeze and die is junk talk. Of course people care, just like the people who work in the industry care about their pay cheques. Every person working cares about their pay cheques whether you work in the industry or not.

    So the meme you call cruel stands true, Hate the industry then turn off your heat/power…. Prove it. Prove how you can live without it, show us all.

  21. Who cares. If you don’t like the industry, then say I don’t like it. Big deal. I don’t like a lot of things that I use daily. But I don’t need to boost my ego by diving deep into some explanation that will never make sense.

  22. TJ Parkin TJ Parkin says:

    Guess what, people who don’t like how the meat industry does things stop eating meat, same goes for the dairy industry. Why is this any different? If you don’t support oil and gas stop being a hyprocrate and stop using it…

  23. Is OP having a mad because they realize how much of a hypocrit they’ve been?

  24. Don’t use a product that you have no support for – simple. If you have a fireplace use it and prove your point that you can live without oil and gas. Plus since you are typing this on facebook on a computer that uses oil, you just discredited yourself even further.

  25. You have definitely misunderstood the message and certainly over reacted.

  26. I don’t think anyone was suggesting that here..?

  27. Tracy Cole Tracy Cole says:

    ya its best to let the third world countries without proper regulation run the gas world…ya smart because we have a secret wall around our resources lol

  28. Tracy Cole Tracy Cole says:

    sounds like you need to get off your high horse. The point is that if you dont support the industry, you shouldnt use the service. Hypocrite.

  29. That’s taking it to the next level. How about oil and gas people who are out of jobs. Can’t support families. Give your head a shake.

  30. Instead of protesting the pipelines, how about we work together for solutions? Oil and gas industry needs to get Canadian Oil to market. If Canada can’t succeed in that all provinces will eventually suffer. Think about what about the pipeline is so offensive to you and help develop a solution to solve it. Not having the pipeline isn’t really an option if we Canada to succeed in a global economy and increase its GDP. And in total honesty, shipping oil by rail is not a solution. The most recent train derailment is evidence of that. Luckily it was grain cars that derailed and not oil. We need to work together for the solutions to the underlying concerns of the pipeline, and the “anti-oil” protesters need to realize that not having a pipeline at all doesn’t help our economy.

  31. You have a choice, it’s called starting a fire. You’re welcome.

  32. Ha ha ha. Someone is totally missing the point (clueless). You probably drive a car, use a cell phone, fly in airplanes, need to heat your home and yet are totally miss-reading the whole point. Maybe start walking everywhere if you do not support oil and gas.

  33. I don’t like arrogant people either.But unrelated to that, I want to inform you that electric heating fails when there is a power outage.This recently happened in the states, and some people froze to death.We need natural gas to heat our homes.

  34. Tasha Turner Tasha Turner says:

    Did you use a computer or phone to make this post?
    Do you live in a cardboard box on the streets or in a home with warm water warm air? Do you watch TV? Do you drive or use public transportation? Or walk? Do you go barefoot and naked everywhere? Do your fucking research in every fucking thing in life you use to get threw each and every day you absolute Idiot!! Because everything YOU use somehow came about from the OIL N GAS industry and if it wasnt for that industry this country would be a fuckung 3rd world country..

    Born and raised in this industry and I will ALWAYS stand up in support of all the men and women out their busting ass so you can hide behind your screen and be a fucking twat!! Ita people like YOU that make me shake my head in pure disappointment every fucking day!!

  35. Kelli Murphy Kelli Murphy says:

    High chance of snowflakes ❄❄❄❄ around here..

  36. Omg!! I seriously want to punch people like you in the throat, so you can’t speak BS. You need to a hut the hell up. Seriously. My husband works his ass off. Yes he DOES make good money and we absolutely love the money, who the hell wouldn’t?? He misses most family things, teacher meeting, birthday, deaths, everyday things, but we chose this life. He loves his job and he’s GREAT at it!! I run the house while he’s gone, a lot, and I actually love how things run. So YOU can just kiss all the people who work in the oil field ASSES.
    (Maybe is the money they make bugs you get off your lazy ass and go work in the industry……

  37. I feel as though you missed the point of the post. It was literally that: a point.

  38. Tim Kroetsch Tim Kroetsch says:

    Entitled?! I don’t think so. The ones who are feeling entitled are the same ones who are protesting the Oil and Gas Industry and yet expect to reap the benefits such as has and oil for their vehicles, has to light their furnace at home, etc. Canada has some of the highest standards in the world for the way we process oil and gas. I don’t work directly in the Oil and Gas Industry, but my job is very much reliant on it. I supply tools to machine shops and fab shops wha are working directly in the industry. If they have now, I have no work. If I have no work,I can’t support my family.
    Do your research and learn the facts before you spout off. You are entitled to your opinion, but it’s also okay to keep that opinion to yourself. Just sayin’.

  39. You know why I support the oil & gas sector? Because the revenues that the Alberta and federal governments receive through royalties support our schools, hospitals and way of life. The men and women who bust their butts deserve our respect and thanks. I think the meme you were refering to points out the hypocrisy of those who oppose resource development but sure love the comforts and benefits of a reliable energy system.

  40. All these little bitches complaining about oil while they turn the heat up in they’re homes

  41. Ok you stuck up wuss. Go turn your furnace off. Let’s see how you do. Go piss up a rope.

  42. Pam Taggart Pam Taggart says:

    Our oil is being shipped from other places right now and our government wants you to think we don’t really need it. The people asking for support are the few left doing the job so you can have Canadian oil to use. They need support. They say this cause the government is closing oil plants as you read this. Oil is being brought from other countries as you reply. They have to get a little more in your face so you know they exist.

  43. Dean Klassen Dean Klassen says:

    There are other ways to heat your home than just wood or gas: geothermal, radiant, pellet furnaces, solar. Those memes aren’t even accurate. They suggest oil and gas are the only ways to heat your home, and that just isn’t factual.

  44. So with the price of oil at an all time low why are we buying Saudi oil at 4 time what we are trying to sell it for.
    When Canadian oil does well Canada as a whole does well.

  45. No, WRONG! This is a perfect example of WHY THAT RESOURCE IS IMPERATIVE. Its all fine and well, until an emergency rises. Then new sources are futile. So, if you took it as an insult, check your loyalty.

  46. Asshat. You missed the whole point. All those people that are protesting against oil and gas are the same idiots driving their shit cars to get there, idling in drive throughs, cranking the heat in the winter to stay warm- taking advantage of everything oil and gas has to offer -then they protest against it. If you don’t support it, you shouldn’t use it. Bloody hypocrites! There are alternate options. But you would have to actually care enough to put in an effort to research.

  47. Staying anonymous for a reason…because you are a stupid hypocritical moron.

  48. I’m surprised that you feel so strong about this but you hide behind an anonymous post. I’m also not in the gas/oil industry but support our province and the people that help us get what it takes to live.

  49. Nadine Anne Nadine Anne says:

    Get out of Alberta if you dont support our resources!!!

  50. Annette Wood Annette Wood says:

    Go stick your head in the snow

  51. This person is an idiot. Wow you obviously have nothing to do with you life. Get a grip. Most of those memes are not even posted by oil and gas people. I don’t work for oil and gas and I shared a post. Get a grip

  52. Seriously tho. If you dont support the oilfield sell your car shut your furnace. Pretty much stop using everything you own it was somehow brought here with gas or made with oil i dont support the oilfield cause it makes ME money. I support the oilfield cause i like beinh warm i like driving my car. I like clothes you know basic shit. Also i would love to see ALL of Canada make a dollar or two so i support the pipeline. Whether its rude or not its true.

    • Kate Ward Kate Ward says:

      Can I not want to support the people of my province, whilst still wanting a cleaner planet? I use natural gas to heat my house because I have no other options financially at the moment. I would like to be able to have a vehicle that doesn’t use gas, but again cost, and performance in cold weather make that prohibitive for me. I want Canada and Alberta to make money, but should I never want the system to change? While I think that the OP took the memes a little too seriously, I sort of get the point they are making. It’s not a simple black and white issue.

    • Yup. You do you. But if you use all of that stuff can you really complain? If its costly for you to switch to clean can you imagine what it would cost Canada? Like it or not oil runs the world. We are sitting on gold. But we can’t make it move. So why be opposed to it? Protesters against the pipeline make more damage than the actual pipeline. So my vote is still pro oil. Without oil canada will crash even more.

    • Yup. You do you. But if you use all of that stuff can you really complain? If its costly for you to switch to clean can you imagine what it would cost Canada? Like it or not oil runs the world. We are sitting on gold. But we can’t make it move. So why be opposed to it? Protesters against the pipeline make more damage than the actual pipeline. So my vote is still pro oil. Without oil canada will crash even more.

  53. Aaron Frank Aaron Frank says:

    Lol sounds like a green supporter is mad at the truth.

  54. Deanna Blaquiere I totally believe this is a real post and not a troll looking to get a rise out of everyone

  55. Did you use a smart phone to type this?

  56. Um i support it not beacuse it makes familles money ( thats a bonus working in this job the big dollars) but because its fucking alberta and it fucking gets cold. And i like to be warm anf i like my Jeep to run and take me to work everyday.

  57. Don’t go to the hospital either dumbass.

  58. Melissa Lee Melissa Lee says:

    I will YEET this person into an ACTIVE VOLCANO

  59. Please pull your lip over your stupid head and swallow

    Problem solved you big baby

  60. I gladly turn off my furnace and use electric radiant heating. I can control where I need heat the most instead of heating all the space at full. I also do not have to breath the dust and particles that the furnace blows around. So sure I turn off my furnace and they can kick out all the gas smugs while employing more people for alternative energy. The next step will be solar panels.

  61. Tgats dark of you to think that someone in the gas and oil wants another person to freeze to death becuase the reality of it is they are the only ones rn freezing to death!
    Get over yourself princess! Stay off of social media if a meme bothers you that much.
    ***If you are offend by this comment please turn off your furnace tonight.***

  62. Hahaha way to take it to the extreme, those posts aren’t saying for people to freeze to death they are making a point that if you don’t support oil and gas then things that you love like heat and gas and oil for your car or for the buses you shouldn’t support those either then.

  63. OP – “I’m so offended at an internet meme that instead of hiding the post or unfollowing the person that shared it, I’m going to take time out of my day to anonymously post about how offended I am so everyone knows my opinion on it.”


  64. Lmao o&g are entitled?! Look in a mirror OP

  65. Will Nichol Will Nichol says:

    That meme is directed to anti pipeline protesters who are paid by American oil companies to protest canadian pipelines & getting our oil to other markets…….fyi…..we ship oil to the USA at a discounted rate & they put it strait on to oil tankers that ship it over seas at full market value

  66. I love how offended this person is lmao. How dare you share a meme lmao

    • Kris Alaber Kris Alaber says:

      James W Plante whoever wrote this is just a whiny little baby. Seriously. If a meme gets theme this bent out of shape they probably never leave their safe space in their moms basement.

  67. Tim Sim Tim Sim says:

    Cody Mahon honestly, no hard nosed,blue collared man I know is a liberal.. anti oil people are as liberal as it gets

  68. Tim Sim Tim Sim says:

    Cody Mahon Liberal Canadians have got to be the most ignorant people on this earth

  69. Cameron Lenz Cameron Lenz says:

    Oil and gas workers are wieners!

  70. Of course you have a choice, install a wood furnace. After arriving home on your horse drawn carriage you can chop some wood. Get that furnace/stove heated up real good cuz you are going to need it to make the rabbit stew made with rabbit caught in your own back yard and veggies grown by your own hand. Yup you’ve got a choice.

  71. Cody Mahon Cody Mahon says:

    First of all, they are people who work in the freezing cold, and the heat… they are away from their loved ones, they miss Christmas, birthdays, to provide for those who are ungrateful, who think that we have it made with the amount of money we make

  72. There is no credibility to this rant! Don’t be a coward and put your name to it! And yes if you don’t support oil and gas then freeze your ass you fucking hypocrite!

  73. Carmen Jane Carmen Jane says:

    That meme has been around forever it’s not about the cold snap. Takes oil for everything that’s the point of the meme

  74. Marc Guindon There are various pools of thought, most of which revolve around reduction to protect the value of our dwindling resource. There is no right answer, but priority should be finding the best answer. Full speed ahead certainly is not it.

    Regarding the non-existent opponent – I’ve been an Albertan almost all my life, and have yet to hear of a single person, aside from fringe groups that want a zero oil society. It’s 100% unrealistic, so memes about shutting your gas off, who exactly are they for then? We all drive, we all live inside of, things produced by oil. We get it, we want oil too.

  75. Randi Adams Randi Adams says:

    Honestly, don’t even give this poster the time of day……. not really sure how they got an internet connection from the rock that they have been under.

  76. I can see why you did this anonymously. Idiot.

  77. this person for real?? lmao with out the oil and gas your ass would freeze to death. especially if you cant chop wood and make a fire for your family like they did in the good ol days. if you can manage doing that along with a horse and cart then by all means dont support the oil and gas…

  78. Maybe you should get behind the people out there working their asses off in this weather so that you can enjoy the fruits of their labour to provide you with such luxury while they are away from home living in camps!

  79. Marc Guindon Marc Guindon says:

    David Robertson so do explain then, “how are we suppose to oil”?? Cuz from what i know and have seen, Alberta has some of the best and most strict regulations, care and control for the environment…. yet you anti-oil people seem to be fine with us importing oil from countries that dont give two fucks about the environment??… because its not from our backyard so it doesnt look bad on us, is that it?? Also your comment about a non existent opponent is ridiculous and false…

  80. I don’t work for the oil and gas industry, but hey I still support it.

  81. Randi May Randi May says:

    Because we don’t want them using products they’re so dead set on protesting against. Like gtfo.

  82. Sick it up snowflake, turn your gas off if you dont support them move to Quebec and become a liberal communist

  83. Awe look everybody! Another snowflake! Give your head a shake OP.

  84. Tim Sim Tim Sim says:

    You are completely missing the point here. If you don’t support the industry, why the hell are you using it in the first place? Why are you reaping benefits off of something you hate? Of course the people who work in the industry are going to defend the money because it is their livlihood. That’s how they support their families. Because of you and your supporters, 100,000 people lost their jobs. How selfish of you and how evil of you to laugh at people’s demise. Did the thought ever cross you mind that these are ordinary people who have kids?? People can’t afford bills, causing families to go hungry and cold and homeless. It affects everyome else down the line. As an electrician and even engineers are suffering for work right now. Truth hurts, doesn’t it? Sorry, but I will never understand you liberals. Caitlyn Marie Spence

  85. Lighten up don’t take everything so seriously. I think the point of the meme just flew right by you

  86. It WILL be be the purge

  87. Randi Starr Randi Starr says:

    Energy is free the gov is keeping it from everyone so we all fight WAKE UP

  88. No progress can be made without oil and gas.
    Even for research and development we need resources. Those resources come from oil and gas.
    Solar panels use petroleum! Can’t make ‘em without it.
    As a supporter of oil and gas, I support measured, smart thinking.
    This business of no pipelines will trickle down to you in some way, op. Maybe your kids will be in classes of 40 kids, or you will have one nurse that you share with 20 patients instead of 10.
    Use your head.
    Don’t put the cart before the horse.

  89. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    Switch to decaf will ya

  90. I totally agree and you know you are right we have no choice because the government in this province and all of us did not insist on finding alternate sources of energy. I although not directly in the oil field had a much better wage due to oil. Did I save any of those “easier” dollars No I did not and who’s fault is that ? nobody but myself. Some of the Oilfield workers were making insane wages and most of them did not stash away for a rainy day. That is on them not the rest of it. Move on people start looking into work in the solar industry…Oh wait does not pay as good as you are used well to bad

    • Theresa Hughes you missed the point as well.

      How do you think new research for viable options can take place without oil and gas? Solar panels are built using those products! You’re absolutely insane to think we can just shut off the pumps and depend on solar energy without the help of oil and gas. Give your head a shake and pick up a book

    • Theresa Hughes the money stashed away for rainy days is suppose to last for how long? The stash doesn’t last forever and gas and oil has been the shits for a long time now. Shake you head and listen for a rattle

  91. What an ignorant post. Our men and women are out there in -45 degree temperatures to get that product to your homes and vehicles.
    It’s called AWARENESS and canadians need to start watching who they vote for, as some politicians as lining THEIR pockets to ruin our oil and gas industry!!

  92. Susan Taylor Susan Taylor says:

    Omg you totally don’t understand the meme. No one wants anyone to freeze to death! Relax!! They just want people to realize we need oil and gas!!! Oh brother!!

  93. Is this Justin Trudeau posting anonymously? It’s stupid enough it could be…

  94. To the author of this post. Go fuck you’re self !!!

  95. Jean Freeman Jean Freeman says:

    Oh get over it! No one wants anyone to freeze to death. What a pain in the butt you must be to take this literally. Lighten up Francine!

  96. A smart person would not freeze!!

  97. It’s time to log off the internet. Nobody wants people to freeze to death – what they do want – is everyone crying foul about the industry is to realize how vital it is not to just your comfort, but to your survival. Pipeline or not, problems are not, the fact is the energy sector is important beyond the economic implications.

  98. I don’t work for Oil and Gas, but I totally support it. No one wants anyone to freeze to death so don’t be so dramatic. The message is that some don’t support it but they don’t have an issue using the products when it benefits them. Build a fire!!!

  99. Dana McVey Dana McVey says:

    What you fail to realize is we are pissed! I do not work in the oil industry but I do and so does everyone else benefit when our oil gets to markets and we stop selling it at dollarama prices. Everything we have, use, eat,wear is a product of oil in some form or another. You will never get rid of the need for oil. When we re post these posts that is what we are trying to get through your head. We are never promoting hurting anyone but those against oil are. Think about it before you judge us.

  100. Shari Heiser Shari Heiser says:

    How entitled is it to tax a necessity?

  101. Terry Curtis Terry Curtis says:

    In the olden days people worked all day to survive, cutting wood to stay warm……..could you do it???

  102. Ibolya Nagy Ibolya Nagy says:

    You make us sick. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  103. WOW educate yourself….this is not a small issue….this is Alberta. If oil and gas industry go under or are forced to quit, there goes your whole purchasing, driving, wearing, etc support system!!!! You just continue to live in your small bubble sweetie, buy from foreign countries and support them. JUST WOW

    • Chris Schneider and something all these smart people don’t realize is if the industry goes under that money to the province is gone and guess what the province will do to make up that short…..taxes, lots and lots of taxes. Why do u think they brought in the carbon tax? It’s not for carbon like they want u to believe

  104. Youre a moron. Go turn off your gas and do the general gene pool a favor.

  105. Jesus your stupid like seriously your level of stupid just hurts my brain

  106. It’s not a matter if you support the oil and gas industry. Do you even realize who is dependent on it ?
    I was going to state who is actually dependent on our industry but I’m curious, are your actually smart enough to figure this out for yourself ?

  107. Amanda Nic Amanda Nic says:

    So you are ok many families are having issues making ends meet because of this?
    Families with children!
    So you are ok with this.
    Hey, so because you are against us all, the ones who PROVIDED your family with the necessary needs to live.
    Heat, vehicles, getting food to stores and more.


  108. Nick Finnie Nick Finnie says:

    Oh. You don’t know how to survive. Learn.
    It’s not hard.
    Build a shelter. Then a fire. Hunting is the hardest part.

  109. Apparently you are one of the people that fit that meme….so sad. Your reaction is typical though. I bet if your tax on your gas becomes high enough you will jump harder on the oil and gas industry rather than protest the government greed. If you loathe them so much, what are you doing living in a place dependent on gas heat? That is actually a choice. We live in a climate where people are forced to use heating systems in their homes…..but we still get to decide. The fact that when you chose your abode you didn’t check the type of heat and factor that in is all on you.
    Nice attempt at a whinge about oil and gas though…..

  110. Man I think it’s time I write a anonymous post about how I hate trolls so much and how they make such trouble on the internet may be it will change the world.

  111. DC Favel DC Favel says:

    Agreed! Just shameless. People need to try see the overall long term picture ..oil and natural resources are getting depleted..this is bad for the environment and the future..being pig headed and refusing to entertain clean sustainable ideas is dangerous for earth and us..but albertans and the silly convoy of trucks just prove that its all self interest out there. I hope you remember all that when it’s all disaster in the future.

    • Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

      DC Favel if it is just self-interest as you claim then you should be interested in stopping to use oil and gas industry services and products? Not in your best interest? Even the phone in your hand is a product of this industry in question. The oil and gas industry is Canada’s number one export. That doesn’t mean it is just Alberta’s number one export. It is the industry is that makes Canada’s economy viable. No one has said other technology shouldn’t be developed , but in the meantime … I’m so glad it’s nice and cozy warm in my home. So how’s yours? How are you staying warm ? You are staying warm because of your support for the oil and gas industry. You want to support it but using all its benefits and condemn it? You must be able to see what’s wrong with this picture. With all due respect what is a shame is short-sighted hypocrisy.

  112. Chris Cooke Chris Cooke says:

    Uhm yes we all want to protect our job and how selfish are you to want to put 100 000 people out of work inturn cant pay bills inturn causing families to go hungry cold and homeless. This is the problem you blame everyone else for what you dont like to hear, the truth. Take a break and practice what you preach

  113. Megan Riggs Megan Riggs says:

    How old are you? The sad thing is you sound like a petulant angry child. Whether you support them or not is irrelevant. You use the service they provide and then complain when they want the ability to continue to feed and house their own families. Ignorance is forgivable. You however sound like a spoilt brat. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR IT. GO SIT ON TIME OUT AND CALM YOURSELF!

  114. Yeah it has flaws, like anything else. Just admit you need us.

  115. I say “she” cause this posts screams middle aged housewife

  116. She clearly doesn’t internet too well

  117. It’s a strange thing to live in Alberta. On the one hand, you want oil to do well because then this place is the land of milk and honey; but also to realize that fossil fuel use needs to be reduced yesterday to protect our civilization.

    • Ellie Marie Ellie Marie says:

      Harrison Blackwood you aren’t protecting anything… Canada’s trees rid more pollutants out of our air then Canada produces… that’s science. No climate change initiatives are based on science, but instead corporate greed. Let’s take a second to remember the myan calander that was highly accurate… it’s “end” was a “turning point” all of sudden we have more natural disasters and polar caps melting? Couldn’t one make a logical prediction that earth may be reverting back to an ice age. We as humans and modern species will not survive… there’s a saying “all good things come to an end” it’s very relevant.

  118. Lacey Jane Lacey Jane says:

    some people are just plain fucking dense lol

  119. This is easily one of the stupidest opinions I’ve ever read on here

  120. This is easily one of the stupidest opinions I’ve ever read on here

  121. Do you know how many families are suffering due to job loss. It’s bigger than you think you know. I just lost respect for you because you didn’t do your research. Shame on you.

  122. Ryan Schmidt read this shit

  123. Lmfao. You aren’t very smart!!! Do you drive? Do you take a bus or a cab? GUESS WHAT. It takes OIL to run those. Want a nice warm house, and hot water? It takes GAS to have these glorious essentials!!! Then you SHOULD be supporting it. Better get out your horse and buggy if your so oblivious to the fact how much it’s needed! Oh and for the record, I’m not a oil field worker and I never will be. I’m not made out for that! But 100% I support it! I like driving a vehicle, having a nice cozy house, and an amazing hot shower

  124. They weren’t telling you to die, they were basically pointing out that most of us can’t live without it! Most of us use it in one form or another and if we don’t support them what are we going to do it they don’t exist anymore?

  125. Lmao Tim Sim get a load of this one.

  126. Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

    Someone cut this idiot’s gas off please!!!

  127. Amber Morin Amber Morin says:

    Entitlement? Really?
    I think “oil and gas” people as you say, were making a point. Without the industry you’d be screwed in this weather. Get your head out of your ass. Stupid millennial!

  128. hypocrites and snowflakes everywhere

  129. I think you missed the whole point of those memes….. you should take a time out and really think about it.

  130. Adam Spamler Adam Spamler says:

    Shut up… your argument and being insulted is invalid. These people are fighting to keep a portion of the industry open. They have lost jobs and homes and more than you’ll ever know.

  131. Sounds like you took it to the extreme lol. No one is saying freeze to death. Basically it means if you don’t support people in the oilfield industry how do you feel so comfortable using their product? You can’t hate someone and what they stand for and yet benefit from their services.

  132. I’m all for the pipeline but the meme was ridiculous considering crude oil doesn’t heat our furnaces

  133. Nico Kent Nico Kent says:

    This. Is. Hilarious.

  134. If you don’t support oil and gas why would you use it? Why not go buy a wood stove and get heat that way?

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