How to get to Kindersley, SK?

I need to get to Kindersley to pick-up a vehicle. How do I get there? Obviously, whatever the solution, I know it will have a fee attached, that’s not the problem. I can’t rent a car because there would be no place to drop it off. Buses, unless I’m missing something, no longer operate on that route. Any ideas would be appreciated.



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  1. You can drop off a car rental when you arrive.

  2. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    did you check out kijiji ride share?

  3. take riderexpress from edmonton to saskatoon and try the kindersley taxi service is just about 2 hours away from sk maybe they could charge you a round trip thing heres the number….Black Mamba Taxi – 306-460-4921.

  4. Rent a uhaul pick up truck. They bave a depot in Kindersley you can drop it off at.

  5. Rent the car, take someone with you, have them return the car back to Edmonton.

  6. A simple call to the town of Kindersley. A bus service called Gallardo runs from Saskatoon to kindersley every Tuesday and Thursday.

  7. There is nothing that comes through Kindersley anymore. And even the car rental drop off no longer exists. Your best bet is to advertise in a Kindersley buy and sell group to see if anybody from here (Kindersley) is coming there, or vice versa. Or take the train to Unity SK and see if someone from Kindersley could meet you/pick you up (hour away, closest option I believe).

  8. Darren Buck Darren Buck says:

    Their s a bus service (forget the name)but take it to Lloyd and then hitch a ride

  9. I’ll drive ya …800 bucks

  10. Certain car rentals allow cross province drop off, as well as uhaul. But you’re better off paying for gas and asking someone you know to drive you. Or as I’ve seen in quite a few groups, asking on Facebook is anyone is going that way, and you pay partial gas.

  11. M Lissa Sch M Lissa Sch says:

    Ask a friend to drive you, pay for food and gas, and it could be a great time!

  12. Get someone to drive you there. Pay for gas…. road trip!

  13. Marie Aly Marie Aly says:

    I used to take greyhound but since they fucked the entire country over, I have no idea anymore.

  14. Fly to Saskatoon and take the bus from there.

  15. Nick Finnie Nick Finnie says:

    Ask someone to drive you for a fee.

  16. says:

    think about what you would offer for a ride there, and when you need to go,,,let me know

  17. Saskatchewan has its own bus service I’m pretty sure like a provincial one

  18. John says:

    Family or Friends????

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