Humblebolt Driver

There will probably be a lot who will disagree but that’s ok this is my own opinion. I don’t agree with sending the driver to prison. Prison isn’t going to fix what happened. I actually think us as a society could learn something from him. He took accountability for his actions, something a lot of people struggle with. Instead of sending him to prison, he should tell his story to future and current truck driver to stress the importance of taking the precautions. He made a mistake, something a lot of us have done. I will admit I have accidentally ran a red light because I got distracted for a second or didn’t stop at a stop sign because I didn’t want to wait. This could have happened to me, it could have happened to anyone. He took accounting for his actions yet there’s people who drink and drive and kill someone and plead not guilty and only spend 2 years in prison. What about the guy who set a house on fire and killed an infant and got 2 months. Both those scenarios knew what they where doing. They CHOSE to get in a car drunk. He CHOSE to light a house on fire. This guy didn’t choose for the tarp to get loose at that moment. It’s not fully his fault he wasn’t trained properly. He did the right thing by taking accountability and I hope the judge sees that. I hope current and future drivers and truck drivers use his accident as a lesson for what could happen if you run a stop sign.



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  1. Alan Thomson says:

    In the preceding 11 days before the accident this truck driver had 70 driving violations of which 29 were illegal log entries in the log book. His license should have already been suspended as reported in the news. This is yet another example of where our society is to lenient with driving offences. 1000’s of Canadian have died because drivers with bad records.

  2. Wait until one of your loved ones dies because a driver made a “mistake” and then tell me you feel the same way.
    These families lost children, husbands, fathers and daughters because he CHOSE to ignore the signs leading up to the stop sign and the stop sign itself.
    The owner should be in prison as well, I don’t disagree with those who said that.
    Whether this guy was driving a car or a truck…you don’t need training to know what STOP means.

    You can be sorry you killed people and be remorseful and he’ll have to live with that guilt every day but he broke the law and people died. Pay the price. Period.

  3. I think the owner of that company should be the one going to Jail he broke the law first!

  4. You are absolutely wrong.. He was in infraction in his logbook therefore totally responsible if something happens

  5. He broke the law, a few of them and it resulted in unnecessary loss of life. Regardless of how he feels he needs to be brought to justice in the eyes of the law. No room for gray area there or to set a precedent for future criminals who have to live with what they’ve done…

  6. Chrissy Clark 100% agree with you.

  7. I’ve never driven through a red light or purposely not stopped at a stop sign so I don’t understand your message

  8. Darren Buck Darren Buck says:

    Do the crime,do the time regardless.
    Plus I think if the Op had a child ripped from their lives their opinion might be different.

  9. I feel the owner of the trucking company should also face charges .

    • Nick Hucal Nick Hucal says:

      Cindy Zmyndak most definitely, trucking companies need to do more than they are when hiring drivers, and need to be held accountable for that. In this circumstance, with the amount of infractions the two of them racked up in such a short time even without the accident is a disgrace to professional drivers out there. A definite symptom of the privatized nature of the licensing industry of late. Very different standards from place to place.

  10. Emma Kolskog Emma Kolskog says:

    I’ve been so torn on this too. This man isn’t an inherently evil person. He isn’t a mass murderer in the sense that we associate the title. He made a horrible mistake that took so many lives, but he never would have chose for this happen. He was negligent and reckless yes. But what can you do? It’s horrible all around, and if he hadn’t been in that truck, all those killed would still be here.

  11. Interesting to hear all the opinions. But really… some of you people have no right to be this angry. The families do, And even they are not as bitter and sour as some of you are. Yes, they lost their children (be it biological or billet), they lost spouses, and friends and family… and they are not as bitter. They have consoled each other, and the driver of the truck. There is one mom, who is still absolutely furious. And she has every right to be. She lost her son. She lost the family she built. I am grateful the driver of the semi accepted his responsibility for the accident and prevented the families of going through the hell of reliving every little thing by going through a trial. And his mind will put him through a trial daily every day of his life.

    There is more to this story than the media shows us. How do you think they keep the viewers coming back.
    I dont think that jail time is the right sentence for the driver. This case is setting a precendent in the courts and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

  12. The deportation option, that will likely happen if he gets jail time, sounds best. He can take his message back to his country as an example to teach the third worlders how to drive safely.

  13. Susanne Gale Susanne Gale says:

    So, by your reasoning, every single driver on the road can drive through a stop sign one time and kill one person, two people, maximum of 20 people? We can adjust the numbers of killed and maimed because you’ll get off anyway, Then, after being coached by your legal team get on the stand and say a practiced speech of “I’m sorry” and then get off. That is sure going to cut our population down.

  14. Nick Hucal Nick Hucal says:

    Driving is a privilege. Not a right. He was untrained. As an employee in Canada you have the right and duty to refuse unsafe work. example not being properly trained for the job. He knowingly by his own admittance got behind the wheel of a 100,000+ pound vehicle not properly trained to do so, as well as skirting that training with a suspect log book. That is the same as driving drunk or lighting the house on fire as this article mentions, knowingly creating a dangerous situation. If he was distracted by tarp. PULL OVER. Fix the tarp. I work in the heavy construction industry, I am a licensed heavy truck driver, and know first hand a majority of these drivers should not be on the road. However a lack in oversight in granting licenses and ongoing training is very much to blame. Yes he took responsibility, as he should. But yes he should be sent to jail as well.

  15. All I will say is, ok you are entitled to your opinion, doesn’t make it right though. If this “driver” killed YOUR child, I am inclined to think you would feel differently. But because this terrible tragedy happened to “someone else” and not you personally you think it’s ok to be a bleeding heart for the driver,
    really ??? My heart goes out to all the families & friends that lost people they loved that day, I have NO compassion for the “driver” HE made the choice to run the stop sign and kill 16 people and forever changed hundreds of peoples lives! Prison time, you bet, he did the crime he needs to do the time.

  16. Mike Hamel Mike Hamel says:

    Min 2 years for ever death he caused.

  17. Agreed. But these families need some sort of justice to help them heal. I have no idea what they are going through and could never imagine. I feel like he is also suffering already for his actions. Maybe your right living with what he did may he punishment enough.

  18. Diane Low Diane Low says:

    The driving school people need jail time life I say

  19. I agree and no one will understand it untill theyre in the guys same shoes one day then that’s when they will have the same thought. Sitting in jail is not going to do nothing, make him more of a criminal maybe? You know they get institutionalized living in there for such a long time, plus the fact of having that with him till the day he dies and has to answer to who ever he believes in. It’s a sad sad tragic incident but your not going to get the lives back for them by sending him to jail. This can only bring awareness to the many truck drivers to be more cautious on the road. For everyone to be careful and leave the phone down untill you arrive safe, leave your make up at home, don’t eat while driving, make a playlist before you get into your vehicle and let it play so you don’t have to be distracted. It can and will happen to anyone of us. We’re all human and we all make mistakes, nobody’s perfect.




  21. Kloie well said.

    I think until you have to go to a graveyard to visit with your loved one, I don’t think most fully understand the reality of the consequences of these kinds of horrfic events.

    In my case its a sibling. I wonder every day what he’d be doing had he lived. Married? How many kids? etc. I think for parents the pain is compounded. No one wants to bury their children.

    Because the life long grieve of those left behind is done in silence and not hitting the headlines everyday, it doesn’t get the attention.

  22. He had scores of violations he shouldn’t have been on the eoad at all

  23. Just stop.

    I read an article yesterday where the Mother of Dayna Brons was handed an evidence bag by Police. It contains the necklace her daughter was wearing. A year after this horrific event, and Dayna’s Mother does not want to open the bag. Attached to the necklace are a few strands of her daughters hair. This Mother is afraid of losing those few strands of hair. Dayna’s Mother says they have yet to arrange getting a headstone for their daughter’s grave. Its just too painful.

    A Dad of one of the Players said he took the last pair of socks his son ever wore off his body. He said hes been walking around with those socks in his pocket for over a year. He said he is scared he will lose the smell of his son. The only thing he has left.

    These are only two instances of the heartbreak and carnage that linger. This loss and pain is lifelong. It will never leave these families.

    You mentioned the driver, but failed to mention the SIXTEEN victims, their families or those that were mamed by this horrific event.

    Here are the Biographies of those that died. Perhaps you need to be reminded of the huge price that was paid.

  24. Some bleeding heart retards might fall for this, I don’t,” these pc’s of shit do this world wide, there’s no excuse for his ignorance and should do life no parole” since bleeding hearts removed the death penalty, opened up the whine line, you can expect more mass murders from ignorant assholes, brain dead truckers and members of ISIS who’ll shed tears you stupid Canadians lap up like dogs. Hang the prick publicly.

  25. I completely agree. Alberta had a major problem where conservatives privatized driver examiners which made it near impossible to regulate the industry. They also didn’t have any mandatory training so you could “pass” your test and be on the highways with no experience. The NDP government made those changes but it was too late sadly for the kids on that bus. My heart breaks for this driver. Many drivers from other countries were forced to work unsafely and didn’t know their rights. He was a victim of that and so were all the Humboldt families.

  26. I don’t know what the solution is to this. Obviously there is nothing that can be done to reverse this accident. It was an accident. If this accident resulted in one person dying due to him blowing a stop sign, would you expect him (or anyone else) to go to prison? If 2, or 3, or 8 people died, will prison fix it? What is the magic number? It’s awful – devasting – to lose a loved one. I don’t know what his punishment should be. Is there anything that would be enough? Some is always at fault in an accident. The person who was driving when my brother was killed made a mistake. I just feel so sad for everyone involved – nothing’s going to make it better. Maybe trucking rules need to be revised/addressed. The driver loses his license. What’s prison going to solve? Deport him…maybe.

  27. The Truck driver does need to serve some jail time for what had happened. As he did run the stop sign. But does he deserve what some people are calling for….no. He was not the only person involved in what happened. And we will never know all the facts.

  28. I agree . The punishment for this accident is a step in the wrong direction. The driver did not have proper training , what about his employer are they being held responsible. My heart goes out to those families who lost a child or loved one. I could not imagine their pain .

  29. Some ppl should t think out loud … I been driving truck for ten years all different combinations including LCV never had an accident driving is all common sense and some ppl just don’t have it

  30. Matthew Ricks tag the boys. This is how stupid some people in Edmonton are.

  31. So if you run a stop sign or a red light and kill someone we should just forget about if you admit “my bad”. Is that what you’re saying?

  32. Tracy Potter Tracy Potter says:

    As a truck driver, he is responsible to make sure that tarp did not come loose. He should have made sure that it was tight before driving off.

    I know a lot of truckers and they all make sure their load is secured before leaving the yard and after any pit stops they make.

    Yes, he took accountability for his actions but still should pay for what he did wrong.

    Jail is not going to help him but parole/probation and counselling MIGHT

  33. This guy chose many things on the road to that intersection. This was a preventable accident that has culpability all the way back to his training. Too many take a shortcut path to becoming truck drivers. Part of his own society has a huge hand in that. Shady companies providing faux training with real licenses at the end. They will fake everything that is humanly possible to do this. There really is no substitution for complete training. I saw a video of a guy with his class 1 and he didn’t even know how to get the trailer off of his truck, another guy helped him and when the guy told him he couldn’t drop his trailer there he just did it anyway. This will happen again because too many have already been issued those shady class 1 licenses and many suspected of having obtained them have started raising hell and claiming discrimination when they have been ordered to redo the testing in their home provinces.
    This guy needs to get enough time to be deported. Just being man enough to admit what everyone knew isn’t enough. That loose tarp was also his responsibility and should have caused him to brake, pullover and fix if it warranted attention. This alone would have prevented the accident.
    This responsible action in the courtroom was far too late for those people on the bus. Responsible action should have been used from the moment he decided to become a truck driver. Make no comparison, make no excuses. This is a stand alone action and the dire consequences.

  34. Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

    Forget prison he’s probably going to be deported

  35. So many people suffer much more than the semi driver does. Why should we feel bad for him? I feel that a lot of people here have not had someone wrongfully taken away from them. They don’t understand that pain. Accident or not he killed so many people.

  36. Jena Sandra Jena Sandra says:

    I would like to know if any of the people commenting would feel fairly punished if they missed a stop sign, a accidentally causing a fatality, and were sentenced to 6 years in prison? People are involved in accidents every single day where there are loss of lives, mobility, property, that’s what accidents are. Even if someone is being negligent. I am personally permanently injured due to a distracted driver missing a red light. Do I expect them to get criminal charges or prison time? No! This man wasn’t under the influence, he wasn’t malicious, he made a mistake. A traffic mistake ANY of us could make. Had he hit a vehicle with one occupant would we have even heard about this? I don’t believe his sentence is reflective of his actions. I believe it’s reflective of the high profile nature of the victims and the emotions of the public.

    • Tarin Gagnon Tarin Gagnon says:

      Jena Sandra this mistake cost the lives of 16 PEOPLE. 16 young people who had bright lives ahead of them. This wasnt just some accident that took the life of an innocent person. He should be punished, because it wasnt those kids fault or their families fault that he did not see multiple signs stating he needed to stop. He was negligent. Just as someone who ran a stop sign or someone that ran a red light. If you are negligent you need to take the conciquences and just because he regrets it and owns up to it.. Doesnt bring the lives back that he took from not paying attention..

    • Tarin Gagnon Tarin Gagnon says:

      This could have been preventable. 100% preventable by him. Lack of training and etc can contribute but there are signs and laws in place for a reason. He is not exempt because he feels remorse.

    • Jena Sandra Jena Sandra says:

      But 6 years in prison is generally not the punishment for running stops signs.

    • Jena Sandra Jena Sandra says:

      All accidents are preventable.

    • Jena Sandra he did more than run the stop sign. He failed to heed all warnings, and then still ran the stop sign. There is no evidence he even attempted to slow down. He didn’t get 6 years for running the sign. His jail timr is for killing 16 people, and injuring 13 others – and that doesn’t even include the psychological damage and mental distress that friends, family, and first responders are still dealing with – and will continue to deal with – every single day.

    • Jena Sandra Jena Sandra says:

      With all due respect I’m not sure what the other warnings were? I read that they are only now putting rumble strips at that intersection. And I think with any accident where there is an injury or fatality there is stress and damage. So why is he being sentenced so harshly when others have not? A police officer driving 137 km/hr in a 70 km zone with no lights or sirens on killed a small child and was not guilty as it was merely a lack of good judgment. And yet he was intentionally acting recklessly! I am not saying this driver shouldn’t face punishment but 6 years in prison is excessive and I personally think it is based on public emotion and publicity.

    • Susanne Gale Susanne Gale says:

      A mistake is forgetting to take dinner out of the freezer before going to work in the morning. When you are driving a large semi truck with 2 tractor trailers, you HAVE to follow the rules of the road. A mistake can be fatal, and this one was.

    • he was over his hours on his log book. so he kept on driving. so he was impaired. as someone who has drove class 1 for years he could of made the right choice and pulled over and slept

    • Mike Eaton Mike Eaton says:

      Tarin Gagnon bingo !!

  37. I will probably get attacked but I agree.

  38. Vanessa Pare Vanessa Pare says:

    Do you forget that the truck driver is a professional driver? Driving was his JOB. For whatever reason he did not stop a a stop sign.

  39. Remorse is one thing, responsibilty for our actions is quite another. He still can do the things you suggest, after he has paid his debt to society. Letting people walk after commiting crimes because they feel remorse cant be enough. I would be appaled if he didn’t feel remorse- but there are laws for a reason.

  40. For the most part I agree with you . There isn’t a single driver out there who was not blown a stop sign We were just lucky . I think the blame goes way farther then him . It should include owner of trucking company who put him there and some government bodies for allowing him to be driving inexperienced . Whatever sentence he receives will be never be accurate . This man of high moral integrity will carry this for the rest of his life . He admitted fault from the beginning , co operated with investigation , did not try to plead down his charges , saved the families more heartache with a trial and did not ask for any leniency. This man has integrity . How many drunk drivers cry poor me and try to get off charges they are guilty off . Drinking and driving is a choice . This was an accident and I agree I hope we all learn from this . This mans integrity should be used as an example for all of us and our kids .

  41. Tracy Veen Tracy Veen says:

    He could do all that and still be incarcerated

  42. Hmmmm vehicular manslaughter and negligence which took an insane amount of lives (young ones), and because he said he’s sorry, you think he shouldn’t be held accountable for his reckless crimes?

    Please F Off. It’s one thing to forgive, but why have Law and Order at all if that’s your opinion.

  43. Why should they deserve a get out of jail free card for breaking the law?? Just because they’re sorry??
    If you’re a distracted driver you’re damn right it could have happened to you and you would have deserved the full consequences of the law too. When people are hit or killed by a distracted driver it destroys families and robs everyone of the future they deserved.

    • Jodi Costello but there are other ways that are more productive than prison. Prison doesn’t do anything if anything there’s more chance the person comes out worst than when they went in. Prisons are a broken system. They were intended as rehabilitation meant to help people change their way but instead they let people continue and then they get out an commit the exact same crime or do something worst. So is sending him to prison actually going to benefit society? It may make people feel better but what happens in 10 years when he gets out. 10 years of the guilt eating him with no support to mental health? Then what, he commits a crime to go back? Prisons the easy choice in this case but there are far better ways to hold someone accountable

  44. I think prison is appropriate but I also think the company bears culpability in this too. I heard there had been multiple safety infractions on that truck in the weeks leading to the crash. That truck and driver should have never been on the road in the first place and the onus of that falls on the company.

  45. Uzi Ahmd Uzi Ahmd says:

    What’s most shocking about this is you’re right about people being out this guys head for making a mistake any of us are capable of but no one cares when a drunk driver kills a family of 4 and gets a year in jail or the kid who burned a house down, killed a baby and only got 2 months!

  46. He had a several warnings that there was a approaching stop sign…probaly rumble strips!!! Flashing stop sign !!! And a other hiway running the opposite direction in My mind that was a Clear Sign to STOP!!!!

  47. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    this whole situation is sad. can he serve 1/4 of what he is given and then the owner of the company…a company with many infractions, serve the balance. no. but, I wish that could be. my heart goes out to everyone, except the owner of the trucking company. such a waste of lives.

  48. With all the infractions he had the owner if he was Honest would have suspended the driver with that many infractions so obviously the owner didn’t care all he was worried about is to keep the truck rolling and make $$$$$$ …. the owner should also be held a culprit of this tragedy!!!

  49. He already is in prison – he is going to have to live with this for the rest of his life – is probably going to get deported – he didn’t come to Canada because his life was sunshine and roses in India . Nothing is gained but further destroying this mans life –

  50. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    I think its stupid that this remorseful man faces possible deportation when returning Isis fighters don’t.
    Hes shown contrition, waved his own defence and will willingly do every bit of time coming his way.
    Yet a murdering terrorist has more protection from deportation.

    As for his sentence, i believe the courts and families have the right to an opinion on that.

  51. So, Canadian law is based on something called precedent. You can’t give him a slap on the wrist, and then enforce the letter of the law for the next dipshit that doesn’t “feel like stopping”.

    He took responsibility KNOWING his possible punishment because he is remorseful. You don’t get a hug and a “get out of jail free” card for that.

    He killed 16 people. He needs to spend time behind bars.

  52. Any other person would have faught the charges. This is a man! He made huge mistakes but not one bone in his body disagrees to that. With his record of infractions, the company
    should be held more responsible than it is. Sentance him to a life of work in driving safety! The whole world could use a lesson.

  53. Sorry but when your driving you are required to be alert and watching for road signs. When an accident happens that means if you are at fault you take accountability. Maybe you feel bad, maybe you are full of remorse. But you are liable for that vehicle while you are behind the wheel. I have been driving for 20 years and I have never blown a stop sign. This one was in full view, with flashing lights. If you miss that for any reason you are distracted or tired and shouldnt be on the road. Accident or not you took lives and manslaughter is a crime. If those were my kids I would be furious if the person who took my childs life did no time. Accident or not.

  54. while I agree he should use his experience as a lesson for future drivers, and it is wonderful he accepts responsibility, just accepting his faults and errors doesnt erase the fact he took all those lives. he needs to serve time

  55. What about the bus driver? I’ll probably get roasted for my comment.. But as a bus driver he should have been paying attention too. The crash site is pretty wide open.. He should have seen the truck not slowing down.. Both drivers are at fault.. And its sad. Both are paying for it with their lives.

    • Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

      Michelle Lovin bus driver was braking to avoid the collision

    • Michelle Lovin actually, if you actually read the investigation reports the bus driver was NOT at fault, he did a hard break to try to avoid it and investigation clearly said it was NOT the bus drivers fault!

    • Michelle Lovin you’re an idiot. Do you know how long it takes for a full bus to brake to a stop?

      A truck driver ran a stop sign and ignored warnings. It’s a clear, cut/dry case of who is at fault.

      If your family was dead because of this, maybe you’d see it clearly. Stop defending idiots, we need less types of your kind in society, you’re dumbing the rest of us down.

    • omg! The bus driver was doing everything to stop!

    • Michelle Lovin, all of your information is sadly not correct. That is NOT a clear intersection, the bus drivers view was in fact inhibited by rows of trees, which the Government of Saskatchewan (where I live) has asked to be removed. Opinions are fine but facts are facts. And so yes, I would say you likely will get roasted for your comment based on misinformation.

    • Michelle Lovin the bus driver did absolutely nothing wrong. He had the right of way. He would be alive today
      If the truck driver didn’t blow through a stop sign. The only one who is guilty is the driver of that truck

    • Michelle Lovin, everyone is entitled to their opinion and it saddens me greatly that you would put blame on the bus driver. First of all, the bus driver had absolute right of way on that highway. He did everything within his power to bring that bus to a stop once he saw that semi. How can you say that the crash site is pretty wide open when it has been stated that there is a row of trees that blocks the view of drivers from the south and the east. In the safety review done for the Saskatchewan Government, it states recommending negotiations with the landowner for removal of the trees. Tell me how he could have seen the truck not slowing down. That truck driver was driving with an unsecured load, as he stated, the tarp was flapping. He should have secured that tarp as soon as he noticed it but continued on, blowing through that stop sign with the flashing light. How can you for one second put the blame on the bus driver??? Perhaps you need to read some of the results of the outcome of the investigation! Mr Doerksen, the bus driver, was one of the innocent victims of this horrid tragedy!!!

    • Darcie Daye Darcie Daye says:

      Michelle Lovin it is clearly stated in the incident report that the crash was completely unavoidable, on the bus drivers part.
      He hold no responsibility on his part whatsoever, despite his best attempt.

  56. He didn’t “make a mistake”. He ran that stop sign on purpose. He deserves to rot in a cold, damp, lonely jail cell.

  57. Val L Bate Val L Bate says:

    You would not be thinking this if one of those kids were yours ……his lawyer told him to be that way…. what person ignores signs as he did and blames it on a tarp……. he should have never been driving…. SEND THE BUM TO JAIL

    • Jordan Lemke Jordan Lemke says:

      There were a number of families that released statements regarding this actually. There were people who actually lost their kids in this accident and said they forgave the driver because they realize that it wasn’t intentional. They said he ran a stop sign, something that could (and probably does) happen to most people at some point, and it was just at an unfortunate moment

    • Jordan Lemke Jordan Lemke says:

      There were a number of families that released statements regarding this actually. There were people who actually lost their kids in this accident and said they forgave the driver because they realize that it wasn’t intentional. They said he ran a stop sign, something that could (and probably does) happen to most people at some point, and it was just at an unfortunate moment

    • I totally have empathy for both sides of this tragic accident. We don’t have to like or respect the driver, the fact is, I have ran a stop sign by being distracted, not intentionally to kill anyone. I am sure the driver did not wake up in the morning and say “Today, I am going to kill a bunch of kids and coaches”. I am Thankful that my actions did not result in an accident, for Sure I am”.

    • There is no easy answer or sentence. All of us have done things that could have resulted in tragedies and never intended harm. This will be debated for years to come, but please anyone who have ran a stop sign, missed a light, hit someone accidentally take yourself out of the equation. Let the courts decide and let humility and empathy be your motto.,

  58. Darren Hauck Darren Hauck says:

    It’s good to have compassion but there are traffic laws. I think he would be a very good public speaker AFTER he gets out of Jail.

  59. Miles Court Miles Court says:

    I wonder if you would really think this way if it were one of your kids that got killed in that accident. It is easy to think the way you do but lets give your head a shake he killed 16 people and ruined how many lives and you want him to go free. I say to you Hahahah

    • Amanda Kamps Amanda Kamps says:

      The wife of the bus driver said she has forgiven him and doesn’t want him to get crazy prison time. Because it was an accident. So if the victims can forgive the guy and see it as an accident, you keyboard warriors can too.

    • Amanda Kamps a lot of the parents, girlfriends ect said they do NOT forgive him. Just because the coach’s wife does, does Not mean everyone does. One of the parents had to uproot their life and sell their home because they can’t stand living in the house without their son there with so many reminders. Ya. They forgive all right

    • Amanda Kamps yesssss!!!!

  60. No matter your views the driver must serve time.

  61. What I am reading is that you think this guy should go out into the public and tell his story about how he did a bad thing that caused death and hardship to a community, and then he possibly becomes the victim because people really want him to go to jail. Ugh. I appreciate your post, but absolutely cannot agree with you. He deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and so does the owner of the company who should take responsibility for putting a inexperienced driver on the road.

  62. I think at the end of the day its true what’s he getting out of going to jail?? and yes there are so many people out there worse than this man. I just hope those who were hurt by this get the justice they feel they need to move on

  63. Shawna Jones Shawna Jones says:

    This driver CHOSE to ignore 3 warnings and the massive stop sign and as a result, he killed and maimed numerous people. This driver CHOSE to drive a huge truck with only a week’s worth of training. This driver CHOSE his actions and decisions. Now the courts can choose his fate.

  64. He had 71 infractions in a very short period of time

    • Janet Forchuk then the company he was driving for should not have put him out to drive on his own, he obviously wasn’t ready to be on his own! The company should also be held accountable, they put lives at risk to make a profit!

    • He was likely brought here on promises barely speaks English probably was never taught how to properly fill out the logs which aren’t super simple. He was probably pushed thru a trucking program again not understanding most of what was being said at a rate that probably couldn’t be digested. The company owner should also be in trial. I’ve worked with immigrants and the lies they are told and lack of proper training and the amount of illegal treatment they face is mind blowing. Even if they could report it most don’t know it can be reported. They sign forms and documents without knowing what they are.

      Your right he probably shouldn’t of been driving but again the issue of worker abuse and employment trafficking is sickening and yes in Alberta.

    • Valerie Cooper I agree, except it still doesn’t give the driver an excuse. He could very well of said I need more training, I don’t feel comfortable on my own. But he didn’t. Instead he decided to do numerous traffic violations, lying on his log book not following the law. I’m no truck driver and even I know you HAVE to have a log book, and you HAVE to take a set amount of hrs off after driving so long. Again, truck driver’s fault

    • Kris Grewal Kris Grewal says:

      Janet Forchuk they were paperwork infractions, not driving infractions..
      There is a difference and they make a difference.. just saying..

    • Infractions on paperwork is common -it’s up to the company to uphold driving times. Personally feel the companies owner should also be held accountable, he used this man in worst way! Jail time and should never be be allowed to own a truck/delivery service again.

    • Nick Hucal Nick Hucal says:

      Valerie Cooper as a Canadian employee you have the right and DUTY to refuse unsafe work. If not trained for the job. You have to refuse work.

  65. This is an absolutely crazy thing to say by his actions he chose to follow through with he took the young lives of multiple people. And to blame the bus driver for driving the road the way he was supposed to be is stupid! Wow !!

  66. No matter what his sentence is lifetime …such a tragedy for all the families..

  67. It’s terrible what happened, but I do agree with you to some extent. It was an accident.
    I think the company should be held responsible as much of not more, for allowing him to drive alone without proper training and experience.
    They are the ones who let slide the safety of the public.
    I’ve seen MANY semi drivers coming into loading yards who have no fucking idea how to back their rigs up and drive properly and its unacceptable.
    Then there’s the question of if the bus driver could have done more to prevent the collision as well.
    It’s a terrible situation and the families deserve justice but there is no cut and dry way to do that in my opinion.
    I would not want to be the one handing out justice for this, so many variables.
    I just feel bad for the kids and families.

  68. Lisa Rayman Lisa Rayman says:

    My question is what about the owner of that trucking company? He is responsible imo.

  69. He CHOSE to run the stop sign! He CHOSE to ignore the 3 or 4 warnings well before the intersection. He CHOSE to not wait. He could easily of pulled over BEFORE the intersection. So ya. He deserves time. Vehicular manslaughter! He also CHOSE to not do his log book properly and he would of been in violation with a 72 hr driving suspension had he followed the rules. No pity for the driver here!! His actions are just as bad as a drunk driver.

    • I that not a 2 lane highway? How would he “safely” have pulled over on a 2 lane highway, when he had previously (not long before the accident) already stopped and fixed said tarp. Clips, straps and such are not 100% and it could have snapped.

    • Nick Hucal Nick Hucal says:

      The tarp is inconsequential. He admits to not being properly trained. He as a “professional” driver and employee in Canada had the duty to refuse unsafe work. (Not trained properly). He should be held to a higher standard than a typical driver. I have been driving heavy truck for 15 years. You can always find somewhere safe to fix a tarp. Perhaps not a safe spot, but perhaps maybe, at a stop sign if he had stopped.

  70. Lynn Anne Lynn Anne says:

    Would you say this if it was YOUR child/spouse / loved one he killed?

  71. Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

    This could have been avoided if the bus driver had been more cautious instead of barreling through at a 100k especially if he knew it was a blind intersection! Ultimately the bus driver is responsible for all passengers is he not? Shame!!!!

    • Yes but the semi driver did not stop. That corner was not a blind zone

    • Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

      Amanda Tomayer yes it was for the bus driver, those trees restricted him from seeing whatever was supposed to stop!

    • Kip Chaput so when you’re driving down a highway every vehicle should slow down at every side road ? Give your head a shake – do you even drive ? The bus driver was not in the wrong here at all.

    • Kip Chaput did you read the articles from police investigation? The Bus driver was not doing 100km and he had no way to avoid it. Also, in investigation they clearly said the tree’s would NOT of obstructed the view for the semi driver!

    • Roxy Doc Roxy Doc says:

      So much is incorrect here. It definitely was not a blind intersection, as it was clear and well marked with a flashing stop sign. He’s well aware of the shame, so that’s moot.
      The bus driver did his best to avoid the truck but he’s deceased now, so blame is useless.
      This is just a sad situation overall, so going torward sentencing I’m glad the judge has to do it, not the public. 10 years maximum is my call, as we discussed in law class. But it’s conjecture since I’m not the justice in this case thank goodness.

    • Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

      He was familiar to the route. He should have at least slowed down a bit for that particular intersection. Good luck in life if your gonna depend on everyone stopping all the time at every intersection you drive through the rest of your life. Might want to give your head a shake Shan Michelle!!!

    • A councillor said the same thing as this driver for the wolves. That intersection is obscured and almost blind in some ways.

      Grant Merriman, president of the La Ronge Ice Wolves and bus driver for the team, said he has driven his players by the intersection of highways 335 and 35 many times. Like Poggemiller, he said trees obscure visibility at the junction and make it a dangerous intersection

    • Bekah Dugas Bekah Dugas says:

      Such a stupid comment.

    • Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

      Gordana Dordic ty for the aggree, I’ve talked to crash investigator buddys and they concur!

    • Lynn Meger Lynn Meger says:

      Kip Chaput – it wasn’t a blind intersection. And the RCMP have already stated that they re-enacted the accident numerous times and came to the conclusion that there was nothing the bus driver could have or should have done any differently to prevent this accident.

    • Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

      Lynn Meger again that row of trees blinds whatevers supposed to stop if your south of the intersection going north! I’m not talking about the transport driver.Read Gordanas comment please!

    • You are NOT responsible for someone else failing to stop….NO ONE drives down the highway and slows down at every intersection just in case !! This is an absolutley ridiculous comment !!!

    • Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

      Sheila Desjardin I didn’t say every I said this particular lol

    • Was travelling down a secondary road doing speeds as high as 108km in winter conditions????? 108km was taken right from the investigation.

      My kid played hockey for 12 years the bus drivers have no issue with hauling ass and putting people at risk even 10 over can change things. This man is a scapegoat for many things.

    • Cory Penno Cory Penno says:

      Kristiana Klause it wasn’t winter conditions. The highway was clear and dry.

    • Kip Chaput read up or shut up. Not bus drivers fault. Smfh

    • Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

      Marion Ross Kraeker lol not much of a rebuttal there old guy! But I expect that from snowflakes!!!

    • Kip Chaput you have no idea what you’re even talking about and you sound like you have the IQ of a goldfish! Just stop!

    • Andrew Ross Andrew Ross says:

      r u fucking serious. Those poor kids do not need to have their lives sensationalized by someone like a KIP. Long before this driver fucked up, the intersection has been a concern and many other things have happened…stop exasperating a very sad time in history – the families are the ones that have been given the chance to grieve……you should just simply shut the fuck up

    • Mark Roussy Mark Roussy says:

      Kip why the fuck would you ever put any onus on the person that has the right of way. Not like he was driving throwing caution to the wind and leaving everything to chance. The worst thing you could ever do is slow down for an intersection where it is your right of way. It causes confusion to other drivers. Follow the rules of the road , when you have right of way proceed as such. When you have to yield right of way proceed as if you need to come to a full and complete stop at any moment. The semi driver ignored many warnings that he had to stop ahead. Read those words again Kip , HE HAD TO STOP ! Period. I don’t care if the bus was doing 200kmh , HE HAD TO STOP. End of story.

    • Uhhhh the driver of the bus DID in fact see the truck and tried to stop… he was obviously unable to as those busses do not stop on a dime. Glen Doerksen did all he could to save the people on that bus. He is none to blame for any of this

    • Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

      Kym Normandin did you read one of the survivors details! I dont think so

    • Nick Hucal Nick Hucal says:

      Kip Chaput you should not be on the road

    • Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

      Nick Hucal I’m a professional driver. Class one for over 25 yrs buddy. Good luck in life!

  72. I want to agree with your opinion. Would you think differently IF he took accountability knowing he’s likely to be deported and never spend a day incarcerated?

  73. Linda says:

    Well said. He did not deliberately set out to cause harm. I dont think prison would fix anything. Perhaps house arrest and community service would be a better option. I do not think he should be deported either.

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