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Humiliated family at UPlay indoor playground

I would just like people to be aware of how horrible the staff at this place really is, and to warn them about how they treat families.

My husband and 2 kids went here Saturday night, and were all playing together at the trampoline/basketball area, they were just goofing around and having a good time, when 2 of the female staff decided to go onto the intercom and start making fun and berating them for how they were playing, telling them how much they sucked repeatedly, and to just leave, only to have other staff members join in, not only did my family hear this, but obviously everyone else in the building. My husband left humiliated, and my 2 kids not understanding why people were making fun of them.

I know this place is staffed primarily with teenagers, but that is no excuse when you are running a family oriented business, management there needs to do something about these assholes running their mouths because of how funny they think they are. I’ve never been so disgusted in my life, and I sincerely hope no other kids have or ever will have to leave feeling the way mine did.



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  1. Kurtis Sehn Kurtis Sehn says:

    Uplay is the worst place to take your kids for anything.. staff are ignorant, games are regularly broken and some dont provide tickets for prizes… book a birthday and if the kids need another pitcher of pop they charge like 6 bucks.. for fountain pop none the less.. check out Amazone for a great place for kids of all ages..

  2. Seems to me there is much more to this story than being said.
    I can not see how they can go into an intercom and do this without a manager or even another family commenting.
    Seems a way but wonky in the story.

  3. Doug James Doug James says:

    Your husband let 2 teenage girls humiliate him? Wow!

  4. I would have recorded it and then went and told them to fucking stop..

  5. My son fell down between the netting and the slide and was stuck under the play structure. The clips were all broken that hold the netting onto the slide. The manager totally just made it out to seem like no big deal considering a 4 year old fell 15 feet onto concrete….never went back after that…

  6. I was here Saturday night with my little brother and can confirm this happened, felt really bad for the dad, him and his kids were just shooting on the jump shoot area when it all started, and the amount of other shit happening here was unreal, there was a women and her grown ass daughter that got into a fight as well and started swearing and throwing shit at eachother… Staff just looked on and laughed, not once did anyone step in to stop them, been here three times and not once have I seen an actual adult working, not to mention the place has really gone down hill, it’s actually gotten pretty disgusting in terms of maintenance… And after what I witnessed last night, quality of staff has gone down as well.

  7. Jess Ica Jess Ica says:

    I would talk to the manager they have cameras all over and will be able to review the situation and deal with it I was there a few weeks ago and I had an issue I went straight to the manager and she gave me a refund and said she hopes we come back sometime and deal with the issue right there

  8. Heather Rowe Heather Rowe says:

    Hmmm I relayed an incident that happened to me on here. There was so many non believers from the peanut gallery. I had complained about police behaviour. And yet. The police had the post removed i gather. As another post I had on here with video is still here. But not the police one. Hmmm I have video of police. But I’m saving it for court. I really think people here like to condemn others rather than support. I believe the people who do that, tend to have very unhappy lives. So to all of you looking for support not criticism, keep that in mind.

  9. Sheri Enger Sheri Enger says:

    With No audio or video in todays world this didn’t happen

  10. High key just looking for someone who was there saturday night to comment.

  11. Tanita FH Tanita FH says:

    More details are needed here… This doesn’t make much sense. Report it to the business’s management and head office.

  12. I’ll take “things that never happened for $200”, Alex.

  13. Elham Is Elham Is says:

    Take it directly to management . Absolutely unacceptable.

  14. Jill Turner Jill Turner says:

    Did you try calling or going back in to speak with management?

  15. I’ve never seen teenagers work at Uplay. It’s always been adults. Uplay is a family run business and I’ve never heard them go over the speaker to announce anything but orders ready. I’ve been going with my kids since they opened and never had an issue. This story seems weird. The basketball area is so small, the arcade isn’t even the focus of that place. It would be weird to see someone play the basketball set anyway since the carasoul is infront

  16. Is this the same place that was shaming a mom for breastfeeding a couple years back?

  17. I’ll take things that never happened for $500 Alex.

  18. Tbh this story sounds fake. I think op husband and kids broke some rules got told to stop, didn’t listen got kicked out. Instead of owning up decided to make up a story because of entitlement

  19. Is there anyone else that was there on this date


  20. Kathleen says:

    Can’t help but think there is more to the story. Been there many times & found the staff to be wonderful & helpful. Always 2 sides to a story

  21. Seriously I don’t see this happening. I could see teens doing that under their breath but not over an intercom. They aren’t that stupid.

    Also wth is your husbands problem? I would have left with my head held high and a bunch of teens stuffed in lockers. Man the hell up.

  22. Instead of complaining here you should have contacted management and discussed this and come up with a resolution. I am sure the owner is unaware. Try calling and file a former complaint. Its too bad your family had to go through this.

  23. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    people saying you should have recorded this…really…not everyone does have a cell,phone (i don’t) and would people actually keep a phone on them in a trmpoline are, etc. I am sorry this happened to you. I hope you call them and speak to an adult manager. good luck.

  24. Steven Van Steven Van says:

    Your pretty lucky if that’s the MOST disgusting thing you have ever discovered in your life
    Move on worse things happen to people everyday

  25. Did you go to management about it? The first step to getting somewhere is addressing it with appropriate people. If there were witnesses I am sure others would come forward as most people would find that very disgusting behaviour on employees part. If you came right here instead of addressing it with manager/owner then you are not looking for justice but looking to destroy a business. It’s unfair to penalize a business without first giving them the opportunity to deal with it. You should have gone to management at the time and explained what happened and have them verify you story with others that were witness to it, then they should have fired those involved. If the owner/management doesn’t know this is happening, how are they supposed to do anything about it?

  26. I can guarantee you that once the owners find out about this, something will be done. I will share this just to ensure the owners find out

  27. Mah Dehaan Mah Dehaan says:

    What were you doing? Just “goofing off” isn’t details.

  28. I wonder if there are cameras that may have recorded this?

  29. And you just left? With no complaint to the management? When you had witnesses that would probably complain with you? Why leave humiliated? Say something.

  30. I would have recorded this, and dad should have gone to complain stood his ground. He is teaching your children to be bullied, and run, instead of standing up for himself. When someone is doing something wrong you speak up.

  31. You need to formally complain to the owner or the company

  32. Shaun Siever Shaun Siever says:

    If you have a phone to post to shoutout Edmonton then you had a phone to record this occur. Video or it didn’t happen

  33. Jeff Gorski Jeff Gorski says:

    And there is no audio or video of this? In this day and age I find it difficult to beleive that there’s no proof.

  34. Matt Alan Matt Alan says:

    There is 100% no way that every staff member in the joint started bullying your kids over the intercom unless you were allowing your kids to pull some fucked up shit in there

  35. Laura Krause says:

    I am a news reporter with CityNews Edmonton and I’m interested in doing a story on this. If this is something you would like to talk about, please contact me back soon, thanks.

  36. I am hoping you talked to a manager or someone higher up as that is completely not acceptable and instead of leaving humiliated I would have had some choice words with the staff, Don’t ever let anyone humiliate you.

  37. Reach out to the owner. Make. Formal complaint.

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