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Hyundai Dealership DIDN’T MAKE IT RIGHT

2 years ago I received a flyer from LEDUC HYUNDAI, It was called ‘LEDUC HYUNDAI AUTO DEBT RELIEF PROGRAM’.
THE FLYER suggested who should apply:
* If you are having issues making your current auto payments and want them lower
* If you want a new vehicle but owe more than your current one is worth
* If you want cash back to pay off consumer debt and consolidate your finances.
* If you want your payments deferred while you catch up o your personal finances
* If you want to lower your interest rates to pay more of the principle.

Regardless of how much you owe or what condition your credit is in, Leduc Huyundai WILL AND THE LHADR WILL ACCEPT YOUR APPLICATION.

Well a couple of these points applied to me as my vehicle was nicle and diming me to death, and my roommate wasn’t paying rent, I was in a financial bind.

So I MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE and trusted these thieves.

I had the flu but they INSISTED I come I that day because the credit specialist was only there that day. So I drove from Edmonton to Leduc, sicker than I thought I was and ruined my finances even further.

You see my current payments on the MAZDA I had were 181.60 bi-weekly. I met with a man named (removed), he was from Winiipeg I believe.

After going through the application, (removed) ASSURED ME he could help. I sat that for over 2 hours only to find out they needed more time to find a “solution” to my particular needs. So they gave me a car off their lot to take home that evening too see if I liked it

After returning with the car the following business day, I advised them I did like the car however, supposedly that car wasn’t going to work for my financial situation. So they had me try not one, but five more vehicles!!! Now keep in mind I’m not feeling well and also suffer from depression, (I’ll get into that later) and this process was beginning to cause my anxiety and mood swings into a deep spiral.

Finally they found a car that “would work”. (Removed) asked me what my maximum was for making a payment. He KNEW my annual income and what I could and could not afford. I explained that the reason I was there was to have a lower payment, and get myself out of the financial mess I was now in. After all, wasn’t that what you were advertising?

By this time, spending endless hours and time going back and forth, I just wanted to go home. Not to mention I was embarrassed because of my situation as finances are not a topic that even couples are comfortable sharing, or discussing especially with a stranger.

He asked if I could possibly do 200.00 biweekly. This way I have a new vehicle, with a 5 year warranty, and will not have to worry about repairs, which is what wS happening with my Mazda.

I said okay. Then he came back and explained I will “have” to have insurance, in case I’m ill, or unable to make my payments. And my payments will be 226.00 biweekly. I now was so pressured and couldn’t even think straight. I also knew that I had a 14 day window to change my mind, and that was my out. So I went to sign the papers.

Upon signing, I realized that the payments were now at a whopping $350.00 BIWEEKLY!!!! When I inquired as to why now I’m paying this exorbitant amount, he explained that it included an extended warranty, the insurance, etc etc etc.

I was in shock. My friend was with me and knew how stressed I was, and embarrassed and didn’t want to cause a scene. She whispered to me “just sign, and call tomorrow and tell them you changed your mind. AFTER ALL I HAD A 14 DAY WINDOW.

You see when you have depression, in my case, I never want to make someone else uncomfortable, and tend to please everyone at the cost of my own wellness. I have to share that because I know you’ll be thinking :what an idiot I am”. I also avoid confrontation at all costs, I actually shouldn’t have been making such an important decision in the state of mind I was in at the time, and because I was I’ll it didn’t help.

So I signed the papers and went home. Regretting it all day and throughout the night. I was beside myself.
The next day I called the Manager and explained I made a mistake and changed my mind. After a long pause, the manager explained to me that he already SOLD MY MAZDA! What! I thought you said I had 14 days to “change my mind?” He said that because I seemed so happy that he was certain i wouldn’t be coming back.

So then i was stuck. I was also terrified because my financial situation had just gone from bad to worse. And I was I no frame of mind to even wrap my head around what I had just done to myself. How could I have trusted these people. Why didn’t i stand up for my rights as a consumer. Why did i even go there, Why didn’t i bring someone who was knowledgeable and wouldn’t allow these slimy salesman to take advantage of my situation. How could i be so stupid!

Those thoughts, and hundreds more, went through my mind for days. I was actually making myself sick. If you’ve ever been stressed about finances, you will understand the magnitude of just how severe this problem can be. Especially to someone who suffers with depression.

So I went to my physician and explained what happened. I told him not only was I totally stressed out, but my depression had become worse.

This was now my nightmare for the next year until I could no longer hold it together financially. I returned to my doctor the following year, 10 months after purchasing the vehicle. To my surprise they were so concerned with my health that his office wrote a letter to The Alberta Vehicle Industry Council.

At this time however, the very board that was set up to protect me, the consumer, was being investigated themselves. Apparently they had emailed me, NO PHONE CALLS, which I was unaware of. I finally called them and they advised me they closed my file because I didn’t respond to their emails.

So I decided I would take then head on myself. However when I called, LEDUC HYUNDAI WENT UNDER! Yup, they closed their doors.

By this time I was in such despair I barely could function. I was also having serious health issues and personal problems, I couldn’t deal with this at the time and put it on the back burner until I was feeling better.

Which leads me to today. Since then, I’ve received numerous calls AND texts from LEDUC HYUNDAI, CLAIMING THEY WANT TO MAKE THIS RIGHT. At first I was surprised that this new dealership was actually going to take ownership and responsibility for what the other management did. Well after months and months and months of that EMPTY PROMISE, THAT HYUNDAI SHOULD FIX, they always end their texts, emails And calls with one of these replies:
* Sorry you’re going through all this stress, I wish you luck (that was one of the nicer ones)
* Sorry can’t help you
* Sorry, we’re here to make money, and unfortunate for you but you owe to much for us to help you.
* I won’t add the one reply I got because it was by phone and it would be his word against mine, but it wasn’t nice.

I need help with this. I still am going to ensure that Hyundai doesn’t get away with this. It’s just wrong on b every level. I was told by the CURRENT MANAGER of LEDUC HYUNDAI that I’m not the only one they took advantage of either. They knew those doors were closing, and needed to make as much money as they could. That is why they put that flyer out. So they could take advantage of people just like me.

That Is why, instead of getting me a used car, that I could afford, they put me in a car that would ruin me financially. And they didn’t think twice about it. They CERTAINLY aren’t concerned about their business integrity. They have zero respect for me, or anybody else they’ve done this to. What kind of company would do this to another human being. What kind of company that makes millions, wouldn’t eat the cost to MAKE THINGS RIGHT! HYUNDAI THAT S WHO.

(Admin: Names removed. No names please..)



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