I don’t know what to do

I don’t know what to do. My 5 year old Yorkie broke her leg, I’ve brought her to the vet and they’ve resplint it 4 times, they did an x-ray again and the splint isn’t working, she needs a plate put into her leg and it’s like a $4000 surgery. We’ve paid well over $1000 already and there’s no way in heck we can afford this. I’m wondering if there’s anywhere I can surrender her to that she can get surgery and not be put down over a broken leg. Thank you



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  1. D. Armstrong says:

    Perhaps it’s time to try a different vet. Maybe someone will take a payment plan. Dr. Kwantes at Park Vet in Sherwood Park is amazing and always my first choice. I know at one time they had a fund for helping people, I believe, in these types of situations – it would be worth a call to ask what your options are. Another to try would be Uncas Vets. Maybe some of the animal rescue centres would have some ideas. Please don’t have her put to sleep or let her be in pain!

  2. Check with the many dog rescues in the city. They will likely accept her. Try Aarcs, Zoe’s, Gears, Scars. Just google rescues and contact them. I’m sure one will help you.

  3. Mercedes says:

    I can’t seem to reply to the shoutout. Please suggest Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society – AARCS. Also try SCARS, Zoe’s rescue and apply for pet card its like a credit card and approval is fast and almost everyone gets approved. Also if u are going to Guardian for the surgery then u may want to try a different vet for a second opinion and more affordable pricing! Edmonton West is highly recommended or even outside the city is even cheaper, Barrhead, Athabasca and Boyle are a few good ones:)

  4. Mercedes says:

    When i was at the vet in March, there was a family that needed an emergency surgery and couldnt afford it:(
    This happened around 9pm, they were told to apply for the pet card, they were immediately approved and scheduled the surgery for the next day! Doesnt hurt to try, its better than having to give away a family member:)


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