I get it, but….

I understand the devastation. I understand the fear. I understand the shock and outrage of so many young lives being taken from Humbolt. It IS a tragedy, and it’s sad.

But there’s a limit to sadness.

People are outraged that some flags haven’t been lowered to half mast. I myself have been blamed for not placing a hockey stick outside to honor those who have died. People are dressing to honor them, writing songs, offering discounts, giving things away, taking donations, making donations…..

But why? I understand offering comfort, helping pay the expenses (even though most of that should be covered by insurance). I understand the sadness over the loss.

What I don’t understand is the constant push to do better than your neighbour or another town in honoring the deceased.


When I die, will I receive an honor? Or will you? Or will your neighbour? Some people will be sad. Hell, some people will rejoice. But the reality is that death happens. Sure, this was significant, but people die every. single. day. Every day. How many of those deaths do you mourn? How many of those affect your day to day life? How many times do you pass by a gravesite and find sadness? Or do you just drive by and not think of it? Be honest with yourself. And don’t feel bad for your answer.

Because this is part of living.

I feel bad for all of those involved. I do. It breaks my heart to think about it.

But it does not affect how I live my life. I’m not going to use that tragedy as an example for a reason to live my fullest – because I don’t need a reason to be doing that already. I do that. Every single day. My time here is limited, and I don’t want to live it with regrets, or should-haves, or guilt. Things have happened to me that are terrible, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to affect what I’m doing now, or the smiles and hugs I give or the effort I put into my projects. I don’t need to live by anyone’s example except my own, and when tragedies happen I can send my heartfelt supportive energy to those involved – but otherwise, it’s not my business.

Just like your life is not my business, and my life is not yours.

There’s support – and then there’s social media warrior justice. Who can do better? Who can get more flags lowered? Who can get more angrier at the injustices of those who aren’t showing support? It CAN go too far. Everyone supports in their own way. And if they don’t? That’s their business.

Let the dead rest peacefully, so you can live in peace.



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