I know I did the right thing, but why do I feel bad?

I work an early shift, and I woke up at 3 am on Saturday (May 19) morning. As I’m getting up I heard arguing between a Male and Female, I look out and they were in their yard about 75 feet away from mine. I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, but it was heated, and there was lots of swearing.

After I showered, they were still going at it, and when I looked outside, they were still yelling and screaming and headed inside their townhouse. I got dressed, and listened again, and the yelling was loud enough that I could still make out that they were arguing from outside their house to mine.

According to my phone log, I called 911 at 3:27 am. I told the operator about the fight, but that I had to go to work. She said It was fine to leave, they’ll dispatch officers. I waited as long as I could, another 15 minutes to show any police that showed up where to go. As of 3:45 there were no police and I had to leave.

Around 9 am I got a call at work, a detective called me asking to come in after my shift to make a statement. Since I am a witness he could not tell me anything other than there was an assault. I don’t even know if the male or the female was a victim. Obviously not a homicide or it would have made the news.

I finally got home around 13:00. There were still 2 police cars outside their house.


A little later, the EPS Ident team (CSI) showed up and were there at least 2 hrs, I had to leave again at 16:00.

As far as I can tell. nobody has been back at the house since. Clearly whatever happened in there was bad. Very, Very bad.

I can’t stop thinking about those 27 minutes. Why did I wait 27 minutes? Would those 27 minutes have made a difference? In hindsight, I think I knew it was a domestic when I first looked outside at 3, but something probably told me it was not my problem and I had to get to work.

27 minutes. FML.



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