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If you need help but you’re scared to ask…

Are you buckling under the pressure? Have depression, anxiety, drug use or another mental health problem been keeping you from doing your best at school and/or at work? You don’t have to keep living the way you’re living. If you need help, in the short-term or long-term, please don’t be afraid to seek it.
If you cannot hold steady work or regularly attend post-secondary schooling due to mental health issues, your first step in getting income supports, subsidies or grants is usually to find a psychiatrist.

Here is a brief list of some mental health and addictions resources in Edmonton:

U of A Hospital Psychiatric Treatment Clinic: Be seen for an assessment that will link you up with a group program, therapist and/or psychiatrist. This is a first step for many in seeking a qualified psychiatrist.

Edmonton Drop-In Single Session Counselling: Free 50-minute counselling sessions available at multiple locations in Edmonton. They see individuals, partners or families.

AHS Addictions Services Edmonton: Previously known as AADAC, with the main office located downtown. For individuals, or friends and family of individuals suffering with addiction. Walk-in accepted, with counselors, psychiatrists, group therapy programs and other resources readily available.

Any Clinic, Any Time: Every physician in every clinic is part of a Primary Care Network. That means they’re linked up with medical professionals of every specialty to get you the care you need. So simply visit your family doctor or go a nearby walk-in clinic, tell them about your mental health concerns and request a psychiatrist referral.

You matter! Your health matters. So take care of yourself. You deserve it. If it’s hard for you to consider doing something solely for yourself, consider this: when you better yourself, you better the world. A strong person inspires others to be strong and can hold others up in their own times of need. You got this!



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