Ignorant people making emotional decisions

I grow increasingly frustrated with people asking for help on this page and uneducated people offering legal advice on this page.

People please understand no one on fb is a lawyer unless they specifically state that they are.

Asking for advice regarding domestic situations and children is one thing, but listening to people who tell you that you can remove children from the other parent and disappear across borders is ludicrous.

Seek legal advice. Do NOT make decisions regarding your children unless you know the law supports them.

I have helped so many women and men fight to regain access to their children or get their children back when they make a choice that is not legal in Canada.
Seek legal advice.


Do not listen to other people’s stories of failure or success. This is your story and even if you are leaving to save yourself and your minor children you still need the backing of the law.

A protection order does not give you the right to leave the province where the other parent lives with his or her children.

Ignorance is costly and I beg of you to gain the correct advice and not just Facebook advice.
Good luck to you all. I hope



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  1. Are you a lawyer giving advice????????? You say don’t take advise but yet you give it?????

  2. I agree to a point..also note most protection orders are only valid in the province issued

  3. I have a large amount of lawyers on my friends list. Some of them post here. They aren’t going to tell you they practice law while giving internet advice. They want to keep their jobs.

  4. Also you rarely need a lawyer in family law. It’s not that hard

  5. Dia Thurston Dia Thurston says:

    Some parents actually do manage their own court cases in a court setting as they can’t afford a lawyers fee.

  6. Liz Dubray Liz Dubray says:

    Some people actually DO know the laws. It’s not everyone who gives wrong information. Many parents are actually quite educated on the matter. It’s ONLY advice that people are giving. If a poster is going to follow the advice of the statements being made by the people responding, then that’s their own stupidity for not following up first before making the wrong decision. If someone goes on here looking for advice, people are going to give it. You don’t want advice or misinformation, don’t create a post. Problem solved. So instead of coming down on people offering advice that was asked of in the first place, why don’t you spazz on the people actually requesting it. If you don’t like what’s being said, move along. Quit trolling. Like wholly fuck!

  7. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    On Shoutout Edmonton we automatically become armchair therapists when it comes to relationships/dating. But when it comes to financial advice like getting better car payments, we tell you to go back to your dealer and buy another car for even more debt 🙂


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