I’ll just leave this here…

Shame on y’all for bashing the person who was looking for the STI clinic. If you’re having sex AT ALL, you should be getting tested.

How dare you jump all over someone who is at least being PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE.

Herpes is only one, I know, but this is interesting information. Maybe if you get your asses off your judgemental soapbox and get tested, the epidemic that is the STI infection would be slowed down.



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  1. I honestly love it when people think sex is this horrible thing that no one should do for reason xy and z. It’s like watching zoo animals.

  2. Amanda Nic Amanda Nic says:

    Fucken rights !!!

  3. If you’re getting into a new relationship with a person you both should be checked out! Men can carry HPV and be completely asymptomatic and pass it on! Plus all it takes is 1 partner in your partner’s history who wasn’t truthful/careful/whatever. It doesn’t mean your partner is some player running the streets, it’s taking a proactive stance in your own health care!

  4. I had asked 2 men I dated years back for STD Testing, first thing first, IF you want/expect sex and you don’t get, you don’t get it! 😉 Cover up too!

  5. Its getting pretty bad out there. Even when I sit at my keyboard and masturbate I wear rubber gloves. One can never be too safe.

  6. Alberta has the highest STI
    Rate in Canada. So that said going and getting tested won’t hurt I definitely. Don’t want someone else’s issues. So rude of people to not think outside themselves. Asking for help is no crime


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