I’ll just say what no one else has the balls to say

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that since the government started taking in more and more “refugees” and”immigrants” rape, sexual harrassment attempted abductions and blanant disrespect towards women has increased hugely. Native woman going missing before, now its all women. Canadian men have to put up with the increase in bullshit too.

NO one wants to say it and the media is ignoring these facts. Sharia law look up Taharrush and taqia.



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  1. Tanya Barker Tanya Barker says:

    You’re 10 ply bud!

  2. We have lots of balls.
    It is simply that we are not racist maggots like you, that we refuse to say stupid, ignorant, deplorable rubbish like this.
    Go back to your trailer, put on your wife beater, and hang your hat on the deer antler hat rack.

  3. Canada is a great place to live. I’ve prided myself with the idea of a mosaic not a melting pot so many have described the states as being. We dont invite immigrants over to just throw them with the rest of society to be melted away and formed into something generic. We have a huge mural of everyone’s back stories coming here and making it a much more beautiful fun eccentric world even. My problem lays with the govenerment where we have so many coming here and getting jobs and funding, that the people that have worked and have contributed to society are left without jobs or less than someone coming over to live here. Our hatred or increase in crime as you put it isnt coming from immigrants more from ignorance from within. Hate crimes are on a rise because of said difficulties within our government. Is what I think. Please keep the hate on a low I just wanted to throw my idea out there. Proud to be Canadian.

  4. Nope haven’t noticed. People are assholes and will continue to be assholes…. no matter where they’re from. The biggest assholes I’ve met disrespecting women AND everyone else were white….. males and females from Canada

  5. Society AS A WHOLE has deteriorated. No one group can be held responsible!!

    We will continue to fall apart, if people cannot/will not stop being so self centered! Rudeness, name calling and general nastinest will be prevalent until people start to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. We need empathy, kindness and caring for each other.

  6. The Somalian Community of men are definitely in this category.

  7. Ignorance yet once again. What an embarrassment

  8. Check out this E-Book, which is a Canada 150 project a few years back. Lots of stories from immigrants that have lived here for years. I hope the OP sees this, and for everyone else…it’s a good read. 🙂

  9. Shawn Silva Shawn Silva says:

    I’ve only noticed worse driving practices

  10. Had “the balls” to post this but quickly loses balls when it comes to signing it. “Anonymous” meh.

  11. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson says:

    Oh yes very ballsy by the way, making an ANONYMOUS statement. Very cojones. Such testicle. Wow.

  12. Holy fuck! The ability to hide blatant bigotry and racism behind the anonymity of the Internet is strong with this one. I’m sorry that you had such a terrible childhood, and can only imagine the terrible things that happened to you to make you this way.

  13. Fern Thomas Fern Thomas says:

    I think its the men that they let in.

  14. Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

    Nope. It’s more visible because the political climate has changed. Trump has emboldened the racists. Case in point, you.

  15. Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

    Ty Alderman Brown Word.

  16. Nammy Singh Good one, that’s even better 🙂

  17. Rowena Eger Rowena Eger says:

    I am disappointed in Shoutout Edmonton for allowing this post!

  18. Diane Peters Diane Peters says:

    OP, you’re an idiot.

  19. Actually that is very false. Our rates of sexual and violent crimes have always been some of the worst in the world. Better question, what are you doing to help the problem besides blaming immigrants? It’s always been a common misconception that the people committing these crimes are scary strangers but the truth is that 95% of victims know and trust their perpetrator. It isn’t the scary man in the alley or the stranger in the park…. it’s the people you interact with every day and wouldn’t suspect. They love when the blame gets put on other groups of people because it makes it easier for them to access their next victim. Put your xenophobia away. You’re literally contributing to the problem instead of helping.

  20. April Lee April Lee says:

    We all bleed red for christ sake! Drop the ignorance and racism. Every person is their own. Does not matter race, each person creates the life they want… if they happen to be abusers, addicts, ignorant assholes like yourself it is a choice not because of race!
    Why cant everyone just get along ?!

  21. Lots of ignorant people in the comment section that dont know a damn thing about the ideology in question… Islam…

  22. She’s talking about Muslims people sharia law etc you know!?!? Wake up

  23. Amen!!!! You bet your ass your right !!!

  24. I worked for a man who came here as a child who is a practicing Muslim. He told me stories of hearing explosions just a few doors down as he tried to sleep at night. He was easily one of the kindest most respectful people I’ve ever worked for. He now has a successful company and employs many canadians, pays them fairly and respects everyone.

    Until you’ve actually gotten to know someone, you have no idea who they are.
    Religion is a sensitive subject, but what someone chooses to believe in has no bearing on their value as a person.

  25. Unless you have facts this could be considered blasphemous. You could be charged.

  26. Funny, how any time I’ve been treated poorly, aggressively, or in any way that I have felt uncomfortable, it was a white man, who spoke perfect English. So you’re “theory” is full of BS.

    • How much do U know about islam… Let me guess… Nothing…

    • Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

      Evan Laughlin Pretty sure you know even less

    • Michelle it has everything to do with it… The post is literally about Islamic refugees… Now stop diverting and answer the question… How much do u know about Islam?

    • Jen… Truely? Okay… Lets test ur Islamic knowledge then to see if U actually know what ur talking about… What are the hadiths? What is a khaffir? What is taqiyya? How did Islam spread? How old was Aisha when muhammad decided to get his freak on? Do U know the answer to any of these basic questions?

    • Evan Laughlin what are talking about? I said, anytime I’ve been treated inappropriately, it’s was a WHITE man, who spoke perfect English, what does that have to do with how much I know about Islam, which I CLEARLY stated I don’t know much about. Let me hear how much you know about Islam? Don’t go on and show how racist you are by talking how evil they are, because then you are just proving you are a typical racist. One thing I will never argue about is religion, politics and racist people, you can’t change their minds, well, a racist mind, you really can’t change. Not sure what I know about Islam has to do with me sticking up for newcomers to Canada, because, guess what, shallow kid, not all immigrants are what you are saying. They come from all over the world. My father was an immigrant from the Netherlands. Maybe you want to bash him. Moron.

    • K first of all… If thats true then thats unfortunate… No woman nor man should be abused by anyone… But ur clearly missing the entire point put forward by the post… The point of the post is that in areas where Islamic refugees congregate in this country rape and sexual assaults INCREASE… They do not go down… The stats increase SUBSTANTIALLY… That is the point of this entire post… So ur response is beyond irrelevant… White men commit far fewer rapes and assaults then the islamic refugees coming into the country which is simply put a fact… “racist” yep… Clearly U dont know anything about Islam… Or maybe U know something that i dont… So im gonna give u a chance to explain urself… How can you be “racist” towards a religion? Explain it to me… No again U R missing the point of both the post and my comment… This is about ISLAMIC refugees… Please try and stay on topic and stop diverting…

  27. Jesse Hunt Jesse Hunt says:

    Statistically speaking. You are right. Morally. Well hell I still agree with you. Lol

  28. Not my post but they are not wrong. Something changed in Canada over the last few years. The Canada we are in now is not one I agree with. I have no issue with any one denomination, I just think a pattern is showing itself and things should be adjusted

  29. “I’ll just say what no one has the balls to say…..” you’re disgusting! You’re vile. I hope you don’t have kids. I REALLY, REALLY hope you don’t. What a sad and pathetic life you lead, to have such hateful thoughts.

  30. I just want to blow this entire ridiculous post up. Guess what?! I’m not even an immigrant.
    I am sorry but a post like this especially anonymously doesn’t mean you have balls. Maybe grow a set and learn some “stuff”.

  31. Writing an anonymous post like the one you wrote actually shows that you dont have balls

  32. OP.. you’re an idiot. You finally “noticing” something doesn’t mean anything. If you had stats or proof…

  33. Do I have to say the truth? Grow some spine and shut the hell up. Issues are NOTHING to do with what you just said. Get a broader perspective and learn a bit. You are part of the issue.

  34. Nope, it is definitely not the immigrants. It is Trump and his supporters spreading hate, it is Ford and his supporters spreading hate, it is Kenney and his supporters spreading hate. People who would have kept quite before now think it is ok to insult, verbally and physically attack women, people of colour, the LGBT+ community and anyone else they think is not good enough for them. Immigrants are definitely not the problem. The hate spewing conservatives definitely are.

  35. Giselle General ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. Mara Cakes Mara Cakes says:

    Definitely just you

  37. Dear “poster” of this disgusting comment: you don’t have balls!
    You’re the real problem, your ignorance is showing! I’m sure you’re a white boy, because those are the ones who complain the most, a close second are the white girls! Makes me feel ashamed sometimes! If you see the crime sprees against women or anyone for that matter are not necessarily immigrants, the majority of the time they are white guys! What you are saying is anyone is an immigrant is a criminal (sounds like Something Trump would say). That’s like generalizing every white guy in Alberta is a knuckle- dragging redneck! You should be ashamed!
    Also remember this, your ancestors came from somewhere and were probably immigrants!

  38. Carolyn Hofer hahah did you get that BS from Rebel Media? You’re fear mongering Carolyn!

  39. Candice Ball Candice Ball says:

    What a stupid post. First of all no, you aren’t the only one “brave” enough to say it. Many other ignorant racists have said it as well. It’s funny how you basically just said it didn’t matter when native women were missing, but now it does because all women are missing. Most of the homicides against women in this country are committed by their significant other. Not random refugees that are fleeing a horrible place. One bad person doesn’t make an entire race or religion bad. Honestly do some real unbiased research.

  40. Yup , I guess you can relate to native people that suffered when the immigrant Europeans arrived and ruined there culture . And yes even back then the media ignored it .

  41. Leslie Berg Leslie Berg says:

    You got any stats to back up this shit story you’re selling???

  42. Mike Hamel Mike Hamel says:

    Do you even watch the news

  43. I’m thankful for immigration. You meet many interesting people. My neighbors are Arabic, Hispanic, and Asian. And I love it. I dont think you speak for me, and as for refugees, I’m sure the screening could be better but remember why they are here, fleeing a war torn country and looking for a better life. I take pride for canadas diversity and willingness to help those in need regardless of where they come from or the color of their skin… stop the hate and learn to love another human.

  44. You are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you? You need to spend some time educating yourself for the sake of humankind.

  45. Hes not right but he’s got a point. Filipino men are the worse imo. They are all here cheating on their spouses. Lol . And that’s the truth.

  46. None of this is new. None of this is due to immigration or those seeking refuge.

    Try looking up the Highway of Tears. Robert Pickton. Karla Holmoka. Pieces of shit come from our own back yard too.

    In short – you’re a moron.

  47. Aww, hows it feel being a racist, sis. No wonder youre posting anonymously…

  48. Kim Schindel Kim Schindel says:

    If you’re not of first nation descent… Guess what… You’re an immigrant too… And racist BTW

  49. The OP is talking about Muslim men who come over here. They have no respect for women in their own country and no respect for women here. I’m not saying all of them are like this but most are.
    Sharia Law is a real thing.

    • Jennifer Smith no most are not. If I have only met 4 and they were all very respectful ….if the problem is as rampant as you say at least one of them would be an asshole …you have never spent any time at all actually talking to a Muslim male have you?

    • You would probably love Sharia law if it was a white guy with a crucifix dishing out the same backwards rules based on religion

    • William MacVittie no actually I’m not religious and hate religion and believe its evil and ruins everything. And like I said not all of them are like this. But seriously, old habits are hard to break.

    • Women are the Inferior Sex

      The rigid laws of Islam have deprived half of the population of their basic human rights. The male is in charge of the female: Koran 4:34, and the subjugated half is led to believe, through Islamic teachings, that the supremacy of the man is the will of Allah, and it has been predestined for women to live as submissive, obedient wives.

    • Liv Lewis Liv Lewis says:

      Jennifer Smith do you say the same about Christian men? Or Jewish men?

    • Liv Lewis if they are disrespectful to women of course.
      But these men make their women stay home
      Walk a certain number of feet behind them
      Try to have multiple wives etc.
      It’s their religion and ways. It shouldn’t be done over there and it shouldn’t be done over here

    • Jennifer Smith lol fucking Born Again Christian’s have the same rules. The woman is subservient. Gtfoh.

    • Jordan Kruger in what world is a Christian woman subservient.
      I haven’t seen any Christian women in burkas or having to walk behind their men.
      Most women are working on their careers, married with a family.
      My aunt is born again and she is married and happy and healthy. Where are your stats?
      This is Canada, women are not forced to stay home, they aren’t living in polygamous marriages, they aren’t married at 15.
      Please show me your proof of Christian women living like Muslim women.

  50. Wow sure am glad I am not as narrow minded and racist as the person who posted this.

  51. Nope it’s just your confirmation bias coming out, once you get past it you will see that crimes happen no matter what race, culture or religion

  52. To the poster of this comment: I, one of those “immigrants” would love to meet you in person, take you for coffee or something, and share my story of coming here. We can also have a meaningful discussion of the various social issues we have, as I volunteer a lot and I also work in the nonprofit sector. Feel free to message me.

  53. Wtf did I just read???

  54. No one says it, cause it’s BS.

  55. Josh Neary Josh Neary says:

    It’s not that nobody has the balls, it’s that nobody thinks that in the first place.

  56. Joshua Genge Joshua Genge says:

    Yes of course, it’s what they want. UN and Canada, a sickly combination.

  57. Julio Garcia Julio Garcia says:

    Now you know how it felt for indigenous peoples of this land when Europeans came over

  58. Tessa Rae Tessa Rae says:

    Umm hello, ever since the Europeans came here, this has been happening! This isn’t new. Dummy up.

  59. I think your balls are stuck in your racist brain, good luck with that

  60. Incorrect. It has become increased only in the sense it’s a lot more in your face now since social media platforms have evolved. Trafficking, rape and missing women of all decent has always been an issue native or not. Ignorance is bliss is suppose.

  61. Just you…..look at the data….just you

  62. Cassie House Cassie House says:

    I want to laugh at you, but I’m floored by the ignorance. If you truly believe this you’re huffing paint.

  63. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    Fear mongering at its finest

  64. Manda Wilde Manda Wilde says:

    Nope, its definitely just you. You read/listen to/hear what catches your interest, which confirms the biases you already have. Women of all skin tones and religions have been victimized since time immemorial and you are kidding yourself that its worse when a brown man does it. You have just learned to ignore it when a white man does it.

  65. Kay but there’s no Sharia Law here…

  66. It’s just you, Op…just You

  67. It’s just you….your a racist mother fucker

  68. The biggest threat to women is white Christian males. They are the ones that want to control women and they are the ones with the power.

  69. These comments were great to see……except for the op and a few odd bigots.

  70. Being a sanctuary city,you guys will soon see it, especially if your beloved turd gets in again.

  71. Yeah it’s just you…racist, racist you

  72. Um… you are an immigrant or descendant of an immigrant unless your are of First Nations descent. So you are speaking about all of us. And You are mistakingly attributing these acts to those who just want a better life.

  73. Ffs…it takes zero balls to post something anonymously to a shoutout page. Especially something so ignorant. Just saying.

  74. This is the most unapologetically bigoted post I have ever read on this page. You are a racist, and shoild be ashamed of yourself.

  75. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    I would like to know if you have actual statistics about crimes against women? Have they actually increased , or are you imagining they have as in some European countries. ?

  76. Dustin Grant Dustin Grant says:

    Crime statistics do not support your rambling disinformation..

  77. Ron Klatt Ron Klatt says:

    Go fuck yourself bigot

  78. They said that about the Jewish people as they turned them away from WW2.

  79. It is just you. You do not speak for the masses, thank goodness. Shame on you.

  80. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson says:

    People need to stop being so afraid of each other. We have way more similarities than we do differences and most of us all have the same goal, in whatever way we are working toward it. We’re all just trying to get through life with a minimum of suffering to us and those we care about.

  81. Jena Sandra Jena Sandra says:

    No. It’s always been this awful. People are just talking about it more and hearing about it more with social media and the internet.

    And Canadian’s have always done awful things to each other and even worse to Native Canadian’s. Oh but wait yes those were immigrants committing atrocities. White European immigrants!

  82. Seems to me the recent releases of sexual predators in our city are all born and bread Canadians. Seriously racist post.

  83. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    Are you profiling

  84. “Canadian men”? You realize that immigrants and refugees are Canadians too, right? And I feel much more comfortable around a group of refugees than a group of white men, who think they’re entitled to my body, all the jobs they want, and to make ignorant comments like this! But, I’m sure you don’t give a shit about immigrants, as long as they have WHITE skin. You’re a racist asshole.

  85. Immigrants from where? Are you only referring to the (as people would call them/us)…the “colored “? Are we talking about polish? American? I think we need firmer immigration laws? I think us “Canadians” need to make sure our country is safe and flourishing but lets be mindful of our language.

    • Nicole Hughes isn’t it funny how “immigrants” has become synonymous with “people of colour” lately? No one seems to care about Polish, German, or Scandinavian “immigrants.”

    • Islamic immigrants… Those are the immigrants being spoken of… And my guess is… Like everyone else in the western world… U dont know anything about islam…

    • Nicole… Lets test ur knowledge of Islam… Just to see if U actually know what ur talking about or if ur entire argument is based soley on ur emotional state… Im willing to put money on the latter… What are the Hadiths? What is Taqiyya? What is a caliphate? Do U know the answer to any of these BASIC questions?

    • Jen Pratt Jen Pratt says:

      Evan Laughlin Oh, look! Somebody knows how to use google! Good for you.

      What you haven’t seemed to consider is that the vast majority of these people are fleeing that oppression.

    • Evan Laughlin let me ask you this, What did u get from my comment? My messaging is to be mindful of hate speach and i wanted clarity on which “immigrants” this anonymous person is referring to. Thet my friend is a “basic” question.

    • Jesse Hughes you have no idea. Its difficult for me when i run across undercover racists and homophobics who cant balls up and say “i hate immigrants” or whatever…like be you but dont talk shit and use comments like “those people ” or “Canadians “. Umm aboriginals were here first and we all immigrated here somehow, sooo…..go read your grade 5 social school work and keep it moving. You would be surprised how man racist names and insults i get on here. They would never(obviously) say it to our faces but hey being a keyboard warrior from moks basement is impressive too.

    • Jen… They are not fleeing oppression… Thats just the cover story for there true purpose in the western world… What is that purpose U may ask? Well… Y dont u give this video a little watch and U will C for urself…

    • Nicole… Let me ask U… Is what these muslims in this video are saying… Hate speech? Keep in mind that this is only one example… There are videos far longer then this one that show COUNTLESS numbers of imams in both the middle east and Africa saying the exact same thing the people in the video are saying…

    • Its time to wake up western world… Not only has Islam lied to you… But ur own politicians are lying to you… “Islam is a religion of peace!”… Ya… Cept… Throughout history… They have always been at war… Which they are always the ones to start… If U actually knew anything about Islams history… U would know that…

  86. Funny as a natural born Canadian woman I feel safer with new Canadian men than I ever have with natural born Canadian men.

  87. It does worry me a little that places in the world where stoning to death a child that was hunted and raped, are coming to live here and could possibly be desensitized to women as equals. However I do know first hand that a huge amount of beautiful people are coming from all over the world so I chose to judge everyone separately Lots come here because they want peace and equality for their daughter and wives

  88. “Canadian men have to put up with increased bullshit”…. please elaborate …what does it even mean ??

  89. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson says:

    Plus, if you’re a white dude, you are yourself either an immigrant or the descendant of immigrants. Fact. White people are not indigenous to North America.

  90. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson says:

    Sounds racist af but okay. You better have some actual links and statistics to back that shit up.

  91. No one will say anything until it’s to late

  92. Diversity is our strength

  93. I will say the OP is either on drugs or drugs or drugs. The stupidity in his comments reflect the depths of his ignorance and insecurity…

  94. ted fenning says:

    Agreed, and no balls seems to be an outbreak recently. Squat to pee type men these days. SAD

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