Impaired hit & run on Whyte Ave!

***PLEASE share the s*it out of this and bring the justice that this douche bag deserves!!! If you see a Acura with front bumper damage, please get a licence plate. Specifically in Whyte Ave and Jasper Ave areas!

This Newer 4 door Acura hit us last night (March 2 @ 9:45pm) on Whyte Ave & 105 Street. It was parked on the road outside “BeerCade”, then abruptly pulled out side swiping our black Mitsubishi RVR while we were driving by Westbound. The car sped off and the licence plate was unable to be read. Witnesses near by said the driver was visually impaired. He was a Caucasian guy, short dirty blonde hair, and approximately 30 years old. His passenger was a female the same age range, with long wavy blonde hair.

PLEASE if anyone sees this car (the front bumper was broken & the front passenger side was pulled off the car) PLEASE contact Dishonest people like this need to be caught! PLEASE if anyone can help in any way…😔



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  1. Melanie says:

    There were 3 witnesses that saw the driver stagger into the drivers seat, and rev the engine like a maniac “trying” to get it into gear. In fact he was revving it so much, he caused quite the smoke show. The police did pull camera footage from a couple of the bars…sadly the licence plate was not legible with all the exhaust smoke 🙁

  2. Alot of the places have cameras out front down there

  3. Jeff Lo you seem to know every other Tsx

  4. Shelly Hein Shelly Hein says:

    Id be pissed too but how do you know the driver was impaired

  5. Chris Arcand Chris Arcand says:

    She will end up dry ratting, give it time.

  6. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Check with the cops, they may have been pulled over

  7. Keith Bangen Keith Bangen says:

    If they were in beercade they scanned their id’s.

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