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A man and woman are in a relationship. They have kids and such.

The woman asked the man to delete all females he’s been in a relationship with and he doesn’t. This specific female has sent him explicit photos during there relationship. While the man and woman have two young children. Does the man have more feelings for this female. Is the friendship between the man and female put above the relationship of the man and woman?



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  1. Rearview Mirror says:

    Get out. Very damaged people cling on to past ex’s. They have to have someone thinking they’ve changed for the better, in case you get tired of being disrespected.
    I, like you was told often “jealousy”; no not jealousy, your partner should be committed to you .. not the past relationships.
    I wasted 10 years stuffing down abuse because”none of the ex’s had the same experience” .. they just didn’t know they were in a competition every 5 weeks.
    I stayed? Because we have a child together. If you heard the child’s experience .. it would terrify you.

  2. GetAGrip says:

    Women are usually more upset about emotional infidelity than sexual infidelity. This means women care more when their man is emotionally attached or have friendship with other women than cheating. They then also believe there is an ongoing relationship, and with an emotional attachment. I dated someone who constantly freaked out over being in contact with a client of mine (who happened to be rich, beautiful, fit, corporate accountant married to s doctor) after working hours but still discussing business. I was later accused of having sex with her for money. Same girl also freaked out over a girlfriend from highschool (married with kids, blond, fit, professional ) who I was friends with on Facebook but hadn’t seen for 15yrs.
    White women are the most insecure and needy people. I don’t date white girls anymore and my life is tremendously simple now.