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Infill developers…

Looking to sell my house.
It’s near downtown, a large lot, close to nait, kingsway, lrt, and so on.

The house is near condemned…..not worth the money to make it bearable. I want to sell it as a redevelopment opportunity…… I’m wondering if anyone can recommend developers or investment firms that buy infill projects.

I don’t want to pay a realtor and not experienced with real estate and dont want to be taken for a ride.

I am not financially capable or redeveloping it myself, otherwise I would.

Any info would be appreciated…



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  1. May Molofy May Molofy says:

    you can call a couple reputable realtors, to give you a market evaluation of your property and offer suggestions that would benefit you the most to give you a start to make a decision. There is no cost for a market evaluation.

  2. Just decide on what you need for the house and dont sell for any less, when it comes to a developer..

  3. How much would you sell it for? If you did want to lol

  4. Connie Jones Connie Jones says:

    Please message me. I’m a real estate investor, not an agent, nor a developer.

  5. Ruth Wadley Ruth Wadley says:

    If you don’t want to be taken for a ride, hire a realtor. They are there to protect you & your interests.

  6. Use a realtor, or you will get taken for a ride. Find a good commercial or residential realtor and they will do the work for you.

  7. An infill developer probably won’t be much different than dealing with a realtor, have you tried getting info on rezoning your property from the City yet?

  8. I don’t have a specific recommendation for a company, but I suggest exploring your neighborhood and ones close by for any infill properties. If it is relatively recent there might still be signs at the front on who the developer was. A perk to doing this is that you can tell they had experience with working with lots by your area. Good luck!

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