Info for vasectomy reversals

Need information on the best doctor for vasectomy reversals.

And maybe some personal experiences.

Costs of the procedure.



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  1. Randi Doucet Randi Doucet says:

    When inquiring about a vasectomy they tell you to be absolutely sure because the reversal is $10,000 for the surgery, not covered by Alberta Health. Dr. Lolhun is where my husband was told that.

  2. Shawn Blair Shawn Blair says:

    My reversal cost $8500 cash. Was at private surgery ward on 111 and 149st. Docs first name was Blair.
    Watch some YouTube videos. Wow! I was only off work a week.
    He told us 50-50 chance at best and no kid yet. 5yrs ago.
    Depends on how long been snipped and age.
    Good luck! Best 8500 I ever spent!

  3. Clinton Kirk Clinton Kirk says:

    I remember when the Vasectomy Reversals opened for Rush. They rocked.

  4. my brother in law had a vasectomy before he met my sister(she’s never had children). When they married it was asked if he was interested in having a reversal and he said that even if he had a reversal that there was a high chance of his sperm having genetic issues.Is this true or was he just saying that to stop questions about them having children?

  5. Dorinda Dawn Dorinda Dawn says:

    Best bet is to do IVF it’s cheaper and works better

  6. Good luck! Not just going through 1 surgery but another to reverse it. I’m glad the option exists for you and hope it is successful


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