Instead of crying about support systems

To the one who is crying about being on EI. Welcome to the government system. You being on EI gives you more than ANYBODY on income support and you’re crying about your situation.

People living on welfare get way less in a whole month than you will see in 2 weeks on E.I. Get over yourself and others have way more to worry about than you do. I guess I’m just mad because I’ve tried hard to get accepted into school after being on welfare. And I’m excited to get more income being in school and actually working than relying on the system sitting around. No matter the situation, I wouldn’t complain.

So you complaining about it is just sad and selfish. Dont expect the government to take care of you for sitting around.



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  1. Actually in some cases EI is LESS than welfare. It’s based on what a person was earning before. As such if a person was low wage earner their EI is lower than welfare

  2. Darcy Nelson Darcy Nelson says:

    I totally don’t understand the context of this post but you can’t compare EI to welfare

  3. What a goomba you are OP.

    EI is paid into by workers – they are not being taken care of by government. The government only administers it.
    After a lay off from a job, EI does little to pay all the bills.

    Why are you comparing other programs to EI? They’re totally different.

  4. When people work for their e.i payments….

  5. Umm we PAY into ei , so if we need it we should be able to question the amounts ….

  6. Umm we PAY into ei , so if we need it we should be able to question the amounts ….

  7. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    Yes let’s see. Hmmmm… What to cry about today ? Oh I know , nothing much…. But hey I could cry about someone’s crying. Lol. We ALL being overtaxed by a self serving system. Get back whatever you can. The rich certainly do. So fair game for the poor too?

  8. People on e I paid into it and should be getting a full wage for the amount we have all paid over here years.

  9. Will Nichol Will Nichol says:

    Lol ppl on welfare get more the ppl on ei lol, when I lost my job a couple yrs ago i was making 2000 every 2 weeks…….on ei i was making 975 every 2 weeks lol

  10. Jesse Hughes Jesse Hughes says:

    Bums fighting over who is the bummiest around hahahah awesome. How bout get a job instead of enjoying tax payers money by sitting at home on ur ass bitching. Cant be that broke u got FB and a wifi capable device. Maybe y’all getting to much money.

  11. You actually have to earn EI so there is definitely a difference between being on welfare and collecting EI.

  12. Well don’t you have a self righteous moral compass

  13. In Finland the EI used to be 80% although I would see it was better if more evenly distributed. Here in Canada I was unlucky enough to be self employed contractor and they get the worst deal. (absolutely nothing). While social assistance is very low and should be more to get by I agree that this guy is a waayyy off with his rant. Like to see you being willing to work 43 hours straight without sleep to get by while having a devastating chronic illness. Get some spine. If you are healthy you are way ahead the curve already.

  14. To the ignorant Poster, EI is based off what you made WORKING. Welfare is for those who sit in their ass and do nothing. So shut the hell up

  15. Emma Kazimir-Quinn took the words out of my mouth

  16. You also shouldn’t throw stones. In the same sentence you said you were on “welfare” but also said dont depend on the government to support you. People on EI obviously have/ had jobs….soooooo

  17. Im not being an asshole. Im actually asking. So your mad because your not working, which has unfrotuantely brought you to Alberta works? Or are you mad because someone who has paid into EI is bitching about how much they recieve. Lets start with the fact that when i go on EI every summer(10 month position) i get way less then i pay into and im taxed again. Im not lazy and sitting around, i am simply waiting for my job to start again….alberta works does not pay enough by any means but sorry there are two very different sources of income.

  18. Just because things are crappy for someone else by comparison, it doesn’t lessen their hardships.

    This isn’t a contest. Please consider that EI is a percentage based upon your previous salary. Most people match their lifestyle and spending to that salary. Slash that by 45% (or possibly more, because it does max out) that’s a HUGE financial burden.

    It also doesn’t cover ANY health benefits, which most other social supports offer.

    In short – just because two people are struggling does not give you the right to sit there and decide who is more worthy of support with your very, very limited view.

  19. Emma Kazimir-Quinn EXACTLY!!!!

  20. Wow what a fuckin hypocrite. Leeches off the welfare system that poster didn’t pay into to get, but then has the audacity to turn their nose up and point fingers at someone else who actually DID pay into the system and has a right to complain that they only get 55% back? Poster, do you actually hear your own retarded thoughts? You need to lay off the sauce or the meth. Honestly. What a fuckin tool.

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