International Women’s Day

I want to celebrate International Women’s Day. I do. But in good conscience I can’t. I have seen and experienced far too many occurrences where women have brought down men and other women just to elevate themselves.

I think this day should be celebrated when all women can help each other, elevate each other, and support one another without cattiness, pettiness, and vindictiveness. When women can treat PEOPLE, regardless of gender type, as the same.

I frequently have been subjected to the cattiness and pettiness that exists among women, as recently as today – if you’re one for irony. Especially since one of the said players is an individual whose volunteer role is to support equality and lack of harrassment environment.

Until women can stop treating each other so badly, I will not and cannot support international women’s day.



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  1. Brent says:

    I can’t wait until there aren’t genders, then we won’t have these days that divide the sexes. Why try to force women to be in roles that they wouldn’t naturally be in. All for the sake of ‘equality’? It is stupid and ruining our society.

  2. Interesting, but you missed the point about international women’s day. Women’s rights are what is to be celebrated.

  3. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Bowing out won’t help it get better, maybe use the day to spread this message to your peers.

  4. In all honesty…I hate working with women….they may be easy on the eyes…but way to much drama…an always tryin to farther their career at the cost of others around them

    Also they want to be paid equally…but they can’t do the work of a man…want proof…come work a week with me…

    Equal rights…how about equal rights when it comes to alimony an child support…
    Or abuse in the relationship…none of that are equal….I think it’s special rights women want..

    • Hanna Garvey Hanna Garvey says:

      Any all encompassing examples? I know plenty of hard working women and plenty of useless men, but I don’t find myself generalizing them like you do. I think it’s a moral difference between us…

    • This could have been written 50 years ago….not the least bit relevant in 2018

    • Great! You hiring! Seriously!

    • Hanna Garvey
      Yes…there are lots of hard working women out there an plenty of useless dad’s as well….that’s not I’m saying…I’m saying that the system doesn’t treat men an women …it’s heavily squed towards women

      I personally know 3 single fathers who asked maintenance enforcement for help with getting child support from the mother’s…an in each case they flat out refused to go after them
      …but they will go after any man …and will do everything from taking his pay cheque to suspending their drivers license.

    • Squed is not a word. Perhaps you are being beaten out for jobs by women because you are illiterate, not because they are women.

    • Please do not turn Shoutout Edmonton comments into a place where people get bashed and insulted for leaving comments. If you guys wish to bash each other, take it to a private message. Otherwise, if you dont have anything nice to say, or helpful to add, please take your comments elsewhere

  5. International Womens Day, isn’t about tit for tat. it’s about teaching women to encourage, rise above, teach, and empower each other. If we all wait for women to stop being catty or mean or whatever, we will never celebrate the wonder of what it means to be a woman.

  6. Just like any group, there’s always going to be those who can’t speak for the rest.

    Pleas don’t let a few bad experiences give you a bad taste for the overall picture.

    Women are human. So are men. And i read a post yesterday that drove it home for me. It’s not about women. It’s about humanity. The more we can see each other as equals, the more men can step outside of their own biases and standards and be themselves too.

    It’s not about raising women to meet men. It’s not about women raising each other up. It’s not really about women, except for the distance they’ve come to close the gap of inequality between genders.

    It’s about finding balance for everyone. That includes men. So in response to Martin – yes. That means equal alimony. Equal pay (because they CAN do the same work if they have that skill- but not everyone can – men included. There are certainly some PEOPLE that may not be able to do YOUR job, but i can guarantee you that there are jobs that YOU can’t do either).

    Just as some men are biased pigs, some women are too. Please don’t hate all women because of those ones. Thise individuals speak only for themselves .

  7. Hanna Garvey Hanna Garvey says:

    Fascinating, but sitting back and doing nothing doesn’t change anything… so I’m not sure I see your point. If you want to celebrate women, just do it, and stop wallowing in the actions of some bad ones if you refuse to address them.

  8. I get where youre coming from. I have experienced the same thing countless times. But non participation solves nothing.

  9. Cindy Gillis Cindy Gillis says:

    Why no international men’s day ?

  10. You just contributed to the cattiness by calling out one of the said players. Practice what you preach.

  11. That has to be the most unsound argument I’ve ever heard.

    A black girl stole my Walkman in high school. I can’t support black lives matter.

    An autistic man pushed me in the mall. I can’t get behind more supports for people with disabilities.

    A gay guy was catty to me at the bar. I can’t agree with LGBTQ clubs in schools.

    I know a single mom who lives in low income housing, and is on social assistance, and doesn’t tell them her boyfriend lives there too and makes 100k a year. I can’t support social housing, or welfare.

    So you know, or know of, some bitches, don’t we all? Your personal experiences, in your privileged country, don’t negate the atrocities exacted against women around the globe.

    THIS, people, is the very embodiment of western entitlement.

  12. Literally all people treat each other like garbage.

  13. Be the change you want to see sista..


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