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Is incest normal in git er done Alberta??

First point to make, either: 1) I have horrible awareness and insight when seeking a girlfriend; or 2) there are just no good, decent and single women in Alberta.

Now that we clarified that, let’s get to my most disgusting experience. This gal I dated (i dumped her obviously), did numerous stupid and misanthropic things but this one incident is worth telling, as embarrassing as it is to me being involved with someone like that; however I have already overcome all self-hatred for getting involved with her.

So, one evening at my lovely home, I had to watch two sisters drink a 40oz of Wisers then a 26oz of Captain Morgan. Naturally, I made a few comments about their drinking and alcoholism but what came next was so so so so so gross.

(Name removed) and (name removed) began making out, kissing, groping, fondling, rubbing and talking about how much they loved each other’s female parts. I left the room, said I was going to bed and to lock the door on the way out. Our relationship is thankfully done! Should I contact (name removed)’s fiance to let him know what really goes on in that family or is that stirring the pot? Maybe he has done 3sums with the 2 sisters already? From what I know sexual activities with family members do occur at their place in Spruce Grove. The fiance obviously knows already?

So anyway, is this normal in Alberta, incest and family orgies?



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  1. TheTruth says:

    Chris, no body cares about your fucked up fantasies lmao. This is all this is, his fantasy written out. He is so fucked and ugly; inside and out. Puke,

    • RealTruth says:

      Reality can be disturbing at times.
      Nobody likes getting dumped by an ugly person I guess.
      At least I’m a better catch than her family members.

  2. TheTruth says:

    Chris, you are so delusional… I’m not religious but I will pray for you. The day you die is the day this world becomes a little bit better. You are a horrendous human being. A narcissistic sick fuck who is so obsessed that even YEARS later you are making up stories. She doesn’t want you and never will, GET THE FUCK OVER YOUR ENTIRE SELF. Every one, especially females need to stay far away from Chris Langille, he will obsess over you and abuse you. He will abuse the people you love… and if you get away, he will continue to make your life hell. He has had the cops involved because of HIM. Get help Chris.

    • RealTruth says:

      You don’t need to pray for anyone, you should work on improving yourself as well.
      So you obviously don’t want to be friends, disappointing.
      I normally date athletes, teachers and nurses and despite lowering the bar with Tamara I still loved her unconditionally. I never obsessed over one single girlfriend in my life, so what makes her so special? I dumped her in 2018, I didn’t take her back in 2019, I advised her in 2020 I had enough of her antics (threats throughout 2019) and am rescinding parental rights.
      Obsession seems to you telling people, especially females, to stay away from me. Can’t handle that my life is my life? And the defamation in your posts, is in every single sentence you typed.
      Know what sad is? Tamara and the fact she has done so many bad, neglectful and evil things, that someone who would have always been there for her (not at an intimate level) actually does not want to speak with her much less have to look at her.
      Thank you for your online psychological assessment, with a high school education.
      Get a life, counseling (incl. addiction) and a lawyer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    the person posting these comments as vanessa and tamara is actually chris langille he has a restraining order against his amazing ex because he is abusive and picks on children. he got tazed and hauled to jail because that’s the kind of guy he is.

    • RealTruth says:

      I haven’t posted as Vanessa and Tamara.
      Amazing girlfriends, and ones were going to get proposed to, don’t get dumped.
      More defamation.
      Kids wouldn’t come running towards an abuser and scream in joy “daddy! daddy! daddy!”; they also say how they miss me and love me, enjoy every moment with me (since day one), they say no when I tell them when they have to go back to moms (sometimes hide a leaving time) and have complete meltdowns at drop off. The daycare has also told me that they have had to tell the kids that dad was outside so they would leave with their mom; there was another incident when the kids even hid when mom came to pick them up and cried for their dad. Tamara has not fulfilled her duties as a parent and is absolutely abusing and distressing the children by using them as weapons, breaking/changing routine and even completely alienating the kids from their super dad.
      I am a “child and woman abuser” according to credible you; a total pansy would cry, die or pass out from being tasered, I don’t remember any of that.
      Did I tell you I’m going to be rich? Right on, eh?

  4. Anonymous says:

    also I am not sure if admin reads theses but this is a completely made up story slandering (with names) good ppl that have never done anything wrong but to unfortunately become part of this insane guys life. please remove this post if possible. if not, all good.

  5. Anonymous says:

    he should also know that he has crossed a line now with this made up story. he is doing it out of anger for being tasered and taken to jail for breaking the restraining order that he has for being completely insane. so don’t pay this user any mind.

    • RealTruth says:

      Did you know I got Tamara’s most updated information, compliments of the police?
      I lost count, what is that, home 4 or 5 in 2 years time?
      Cool story, hey?

  6. Anonymous says:

    just so everyone knows the original poster of this post used to be the boyfriend of the character of this fictional story . he has a restraining order from the family and when he was taken to court in the first place the judge told him to get help. he is posting as characters responding to this post. to make them sound worse even though they have never commented at all. he is criminally insane and shame on him for slandering the names of good ppl.

    • RealTruth says:

      I only read more defamation, gaslighting, deflecting and blaming.

    • RealTruth says:

      I have never “been” to court for anything, I have appeared twice and have only spoken once.
      I can’t recall a judge telling me to get help either nor did I sneak into Nurse Ratched’s office to type this.

    • RealTruth says:

      I have been falsely accused of very serious allegations and it has been very damaging including psychologically; despite this I believe such heinous conduct (false accusations, and very damaging ones, and numerous ones) is not overly common and manifests from a specific pathology and/or motive. I will not discuss pathology or motive here; i will only present some facts and a pattern of behaviour – the public can weigh in whether I am an actual monster or not. Please note no evidence has been provided (including doctor reports), and will not be provided, for any allegation against myself.
      Let’s start with the most serious, and false, allegations and work back to the other versions in plot.

      Legal Document (Discovery on April 7, 2020):
      “…..verbally and mentally abusive towards Bxxxx. MANNELL was physically assaulted by XXXXXXXX several times in the past. MANNELL was treated at the hospital but did not contact the Police.” Note: no evidence or description provided, no medical records available.

      Why have Police been involved and when T.Mnnll does contact the Police?
      2016: T&C argue for first time, and regarding treatment of B. C alleges that B’s bio parents were neglecting him, an argument ensued, C left the argument and house. T surreptitiously takes the children the following day to a house of squalor; EPS & RCMP are contacted by father. Father finds T and children, then arrives with Vitamin and stroller. T contacts Police and files fictitious EPO. EPO quashed. T&C get back together
      2018: C advises T about breaking up. T&C argue for second time and again regarding parental responsibility. C leaves for work, T surreptitiously takes children and again to a house of squalor (later evicted with civil judgement for damages). T contacts police in May after she takes children and property
      2018: T contacts police in May after C gets children back to their home. T contacts Police in July regarding firearms and harming and children (no firearms possessed!)
      2019: T contacts Police after asked to leave C’s home for rummaging. T contacts Police after an email from C to resolve this matter. T contacts Police after Grandmother texts her.
      2020: T contacts Police after an email from C regarding rescinding parental rights and indefinitely ending any co-parenting relationship due to T’s unwillingness to discuss any matter about the kids, parental alienation and constant ridicule/threats.
      *So basically T has received two communications (two emails) from C between 2019 and 2020. In 2018 T was back at C’s after the break up. In 2019 T was at C’s new residence most of January and February.
      **So TM contacts the Police when grandma texts or father emails, or for mischievous reasons, but not when assaulted….

      Tamara’s 2018-2020 Changes of plot in story, as per court documents and statements (text):
      -broke up
      -fled for her safety
      -she was emotionally abused, incl. B
      -she got kicked out (and with the kids lol)
      -kids mentally abused
      -being belligerent (despite not speaking to her since Feb8, 2019)
      -going to take kids
      -brainwashing kids
      -she was physically assaulted, B was verbally and mentally abused
      *Note: no evidence, much less any description, has been provided for any (changeable) allegation

      T’s Explanation for her behaviour:

      C: Why are you doing this to me?
      T: YOU, broke up with me!

      C: Why would you do all of this?
      T: You broke my heart. I guess I still love you

      I have not abused any child in any way. I have not abused any women in any way. I have not abused TM in any way. No allegations about me are valid; except the ugly part, that’s a fact.
      I will stop there until deemed necessary to continue.

  7. Vanessa says:

    And i drive my Siemens silver jeep compass company vehicle impaired, so what. This is our turf, f you deadbeats.

  8. Vanessa says:

    And i drive my Siemens silver jeep compass company vehicle after, so what. This is our turf, f you deadbeats.

  9. Boom! says:

    This is the most action I’ve seen on shoutout in a long time! Lots of incest action in Alberta! Hehe

  10. SmallWorld says:

    I think I know them. If it is who I think, they are definitely alcoholics and drink and drive.
    They come from a very dysfunctional family of maggots.
    I haven’t spoken with either for about 5 years. I’m not friends with people like that!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jeff says:

    So you got dumped and made up a a story to make yourself feel a wee bit better about yourself? I found it entertaining, pathetic, but I got a kick out of it. Back to your lonely self loathing existence. Ha.

    • ToldYaWhiteAlbertansGenrallyStink says:

      Nope. Wrong on all accounts but good effort. Let me clarify for you:
      1) I dumped the sicko; she hasn’t handled rejection very well.
      2) I did hate myself for a bit getting involved with her but I’m happy again.
      3) I feel great about myself, am highly confident again and I’m really nothing but that special but I am kind of superman in comparison to men in Alberta.
      4) Nothing lonely about by life, in fact I have even been axing toxic people from my life. It’s a beautiful life.
      5) If I was a self-loather I would look like the common albertan: confused, slobby, fat or obese, unskilled, unable to take care of self.

      I’m actually pretty awesome; no marshmallow (fat white hick) albertan can knock me down.

  12. IncestStinks says:

    2 girls drinking 2 litres of hard booze is very normal in Alberta. It’s pretty sloppy and gross but normal. Maybe this is why AB, men included, seems to have brain damage? Soaking wet brains……

    Incest is probably quite normal but it is not as noticable as brain damaged people. Incest is probably just not talked about. I’m sure if Alberta was to seperate, sex with children and incest would be the first two things Alberta would like to legalize for the wet brain population.

    What are their names? Any pictures? Someone knows them, many have probably ran a train on them.

    • ActuallyWhiteAlbertansGenerallyStink says:

      Tamara & Vanessa. They are very close apparently. Pretty disturbing bunch. I never thought people like this actually existed but they do, and in herds like livestock, in Alberta of course.
      I don’t know about trains running and all that. Obviously a strong possibility and I wouldn’t be surprised if their momma gets in there (with the dildo she ‘brags’ about not washing until next use) but I couldn’t care less; those people are not part of my life anymore and I thank God everyday for that.
      You can’t turn witches into ladies….or even semi functional beings really.

      • SmallWorld says:

        I commented above. Good on you for posting!

      • Largebumsandlivers says:

        Tamara Mannell and Vanessa Mannell. Sick sick sick people from a sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick family of illiterate skids.
        People like this do exist…..but only in alberta.

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